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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Lauren cafrelli
Posted on: November 23, 2015

If you were in or around New York last evening, and had the pleasure of a window or being outside, you saw one spectacular sunset. If you missed it, you had only to go on any form of social media to see the #nofilter (filtered) pictures. Or watch the 11:00 news, where pictures from all five boroughs were flashed upon the screen, each as beautiful as the last. Everyone was raving about this sunset, and with good reason, it was beautiful.

It was the very picture of a autumn sunset, with all the purples, reds, and pinks painted above our heads. In those powerful, nature-generated moments, it is hard for anyone to dispute the beauty. Granted, the phrase “that’s one ugly sunset” is very rarely uttered. Sunsets are just inherently beautiful. Though some, like last night, simply take your breath away.

And that is something common throughout the world. The sun rises, and the sun sets, usually with such undeniable, natural beauty. And, much like snowflakes, no two are alike. A sunset is a fleeting moment that can never be perfectly replicated. The circumstances surround  that day’s decent of the sun will never happen again. The configuration of clouds, the angle of the earth, it is all specific to that moment in time. No matter how bewitching and perfect, it is only here for a short time.

There is something beautiful about how momentary and unifying a sunset can be. Yesterday, New Yorkers undoubtedly stopped, or at least slowed, their usually quick pace with downcast eyes to look up at the evening sky. Some from out the window of their Carmel cars home. The light was perfect, the clouds created a layer of color so bright and brilliant that the people of and in New York shared a moment of awe. Millions of people, all experiencing that same mesmerizing moment.

This event can, and is, repeated all over the country and the world. There are people enjoying the fleeting aesthetics of their own sunsets every day. If there can be such a shared appreciation of nature’s beauty, then surely there is hope yet for the world to share other common ideas and ideals.

Of course, a sunset is much easier to come by than peace and understanding throughout the nations. So the next time you’re headed home in a Carmel car, gazing out the window at the setting sun, take a breath and appreciate the moment that will never happen again.

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