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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: August 7, 2019
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A Nationwide First. “Don’t Leave Home Without It”

(New York, NY) – Carmel, the first ground transportation service in the world to introduce an interactive ride booking website in 2006, and the first to introduce earning points for using ground transportation in 2017 with the ability to redeem points for Car Cash to be used in future rides, announced today it has done it again.

The new Carmel’s Perks Program is a worldwide first of its’ kind. Carmel customers enjoy gifts, discounts, and unique offers, from Perk Providers throughout the United States, simply for having the Carmel app.

The one of a kind Perks Program features about 18,000 perks offered to Carmel customers nationwide. Perks Providers include restaurants, theaters, museums, tourist activities, hairstylists, car wash, books, automotive supplier and many, many more. All Carmel customers need to do to enjoy an applicable perk is to show the Carmel app to the Perk Provider.

“We are calling it the Million Dollar Perks Program because it has a plethora of Perks, all over the U.S that include gifts, dollar amount discounts, and percentage discount, from providers of a large array of our daily use and entertainment needs. The vast majority of the perks are not limited to one-time use, so you feel like you are walking around with million-dollar savings in your phone, “said Avik Kabessa, CEO, Carmel Car and Limousine.

Carmel’s Perks are displayed as a “Perk Icon” on the Carmel App. The app displays Perks located within a 25 miles radius of the user’s location. Perks can also be found under the app’s Carmel Perks tab located at the app’s menu, where Perks are listed according to their distance from the user. A specific Perk can be searched by business name or by category. Taping on a Perk icon or selecting it from the list opens a page describing the Perk Provider as well as the Perk offered (Perk Provider terms and conditions may apply). Having the Carmel Perks program is FREE for Carmel’s app users.

“Carmel transports thousands of passengers daily. Our passengers are typically local residents with ‘ordinary’ needs, as well as travelers looking to shop, go to restaurants, bars, theatres, and have fun all around. The one thing our customers share in common is their love of Carmel’s value propositions. With so much saving in one app, why would you leave home without it?’ added Kabessa.

For 35 years, New York City-based, Carmel has been the transportation service of choice, providing affordable, safe, reliable, private transportation in any of the 360 major cities Carmel services around the world. Carmel’s free worldwide mobile APP comes with $36 car cash when users download the APP. The Carmel App is available through Apple and Google Play. To find out more about the Carmel App, go to

Comments Off on Carmel Launches its’ “Million Dollar” Perks Program in all 50 States;
A Nationwide First. “Don’t Leave Home Without It”

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