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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: January 29, 2021
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Carmel limos are thankful to our customers, drivers, employees, and partners for a smooth sail in 2020.

Even though the past year was turbulent, it taught us many things. One of them was to stand strong and provide the best customer service aligned with the pandemic protocol.

And that’s what we did!

Our operational capabilities have led us to achieve the best on-time record in New York.

Some of them include:

  • State-of-the-art reservation, communication, and dispatch systems.
  • Carmel’s mobile app for customers and drivers for bookings, tracking rides, payments, etc.
  • The Carmel website which is user-friendly and convenient.
  • Attractive digital discounts for online bookings and using them conveniently.
  • Our Call Center infrastructure that provides seamless connectivity for bookings, payments, queries, and emergencies. 
  • Carmel’s intelligence-based, customer-centric, and fully automated reservation and dispatch systems that assure reservation information accuracy and the timely dispatch of drivers.
  • The cellular WAP system and two-way radio systems that help with constant driver communication with the drivers. 
  • 100% customer safety and hygiene, plus customer data security mechanisms to deliver fool-proof services.

Our Focus on Safety and Savings during the Pandemic

We were categorized as an important business during the pandemic, which meant staying functional 24/7.

For us, it meant keeping our customers safe, being on-time, and offering the most competitive prices for the most differentiating services.

Be it an emergency visit to the hospital, airport transfers, long-distance travel, or ensuring that front-line workers, doctors, fire fighters, and law officers are driven safely to their workplace; we were the preferred limousine and cab service providers in New York.

This is because we offered the best rates, best-in-class vehicles, top-notch services, and took the business’ best safety and hygiene measures.

We were committed to savings for our customers as we were to their safety.

We established the Carmel safety plan following the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The mandates that we followed included:

Prevention – Ensuring that customers or drivers with COVID-19 symptoms are requested not allowed to ride.

Self-protection – Promoting the usage of N-95 masks and hand sanitizers at all times.

Disinfection of Contact Areas- Cleaning and disinfecting the vehicles and contact surfaces regularly based on the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission guidelines.

Social Distancing- Ensuring that drivers and customers maintain the maximum distance possible while getting in/out to/from the vehicle and loading the luggage.

Coordinated Customer-We ensured that our drivers were trainedto reduce Exposure Risk. The driver would open/close the vehicle’s door, maintain a 6 ft. distance from customers entering/exiting the car, use gloves, and sanitizers while loading the customer’s luggage in the trunk and would avoid speaking in the direction of the customer(s).

Our Gamut of Services during and post the Pandemic

The Carmel Preventive Management Team put together a solid plan to ensure seamless service delivery with attractive discounts for customers during the Pandemic.

Customers responded positively to our services that could be booked using the Carmel mobile application. They used coupon codes to avail discounts during checkout.

Essential Services

We ensured that all the employees and officers of the critical services in NYC were transported safely and cost-efficiently (we offered a discount of $4 on their rides) to their workplace and back so that they could serve the public in a timely and efficient manner.

Airport Transfers

We served customers who wanted to get home safe, from the airport/to the airport during the Pandemic. We ensured that they were comforted in our safe and comfortable rides, for which we offered great discounts ($6 off). 

Long-Distance Trips

During the pandemic, most of our customers preferred to be driven rather than flown by air or transported by train/bus.

We avoided the built-in risks of exposure during these trips to standard long distances while our customers saved time and money in reaching their final destination.

With Carmel, our customers could bypass stringent security checks, long waiting hours in the line, and the high risk of exposure to the Coronavirus.

The best part is that we offered $25 off on their final invoice when they spent $160.

Packages and Food Delivery

Since businesses were stranded during COVID-19 during the shelter-in-place and lockdown, food and package deliveries were suspended or delayed.

Carmel took ownership of the situation and introduced the packages and food home-delivery services to our customers.

We focused on hygiene, reliability, on-time delivery, and affordability during this time.

Customers had to log-in to the Carmel app, provide the pick-up and drop locations, provide their point of contact details at the drop-off location, and complete the payment of the package/food at the pick-up location.

The customers could also pay in cash to the drivers before they left to pick up the package.

