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By: Carmel
Posted on: June 3, 2019
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The city that never sleeps is NewYork city.  This is the great tagline for a place like NewYork that is proud of itself on the quality, variety, and easily accessible to Coffee. It started growing successfully at the end of the eighteenth century in lower Manhattan. This place in the city got the name “Coffee district.”

The NewYork city that has repeatedly has been awarded the highest living standard, Coffee is a way of life and takes a special place in the local culture.

When people tried to occupy New York City, Coffee became part of the NYC identity. The NYC people managed to evict the occupiers. The someone left sacks of coffee beans. After all, Coffee became increasingly popular, which in turn led to more and more coffee shops being opened all over the city. Many of today’s Cafes are over 300 years old and have remained mostly unchanged. 

The NYC Cafes are, unlike in other places, explicitly designed for attracting more people to spend time having Coffee with dearest ones.

Many friendships can become stronger in Cafes. Here you can meet associates, talk about multiple things, including business, personal and general news, and enjoy the time without smartphones and the Internet. The Cafes are like exclusive clubs where groups of different classes meet and where everyone, regardless of age, breed or gender, is welcome. In many Cafes, it is told how intellectuals, artists, politicians, and journalists repeatedly visit the cafes.

NYC coffee culture became known thanks to some great personalities. Their regular visits helped some Cafes to become known.

The NYC Cafes survived two world wars and are the heart and soul of the city. And that will probably never change.    

Try an NYC coffee and write to us how you like the traditional spirit in the NYC Cafes.

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