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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Steven
Posted on: May 8, 2017

With the recent hiccups and differing opinions regarding the changes that have been dominating the transportation industry in recent history, there is still a long way for many car services to go toward improving competencies and customer experience. Enhancing the customer experience is not just about the ride (time from pick up until time of drop off) but also with the nature of the dispatch software and mobile applications used by each company. Different car services in NYC offer different customer experiences via their dispatch service and mobile apps. Although the car and limo industry has been making several strategic changes in the past few years, companies that are finding it hard to compete with the big fishes in the industry are the ones who have failed to embrace the latest limo dispatch software to boost their customer base.

Carmel knows how important the customer experience is and has the means and desire to maintain its existing customers.  Even with the best customer service, others who provide similar service may fall inadequate because the competition uses inferior mobile applications and outdated limo dispatch software. While technology is always a challenge all by itself, Carmel prides itself on having its own proprietary mobile application and dispatch software. Carmel’s mobile application is easy to use by the consumer and its dispatch software is designed to maximize the customer experience.

When it comes to providing transportation for-hire, credibility is likely to be more  important than anything else. With a long stream of limo companies at your door with false promises to provide the best customer service, Carmel provides a higher level of satisfaction to its customers because its mobile application provides customers with the benefit of having a well-designed system with easy access to reserve, cancel rides and make payments. Carmel’s mobile app is also convenient because it easily helps you explore your transportation options quickly. Choosing a company like Carmel that offers a mobile app will ensure that you won’t have to make any personal phone calls in the airport bathroom or in the lounge. You can make your reservation in private, with all of your information secure and displayed at your leisure on your phone screen. It’s also much easier to swipe a few times on your phone than make a cumbersome phone call.

Carmel understands the fast-paced world of transportation that its customers experience on a daily basis. Carmel offers the best and most efficient options for securing transportation services and getting from place to place. Carmel’s mobile app was designed from the belief that the customer comes first….and that is how it should be. Any dispatch service that put anything other than the customer fist does not deserve your loyalty. Carmel is committed to discovering new ways to make transportation services more convenient, reliable and productive. In todays day in age, when it is cool to “Uber-It”, perhaps it is time to reconsider and use a longstanding and reliable service that has stood the test of time and has been in operation for over 3 decades. Time is the great equalizer. Whether Uber and Lyft make it in the long run remains to be seen, but Carmel has been the go to car service for New Yorkers for well over 30 years. Bad businesses simply don’t withstand the test of time anymore. Carmel has and will continue to do so because it places customer satisfaction as its utmost concern. Lucky for the consumer, the riding public can now utilize Carmel’s service not only in New York City, but in over 360 locations around the world. When you need a ride….Just Carmel It!


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