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    Blog articles contributed by Carolyn Castro, and Praveen Narra. Contributor URL: Praveen Narra

    It happens but once a year, it is that magical time where 22 burly, spandex-clad men toss a ball around for several hours while millions of people yell at a television. Ah, tradition. Of course, there are plenty of avid fans who have closely followed the road to this ultimate game in the football season Continue Reading >


      A conversation that has been happening all over in the past week and month… “How about this weather we’ve been having?” “Crazy, right?” “Yeah, totally.” “I sure would like to avoid this erratic weather. We should definitely call Carmel.” “Absolutely. Impeccable services at prices that can’t be beat, why wouldn’t we call 866-666-6666??” “For Continue Reading >


    There are a lot of ways a person can be blocked in life; emotionally, professionally, and in the case of blogging, the writing kind of block. How does one proceed with what feels like so many insurmountable and immovable blocks ahead? No matter the blockade, it makes you feel immobile and destined to remain so. Continue Reading >

    By: Carmel
    Posted on: January 28, 2016

    There you are, innocently walking down the street, minding your own business. The melting snow has cleared a larger path for you, your journey should be an easy one. Then, you reach an intersection, and you glance down at your reflection in the pool water and its questionably contents. As you wait for the light Continue Reading >