Our vehicles included sedans (for regular delivery) and minivans (for larger volumes).

Our drivers ensured they followed the pandemic protocol (masks, sanitizers, social-distancing, and checking the packages for damage/leakage/exposure) before delivering the food/other packages.

No More FOMO

Our customers were freed from the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ through our SMART PLANNING = SMART LIVING initiative.

We urged our customers to make pre-arranged reservations on the Carmel app/website to ensure that our vehicles were ready to serve them. 

On advance bookings, we ensured that the vehicles were sanitized and checked before the ride.

Carmel’s dispatch system had been adjusted to send drivers on trips after allowing them sufficient time to clean their cars and contact surfaces and stock-up their vehicles with sanitizers, first-aid kits, and additional masks.

We also offered an extra 15-minute free waiting time to our customers, after which the driver will not leave if the customer would ask him/her to wait.

This way, the customers did not have to fear missing out on the ride, if the pick-up time was adjusted, delayed, or last-minute changes took place.

How We Made Long-Distance Roundtrips Crazy Cheap

The fear of flying was real in the wake of the pandemic. It continues to impact air services from NYC and other global destinations.

Many Carmel customers took advantage of Carmel’s unbeatable long-distance trip prices from New York City in November and continued enjoying our services.

The return leg of the long-distance roundtrip was 50% of the going leg of the trip.

A roundtrip included the driver waiting for you at the destination and bringing you back to the source location.

The cherry on the cake included offering the first waiting-time hour free of cost.

For example, if the price of a sedan from Manhattan to point “X” was $80, then the roundtrip price was $120, with one free hour waiting time. Any waiting time after the free hour wait time was charged at the vehicle type hourly rate.

The vehicles we offered included a Full-size sedan (going price $80 + $40 hourly rate after free 1 hour), luxury sedan (going price $90 + $44 hourly rate after free 1 hour), deluxe sedan (going price $100 + $48 hourly rate after free 1 hour), minivan (going price $100 + $50 hourly rate after free 1 hour), and SUV (going price $120 + $66 hourly rate after free 1 hour).

We’ll be there for you! Carmel Limos for Special Occasions and Groups

With the highest “on-time” record for the past 35 years, Carmel has been the reliable Limousine services partner in New York.

With our extensive fleet of Stretch limos, SUVs, and Deluxe vehicles, we’ve been offering impeccable services for milestone events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, proms, dinners, and theatre. Our range of services include:

Wedding Limo Services

We’ve helped thousands of grooms, brides, and their families arrive in style on their special day. 

With polished and Insta-ready vehicles at their disposal, our customers couldn’t help but give us a 5-star rating for our wedding service that comes with on-demand value-additions like Champagne, decoration, music, parties, and photo sessions inside our limos.

We ensured that the brides and grooms were pampered and kept stress-free before they exchanged their vows.


Prom nights are the coolest and the most exciting night during one’s graduation days.

We intend to make it super special with our limousine services. We keep both parents and their pockets happy with affordable rides that don’t allow for alcohol consumption.

We drop off and pick up teenagers on-time and keep parents informed on our vehicles’ whereabouts while their children are safe with us.

Carmel makes prom events ‘a night to remember’ rather than a ‘nightmare’ for teenagers and parents.


As the cinemas are slowly opening up to the public, Carmel Limos NYC ensures that you can catch up with your gang to watch your favorite flick.

We offer one-way, roundtrip, and by-the-hour special offers for our customers while following social distancing norms and hygiene practices.

Our chauffeurs will drive you in style, wait for you to return, and drive you back home safe and sound in one of our group-capacity vehicles.

Corporate Events

We have catered to multiple corporate events like conferences, golf outings, picnics, sporting events, and group retreats in the past before the pandemic.

Even during the pandemic, we’ve ensured that businesses continued to function as usual by taking care of their transportation needs.

Carmel offers high-end mini-buses, passenger buses, sprinter vans, and Coach Buses for these events. Tell us in detail about your event and get a quote for professional corporate event limousine services.

Wrapping up

While 2020 was a rollercoaster ride for the world, Carmel limos were there to ensure that the ride on New York roads was safe and smooth.

Connect with us to avail our hygienic and budget-friendly cab and limo services.

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