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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: October 31, 2019
Comments Off on No Tricks, Only Treats with the Carmel Limo App – Halloween App Features & Safety Guide for Riders & Drivers

Everybody is waiting for Halloween to bring out the wackiest spirit in them. The eeriest night of the year is here, but, your rides to the party venue should be nothing close to spooky, but safe.

Costumes are hard to get, getting to the venue shouldn’t be, which is why Carmel Limo NY takes extra care to ensure that you are given the safest trip from the airport to your destination in NYC.

Our city rides have been designed in such a way that you can count on us entirely on a night full of surprises.

Halloween happens at a time when temperatures dip, making it difficult to walk up to your party spot(s). Here are some of the features that we’re offering on our Carmel app so that even on the spookiest night, you feel the safest while having heaps of fun. 

Multiple Stops

Whether you need someone to give you a hand with your Halloween costume or you need a great company to your party spot, Carmel gives you a multi-stop option on the app. It’s time to gang up and hang out on Halloween!

Get a Ride anytime, anywhere. 

In NYC, we have more Halloween venues than you can imagine. You can also ride right to the heart of the city from JFK international airport at $61 only. What’s even better is that unlike Uber/Lyft, we do not charge any overheads or spike the prices on the busiest night in town. Carmel’s New York Limousines are always around your location and available at your beck and call whenever you call it a night (even if its 3 am). Thanks to our extensive network and reliable services, you don’t have to leave the party too early or worry about ride cancellations!

Best Riding Experience 

Whether it’s arriving on time, keeping the car clean, riding safe, meeting & greeting you, or waiting for you, our chauffeurs are on their best behaviour always. These uncaped crusaders ensure that you have a personalized riding experience sans the worry of getting late, being overcharged, misbehaved with, or hit by a truck while getting to and from the party.

Using Car Cash

If you’ve saved up car points on your past rides with Carmel Limo NY, these can be redeemed on your Halloween night out with Carmel’s car cash feature. On a night full of surprises, we make sure your Carmel Limo ride bills turn out to be as expected. Tipping is not compulsory in appreciation of our chauffeurs’ driving chops. Our chauffeurs will be your friends anyway.

As Halloween falls on a weekday this year, we expect increased traffic the weekend before and the night of the occasion.

Driving on busy holiday roads when you may have frequent trip requests can be exhilarating. Being oriented with the busiest times to drive, our enhanced safety features and our in-app tools can help you drive confidently and deliver the best riding experience this week. 

Here are some handy tips we would like to give our driving partners while they’re prepping up for the busy Halloween week. These tips will help ensure that you make the most of this opportunity to increase your earnings while you’re at it.

Best times to expect rides

The busiest times of the week are expected to be in the evenings on Wednesday, October 30, through Sunday, November 3, and on Thursday, October 31 (Halloween).

Finding out when it’s Busy

The Carmel Limo app provides real-time updates on when to find more trips. Tap for alerts on your home screen to be guided to airport transfer or nearby opportunities.

Track Your Earnings

The Carmel app tracker can be used to check how much money you have made after each trip. Your detailed daily and weekly earning summaries can also be analyzed. It is always better to have planned than to have lost track. With this feature, you can plan your earnings based on your daily or weekly goals.

Keep Family and Friends Updated

While you’re on the road, your loved ones may be concerned about your safety. Share the details of the trip with them on the Carmel App to keep them posted on your whereabouts. They will be able to get information on when you start and end the trip(s) during Halloween week.

Get 24/7 Support on Your Rides

The Carmel Limo NY customer support and incident-response teams are always available to address your queries, concerns, and urgent safety issues. They’re all ears and prompt with their responsibility to ensure that you and the riders ride safe and sound during Halloween and at other times.

‘Hallowinning’ Tips to Riders

Just because grown-ups get to the party doesn’t mean that getting back home is going to be easy. Owing to the number of hung-over people looking for last-minute rides which will throng the streets, it is always better to pre-book your ride with Carmel Limo services. We are reliable, affordable, on-time, and guarantee the safest ride back home. 

Request Early

It is always better to pre-book your ride with Carmel because of the increased demand for Halloween’s. Wherever you want to be picked up from or dropped at, a Carmel Limo is always waiting by the curbside. Beat the rush with the Carmel app and steer clear of worries. The prices are predetermined on Carmel Limos, which is why you don’t have to be concerned about price hikes with last-minute ride bookings as well.

Send your Status

You can rely on the Carmel app to send live updates on your rides to your loved ones. You can also be informed about the traffic at different locations and be given recommendations on alternate routes. You can also share your ETA once your ride starts with your friends while they follow your progress in real-time on the map.

Assured Rides

You can track the location of your Carmel ride, the license plate number of the vehicle, the driving partner’s name, the ETA, and live updates on the trip from your location. This helps ensure that you are taking the right Carmel limo (as there can be many passing the streets at the same time).

Carmel Support

We’ve always got your back, whether it comes to your ride, your safety, or your belongings. Your trip will be safe and reliable while you reflect on the trick-or-treat fun that you had. Even getting to the party venue is going to be a smooth ride per se. You channel customer support with a tap on the Carmel app at any time of the day. If you’ve accidentally left your belongings in the limousine, you can get in touch with our support team, and they’ll be more than happy to get them back to you.

No Price Surprise

Our prices are not like the paranormal activity that’s going to give you Halloween jitters. Clairvoyance, when it comes to upfront ride pricing with a fare (spelt fair) break-up, will let you know the total before you confirm the ride. Every Carmel Limo NY ride on Halloween comes with a ‘No price surprise’ guarantee.

Get Treated with the Best Ride Ever

While the inebriated bunnies, zombies, pirates, and gremlins stumble into daylight while consulting on their phones where home may be, they can rest assured of getting there safe with Carmel Limo NY. Download the Carmel Limo App Now for a great Halloween Ride.

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