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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Steven
Posted on: September 7, 2017

While Uber has found a significant position in the gig economy, before it can come a legitimate company it will first have to re-examine its role and responsibilities toward its drivers. This will have to extend beyond including the tipping option on its app. If Uber drivers don’t believe in Uber, then no one will….and why should drivers believe in Uber when their entire business model is based upon one day, very soon, getting rid of drivers in favor of the self driving vehicle. To Uber, their drivers are just a means to an end. While drivers need to earn a living, there are plenty of other companies, especially in New York City, that a driver can work with and be treated with respect. Longstanding companies like Carmel Car and Limousine Service, run by my longtime friend Avik Kabessa, Dial 7 Car and Limousine Service, Vital Transportation, Executive Transportation Group, all treat drivers with respect and that is why they stay with these companies. Some may have left, but eventually they all come back. The grass is not greener at Uber and recent events inside and outside of Uber have proven this to be true. The test will be the typical test. Is is the test of time. Carmel, Dial 7, Vital and ETG have been around for decades because they know how to treat not only their affiliated drivers, but their customers as well. Uber does not know how to do the same. Uber’s poor treatment of its customers as fungible is one thing, but treating drivers like second class citizens is an abomination to the for-hire vehicle industry. No driver should be subjected to this type of treatment at the hands of Uber. Drivers should take a good look at the writing on the wall and disaffiliate from Uber and go back to affiliate with a company where you have a future. For Uber drivers, you have a future, but your future does not lie with Uber.

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