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    Blog articles contributed by Carolyn Castro, and Praveen Narra. Contributor URL: Praveen Narra

    No matter where you are in the world, or what city or town you use the convenience and ease of Carmel for your transport needs, you are most likely surrounded by a group of friends. There are friends of varying degrees, those very close, one could even say dear. Others are more removed, and perhaps Continue Reading >


    There are all sorts of relationships in life. Friendships, romantic interests, casual acquaintances, and each occupying a different facet of life. But there are some relationships so unique, they defy a proper title. Much like any other relationship, they take time to form, and grow deeper and deeper through the years, yet, you never know Continue Reading >


    It is a plight suffered by many, the circumstances are varied, and the results either triumphant or sorrowful. If you have ever had to run to catch any mode of transportation, you know this story¬†all too well. Surely your own experience is now an amusing tale that you tell at parties… “Oh, yes, that time Continue Reading >


    So much of our life is routine. The workweek is usually followed by predictable weekend activities until the week starts anew. Not that this routine is a bad thing, there is great comfort in routine. The guesswork is at a minimum, you know where you’re supposed to be, and, arguably most important, you know what Continue Reading >