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The best Limo for getting around the NY city

By: Carmel
Posted on: November 3, 2017

Why CarmelLimo is your best bet for getting around the NY city. If you’re visiting New York for the first time or even if you’ve been there before, the task of finding affordable and efficient transport to and from the airport is daunting to say the least. You have a range of choices from the

The CEO of Carmel is a Hero

By: Steven
Posted on: October 26, 2017

Sometimes we make the mistake of believing that the only heroes out there are the people we watch on television, read about in news reports, or see in the movies.  The truth is that each one of us has the ability to become a hero to someone. Opportunities for heroism are everywhere! Accessibility refers to people’s


Make Your New York Vacation The Best Ever With Carmel Limos

By: Carmel
Posted on: October 6, 2017

Make Your New York Vacation The Best Ever With Carmel Limos When it comes to choosing a city for your vacation, New York has to be right up at the top of your list. The world famous ‘big apple’ is home to historical figures like legendary US President Teddy Roosevelt, former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy,

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