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By: Carmel
Posted on: May 29, 2021
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Out of 365 days in a year, we spend several days celebrating different events.

But there’s one day that focuses on remembering the veterans, their sacrifices, and respecting them for their contributions. Yes, you have guessed it right! It is Memorial Day.

Memorial Day falls on the very last Monday of May. This time it falls on the 31st. A day to honor the people who died while serving in the US Military. It has been an official federal holiday since 1971. Carmel celebrates this day every year when the American Flag flies higher with special surprises and offers for our customers.

This year, things are different for Memorial Day weekend in New York City because of the grim pandemic situation. As long as social distancing precautions are in place, Memorial Day Weekend can be as good as it used to be. It officially kicks off summer in NYC, and going out cautiously in a Carmel Limos would be the best idea,

So, if you want to plan something spectacular for the Memorial Day weekend, let us inform you that Carmel Limos NYC is the perfect travel partner you can depend on even during the Pandemic. With Carmel, ensure spending some quality time while traveling safely to your destination at the best prices.

Whether it’s enjoying a sumptuous barbecue spread, strolling at the windy beach, roller skating with kids, or taking a romantic brunch cruise around Manhattan, there is a wide range of great activities to spend your Memorial Day Weekend, and we’re with you.

Our drivers will be on special duty and all geared up to take you anywhere in and around New York City. All you have to do is make a booking for our cab service on the Carmel app.

We’re an award-winning essential services company also open to airport transfers and special events services on Memorial Day.

If you haven’t planned a trip yet, then let us help you with eight fun things to do on this particular weekend.

The History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is observed to respect the people who died while serving the US Military a day of remembrance and honor. The day originated after the Civil War ended in 1865, and after that, it has been an official federal holiday in the US.

Did you know that Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day originally? However, it is vague as to where the tradition originated. But in the late 1860s, the Americans started paying tributes to the martyred soldiers. At these gatherings, people decorate their graves with flowers and recited prayers. However, it was 1966 that the government of New York declared Waterloo as the official birthplace of Memorial Day.

Even to this day, many people visit cemeteries or attend memorials, hold gatherings or participate in parades on Memorial Day. These parades often include military personnel and members of other veteran organizations. 

On the other hand, several people take short trips or throw barbecues on the holiday that also marks the start of summer (unofficially).

Here are memorable things that you can do in NYC for Memorial Day Weekend

While we have listed four fun activities and four honorary activities for the upcoming Memorial Day, you can choose any based on your convenience. For the confused ones, you can even plan more than one activity if time permits. 

Pay Your Respects at Fleet Week

You may be a tourist or a resident of New York, but to experience the true essence of Memorial Day; you have to attend the Intrepid Museum’s Fleet Week.

The annual celebration includes activities, presentations, and concerts to honor the servicemen and women of the US Military.

You can do so many things and spend the day at Fleet Week. Take a guided tour of the ship or watch a patriotic commemoration ceremony to reconnect with the patriot in you. You can also meet NASA astronauts or attend the Battle of the Big Bands on the military ship.

Do not worry about reaching your destination on time. Carmel Limo services in New York assures you the best service. You can choose our point-to-point pickup and drop services for a smooth experience. 

Honor the Lives Sacrificed at the 9/11 Memorial

Travel to lower Manhattan with Carmel Limousines and spend the day at the 9/11 Memorial, which sits in the exact location of the fallen towers. 

An enchanting work of art shows two huge waterfalls with a reflecting pool that you can watch all day long. 

This pleasant place is surrounded by beautiful greenery to spend a quality day. Take a walk along with the budding greens of the spring and pay your respects to the dead and their surviving families.

Visit the Governor’s Island 

This island hosts diverse types of Memorial Day activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends every year. You can ride bikes, explore the forts and castles, swing in the hammock zone, explore the art and culture exhibits, and attend engaging and memorable Memorial Day activities like music festivals and parades.

Book a car that is sanitized completely by Carmel Limousines New York and avail our special roundtrip services to spend the day worry-free. Roundtrip services do not require changing cars, and hence, it’s safe and hygienic.

Take a Carmel Limousine cab to visit the Memorial Day Concert

One thing that you can do is book a seat for a free annual concert by Philharmonic Orchestra in the evening. A remarkable event in itself, the concert offers a peaceful and spiritual way to remember the lost lives. 

You need to book a ticket followed by a Carmel cab, and you’re good to go. Carmel Limos can drop you at the destination – Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, which is a spectacle to behold. You can also avail of Carmel’s waiting services to return home hassle-free.

Plan for a Picnic

Any plans for Memorial Day? Why not arrange a picnic in some lesser-known location?!

While people swarm in places like Central Park and McCarren Park, pack your blankets and food baskets and travel to the less popular places like Roosevelt Island, Isham Park, Red Hook Waterfront, etc. 

With Carmel Limousines’ exceptional services, you can travel hassle-free to any location. Book a limo and enjoy a premium ride. You can also take the multiple-point pickup and drop services by Carmel Limos if you’re planning to do something even after the picnic as well. 

Hit the Beach for a change

Book a Carmel Limousine and hit Rockaway Beach. Enjoy surfing, swimming, playing with family and friends, or just some quality alone time. Visiting beaches is never a bad idea. 

You can also take a fully-sanitized Carmel Limousine to the nearby New York Aquarium or the MCU park from the Beach. You can also visit Coney Island and take a trip to the amusement park if you like little more crowded areas. Spend quality time and return home safely with Carmel. Book our roundtrips or avail of our waiting services to ensure a smooth experience.

Go for a fun Rowing Session 

If you’re a nature lover, then rowing might be the perfect activity for you. Head up to Bronx’s Hunts Point Riverside Park and enjoy free rowing on Saturdays.

Before you go, register for the same and book a Carmel Limousine to your destination. Spend some amazing quality time and ensure a safe return with Carmel’s smooth riding experience. 

Experience Manhattan on a Brunch Boat

How about sailing around Manhattan on a brunch boat? Sounds impressive, right? Chill out on the brunch boat with mimosas this Memorial Day.

The Hornblower Cruises Company organizes special Memorial Day events by setting up boat rides where you can enjoy scenic view around Hudson river with great food and beverages.

So, get ready to spend a great day with chicken, waffles, and mimosas while watching the beauty around. Get to your cruise departure location with Carmel Limousines to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride while maintaining hygiene.

How is Carmel Limos Ensuring ‘Safety-First’ on Memorial Day Weekend?

Carmel Limousines New York is making every conscious effort to ensure safe rides to passengers. The general measures that Carmel Limos has implemented are:

  • Vehicle sanitization at the beginning of every ride
  • Instructions of social distancing to drivers and passengers, and
  • Accommodating no more than two passengers in a single ride  

Besides, the Carmel app also offers special discounts on roundtrips and airport trips and special care facilities for veterans and senior citizens.

You can avail of the various services offered by Carmel Limos, especially the roundtrips and multi-point pickup and drop services. This way, you can avoid changing cars and prevent the risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection. 

End Your Day on a Happy Note

In these trying times, you deserve to have a good holiday. So, you must plan for the coming Memorial Day and remain worry-free about the travels.

Riding with Carmel Limousines NYC will ensure that you reach your destination in fully-sanitized cars as well as return home without any hassles. 

Whether you choose to spend the day honoring the martyrs or enjoying fun activities, or even both, you can always depend on Carmel Limos to serve you the best. Book a limo easily via the Carmel Limos app, and within minutes your ride will be ready. 

Happy Memorial Day! Stay Safe, and let’s honor our veterans by fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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