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By: Carmel
Posted on: April 10, 2020
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Carmel Essential Services in the Wake of COVID-19

The world has come to a freezing point with the outbreak of this deadly pandemic, the Novel Corona Virus.

It has drastically affected the human race. A state of emergency has been declared almost everywhere and a mandatory lockdown or shelter-in-place order has been proclaimed for months together. Economies have been reeling under the impact of this uninvited culprit. 

This outcome has had a domino effect on the day-to-day lives of people around the world. As desperate times call for desperate measures, airports, transportation, entertainment hubs, public places, mass gatherings, and travel have been either sealed out or have limited operating hours.

Public transportation has been tapered or temporarily halted in many locations around the world. One of the most hard-hit countries in the world is the USA. New York, one of the most buzzing economies in the world, has been trampled upon by COVID-19 in more than one way that we can imagine and has become a pandemic hotspot recently.

Public spots and other social venues have been directed to close down. Social distancing has become a new way of life, whereas staying at home is a direct order from the state. Though this has been done to safeguard humanity at large, it has become a big inconvenience in many households.

Carmel’s COVID-19 Essential Services for the Community

Economic hardship has hit many New Yorkers who have been hitherto oblivious to isolation mobility challenges and limited access to convenience.

But here’s something to cheer about during these hard times. Carmel Limos NYC is open to business and is offering special discounts for essential transportation services until 1 May 2020. We are doing this as a goodwill gesture to keep our community mobilized. Especially, the frontline health workers, first responders, medical task force, nurses, doctors, essential service employees, firefighters, law officers, and social workers who have been toiling night and day to help those impacted.

They deserve our appreciation, respect, and unlimited support to get moving on their feet. Classified as an essential business, Carmel is open to picking up customers from point A and dropping them off safely at point B, which would include essential locations like hospitals, medical centers, airports, etc. in and around New York City.

What is included in these Services?

Currently, The Preventive Management Team at Carmel has categorized these essential commute services into three types.

1. Essential Employees

With this initiative from Carmel Limousines New York, essential employees like healthcare workers, researchers, nurses, doctors, clinical experts, medical teams, insurance personnel, first responders, and paramedics can attend to their call of duty without the need to drive all by themselves during these super tense hours. 

Our drivers ensure to ride them safe and sound in a fully-sanitized vehicle to their destination as fast as they can. We also drive them back home comfortably to ensure that they get the much-needed relaxation after intense hours of work. We are offering an extra discount of $4 on every ride to essential workers. We believe they deserve all support and above anything, a safe drive to work and back. See our offer details below.  

For any trip to or from your work

use code ‘ESSENTIAL’ and get $4 OFF each way


2. Airport Transfers

Many New Yorkers on holidays or business trips are terrified by the outbreak of the Corona Virus and want to get back home safe and sound. Carmel Limos is helping our friends get home from John F Kennedy (JFK), La Guardia (LGA), and Newark (EWR) to New York City and other areas in and around New York.

With well-sanitized cars that are kept spic-and-span, we help those stranded at airports to get home quickly and safely. Since all the other taxi and cab facilities have suspended operations, Carmel took up the responsibility to ensure that those who book their ride in advance on the Carmel App can benefit from uninterrupted commutation.

Please be very careful not to let more than two persons take the limo ride as a precautionary measure to prevent being infected.

We recommend a website or mobile app pre-booking for all your rides since it helps us ensure we have the requisite fleet to cater to customer demand. If you need to be driven to the airport for an important trip, don’t worry about it. Carmel has got you covered. What you’ll need to do is book a limo ride online or on our mobile app and get ready for a safe ride to the airport.

As a token of our appreciation, we are also giving you $6 off on the total fare of your ride to/from the airport (on advance bookings only). Take a look at the details below. 

For trips to or from the airport

use code ‘AIRPORT’ for $6 OFF any trip from/to an airport


3. Long Distance Trips

We highly recommend long-distance trips only in case of emergencies or if it’s absolutely necessary to curb the contagion. Many individuals and families prefer taking a long-distance road drive rather than taking a flight to their destination. The reason being that airports are highly risky places when it comes to getting infected. Thousands of people visit an airport in a day and may appear to be asymptomatic.

This reason alone puts a lot of lives at risk. We have witnessed a spike in the number of long-distance trips as a result. A road trip has become a safer alternative to air travel. Another significant contributor to road trips is that long-distance trips take about 3-5 hours, which is much lesser than taking a flight to places nearby. Taking a flight includes going to the airport, going through security checks, the trip itself, collecting your luggage, and the ride from the airport to the final destination). The risk of exposure also builds up as you pass through each of these stages, and the more number of people you come in contact with.

Carmel Limo NYC stubs out these risks with our long-distance trips, where we give you a $25 discount over $160. You need to ensure that the trip meets our minimum fare requirement of $160. Here are the details of the discount coupon code. Remember that you can only avail of this offer if you book your limo online in advance. This initiative is an effort from Carmel Limo to minimize the need for our employees to go out and for the general welfare of our customers. 

For any long distance trip over $160

use code ‘ALTFLY’ and get FOR $25 OFF


How to book your Carmel Limo rides in advance?

There are two ways of doing this, 


1. Reserve a ride by visiting  

2. Type in all your customer information and ride details

3. On the payment page, enter all the required information correctly and enter the coupon code mentioned above based on the category of the ride under Promotions. Make sure you type in the correct coupon code. 

4. The relevant discount gets applied automatically when you complete your ride.

Mobile Application

1. Download the Carmel mobile app on your smart phone.

2. When you book a ride, go to the slide menu and click on ‘Use Referral Code’ and enter the referral code in the next screen and click on submit code to apply the coupon code on your ride. 

3. The relevant discount gets applied automatically when you complete the ride with Carmel.

We sincerely hope for the safety and good health of you and your family, especially during these difficult times. Carmel is dedicated to serving you in the best way possible and giving you a reliable, comfortable, and safe riding experience. 

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