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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: December 31, 2019
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We’re ringing in the next decade (2020), and NYC is already buzzing with large groups of tourists flowing in from around the country and the world. While you might be running out of party venues (because of overbookings) in NYC and champagne on New Year’s Eve, you must never run out of riding options.

Because you’ll want to focus on your looks, champagne, and your wild-wild shindigs in general, here’s a list of tips that’ll make moving around NYC (in Carmel Limos, of course!) a cakewalk.

Budgeting is Key 

Carmel Limos NYC offers upfront fares, which is why there are no surprises or guesswork involved in knowing what you’ll pay for your ride. We believe in trust and transparency, which is why we give you planned rates on your trips, during regular hours, peak times, and after-hours with no last-minute price hikes. You will need to type in your destination on our app, choose the vehicle type you want, and you’ll see the prices listed.

This way, you will always have some extra party crashing to do and can keep the party going after peak hours *wink*.

Share Your Ride, Save Money 

We understand how important it is to go partying with friends on New Year’s Eve. We highly recommend that you share your ride and the cost with your friends or other riders going in the same direction. This way, you can share the ride fare and also make new friends on your way to the biggest parties in town.

If you want to have a great company on your way to the party spot, all you’ll need is a little planning in advance. You can even plan to take a ride to the city from the airport in one of our limos with a co-rider moving in the same direction.

Share Your Ride Details

While you experience the safest ride on Carmel Limos NYC to any party venue, we always recommend that you share your ride details with friends or family. This way, they’ll be sure you are safe, and you’ll be sure that they know where you are at. Safety is of utmost priority, especially on a night like New Year’s Eve.

Our live location feature on the Carmel app will help you share your current location with your loved ones while our highly responsible drivers ride you safely to your destination. You can also share the ETA with friends who wait on you before popping the champagne bottle because you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

Ensure that you Share the Correct Location 

While NYC gets crowded on New Year’s Eve, with our live location locator on Carmel app, you can instantly share your real-time location with your driver so they’ll never miss you in the crowd.

This ensures that you get picked up and reach the party on-time. Our drivers can also suggest pickup spots if you’re not sure about where you need to get picked up.

These are the steps on the Carmel App that you need to follow 

  1. Provide your pickup location 
  2. Confirm if you’d like to share your live location
  3. You will receive a confirmation message that your location is being shared with your driver.
  4. Your GPS icon will radiate to indicate your live location is being shared.
  5. Your live location will be shared until the trip begins.
  6. Once you’ve confirmed, the app will automatically share your location when your driver is within the pickup range.

NotePlease set your Carmel app’s location permission setting to “Always” before confirming your location.

Make Sure You Take the Right Cab

While our cabs would be flooding NYC on New Year’s Eve, we’d recommend that you verify the cab number that has been scheduled for you on the Carmel app before taking it. You can check the number plate and then get into the cab because choosing the wrong cab is not the right thing to do on the busiest night of the year.

Please confirm the car type, the color of the vehicle, and the driver’s name as well before you glide into the back seat of your limo.

Book a Limo in Advance

Yes, the early bird gets the worm! While with Carmel limos in New York you always get a cab, we recommend that you plan and book your rides ahead. This ensures that you scheduled trips to arrive on-time even when the city chokes with millions of cabs riding all over, occupied.

Even while at a party, if you’re planning to party hop, then booking your trips in advance will make things easier. Pre-booking your rides on the Carmel App will make sure that you don’t get stranded at one spot or end up sharing rides with drunk strangers.

If partying until the wee hours of the day is your key plan, you can still schedule a ride at a convenient time so that you can get back home and crash in bed after all the hard-partying you’ve done.

You can also use some attractive cashback offers on your rides using the Carmel app.

Party-Hop with a Single Carmel Limo

New Year’s Eve signifies that multiple party venues need to be covered in lesser time or peak hours when the traffic can be relentless to party lovers. Booking multiple limo rides to different venues is a passé. On Carmel Limo NYC, you can add multiple destinations for the same ride.

Pick some friends up along the way or visit multiple party venues by just listing them on the Carmel app, and our drivers will oblige. Just make sure you key in the right locations.  

What you’ll need to do

  1. Tap on the “+” icon next to the address bar where you enter the pickup point 
  2. Add locations for additional pickup or drop-off spots 
  3. Please ensure that the wait times for pickups and drop-offs are under 3 minutes

Note: The ETA will help you estimate the pickup times for consecutive rides.

Forgot Your Belongings on your Carmel Ride? No Problem 

  • Year’s Eve can be exciting and stressing at the same time. The chances are that you forget something important in your limo.
  • You’ve forgotten something precious (or not so precious) on one of your Carmel rides, fret not! You need to connect with our customer support team with all the details of your trip (driver name, vehicle number, model, and type), and we’ll get your belongings delivered right to your doorstep the next day. We don’t want you to start the New Year with new problems or worry.
  • Carmel drivers will ensure that what you left in their car will be kept safe until you reach out to them for it. 

Carmel Limousines always run on the guarantee of giving you a seamless riding experience on New Year’s Eve because it is the most challenging night of the year when it comes to commutation. Whether spending a quiet evening with your loved ones is how you want to welcome 2020, or you want to attend a larger than life party in the heart of NYC, we wish you a memorable and safe New Year’s Eve. 

Here are some of the buzzing party spots in town that you must consider for a Gala night out.

  • Edison Ballroom
  • The Disco Biscuits at PlayStation Theater
  • Midnight Run at Central Park
  • Phantom Pub Crawl
  • Time’s Square – Bryant Park Lounge, Hendrick’s, Elevate, Copacabana and Blue Midtown
  • Lavo
  • Bar 13
  • The Pierre
  • Troy Liquor Bar
  • The House of Yes
  • Noir
  • Syndicated Bar & Restaurant in Brooklyn
  • Purple Rain Dance Party
  • Coney Island
  • Jimmy’s – Times Square

Wherever you want to go, book and Carmel Limo, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to your party destination.


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