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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: October 25, 2019
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Ever heard the lines “Justice dies when it becomes a matter of affordability”? We resonate entirely with it when it comes to transportation. 

Transportation is the lifeline of the economy in many cities around the world. In a megalopolis like New York City, it is the pulse of the economy.

Millions of people commute within the city perimeter and outside of it daily. When it comes to airport rides, limos are the most cost-efficient and preferred mode of transport. 

For more than thirty-five years, Carmel Limo New York has been synonymous with reliability and exceptional service. As they say, excellence comes with experience; the well-connected network of Carmel Limo over 360 cities worldwide has epitomized this.

Even with the advent of ride-hailing giants like Uber and Lyft, we remain the specialists in airport transfers. Call it our dedication to delivering an unprecedented customer experience or winning the reputation of the most ‘on-time’ New York Limousine service. But, we always strive to do all of this with affordability prioritized.

We have fostered our partnerships with major airline companies and transportation service providers worldwide. This, in turn, helps us win the hearts of our customers with nominal pricing.

When the comprehensive congestion pricing plan led to an extra fee overhead on ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft in NYC, the customers had to bear the brunt of it all. They are overcharged with skyrocketing ride fares. Where is the loyalty in all of this?

Carmel’s recently run “It’s a fact” campaign has proven again that affordability is what inspires us to perform better and expand our customer base.

While the competitors are reticent about their pricing structure, Carmel Limo New York prioritizes transparency, which has been highlighted in our campaign and is evident in the Carmel app.

The 4 P’s that inspire us to provide the best-in-class services and make affordability paramount are pricing, perks & programs (loyalty), personalized experience, and peace of mind. These parameters help us lead the way in professionalism and prosperity when it comes to limo services.


Competitive pricing is the paradigm where Carmel Limo Services in New York outflank other service providers. An airport transit to JFK international airport is priced at a whopping $85 by competitors, while Carmel transfers are modestly priced at $61 only.

You can even take your savings up to $30 when booking the transfer on our quick and easy app. Our strictly “no hidden costs” policy clubbed with an authentic NY style experience that is on-time, every time fuels our customer loyalty. This inspires us to do better every time we’re on and off the road.

Perks & Programs

Being the pioneer in ground transportation, Carmel’s New York Limousine services introduced an interactive ride booking website in 2006. In 2017, we introduced earning points for using ground transportation with the ability to redeem points for Car Cash to be used for future rides. This is one of the perks we give our customers (both old and new) as a part of our loyalty program and to promote the utilization of our nifty app.

With this one-of-a-kind perks program, Carmel customers who book services on our app can enjoy gifts, dollar amount discounts, and percentage discounts from providers of an extensive array of daily use and entertainment services throughout the United States.

Our million-dollar perks program features about 18,000 perks that can be used in restaurants, theatres, tourist activities, hairstylists, car wash, books, automotive suppliers, museums, and many more. These are not limited to one-time use, which is the icing on the cake.

The benefits of downloading our app include:

  • You start with $36 Car Cash ($6 off on six trip types)
  • You also earn airline miles or Carmel points for rides that you complete

Our CEO, Avik Kabessa’s statement, “Carmel transports thousands of passengers daily. Our passengers are typically residents with ‘ordinary’ needs, as well as travelers looking to shop, go to restaurants, bars, theatres, and have fun all around. The one thing our customers share in common is their love of Carmel’s value propositions.

 With so much saving in one app, why would you leave home without it?” reflects the true spirit of Carmel.

Personalized Experience

We design our city rides and airport transfers to provide a unique riding experience to our customers.

Whether we serve a new customer or a regular Carmel patron, the quality of service is always top-notch while the prices remain modest.

From receiving customers with a placard at the airport to greeting them, and handling their luggage, we win over competitors when it comes to consistency in services and pricing.

While in transit, your New York limo ride experience is going to be premium with assured security, superior comfort, hygienic ambiance, and optimized pricing. Our drivers ensure that they give you the best hospitality paired with a timely pickup and drop.

We take the shortcut with routes but never with customer experience on rides.

Peace of Mind

Once a customer books a service on the Carmel New York Limo app, all they need to do is relax.

The cab arrives on-time, the chauffeurs are at their best behavior, the rides are monitored and thus safe, and the customer reaches his/her destination within the estimated time.

Transparency is highly prioritized and delivered through our app, where you can see the ETA of the vehicle that you’ve booked at the pickup point & the destination, the estimated price, and the details of the limo & the chauffeur.

When it comes to the car, cleanliness is rammed up while the vehicle is shipshape.

Our customers have a rewarding experience & peace of mind at a nominal price, which isn’t guaranteed on rides from competitors in this segment.


Being the oldest player in the airport limo landscape, the Carmel New York Limo company never ceases to amaze customers worldwide with the story on its road to transformation. It is also noteworthy that the Carmel app was selected as a T-Mobile’ Top Pick’ on the App Store Google Play. 

Whether it is for business or pleasure, Carmel Limousines should be your first choice in ground transportation because we genuinely care and believe in a win-win that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

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