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By: Carmel
Posted on: July 27, 2022
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Friendship is the best gift ever bestowed upon humanity. So this Friendship Day, gear up to show your buddies some love and appreciation. Whether you’re planning to meet up and enjoy some drinks for old time’s sake or go on a short weekend getaway, Carmel Limos New York is with you.

Among all the relationships in the world, true friendship is one of the most special ones because of its unconditional support and non-judgmental nature.

Carmel Limos New York is celebrating Friendship Day to foster friendship by offering special deals, offers, and seamless riding services, including multipoint pickup and drop-off, waiting for services, airport transfers, and more.

Before we cut to the best things to do in New York City for Friendship Day, let’s understand the history of this special occasion.

History of International Friendship Day

In 1919, International Friendship Day was founded by Hallmark with the intent for people to celebrate unity, camaraderie, and efface all racial and ethnic differences. In 1998, to foster friendship, Winnie the Pooh was made the world’s Friendship Ambassador at the United Nations to promote positivity. 

April 2011 was when the United Nations officially recognized the 30th of July as International Friendship Day. Many countries, however, celebrate this day on the first Sunday of August. 

The Current Scenario 

Today, the rise of social media is connecting more friends worldwide. However, observing this day in accordance with local culture, customs, and communities, and through public awareness and education has become significant. 

New York City is the hub of many such activities where global citizens foster old and new friendships and celebrate through art, culture, food, theater, fashion, and travel. New York City is eating, shopping, clubbing, museums, and historical landmarks galore.

We’ve curated the top places to go with buddies on International Friendship Day this year in the city of lights, dreams, and action.

Must-visit Places

Central Park

Central Park is a significant tourist attraction in the Big Apple, with approximately 46 million people visiting this verdant and beautifully designed public park every year. Central Park is an iconic venue you often see in the movies with activities like roller-skating, picnics, dog walking, live performances, bird-watching, photography, and more.

Located at the heart of Manhattan, this legendary park offers great respite to friends in New York who want to have a gala time chit-chatting, clicking pictures, and binging on some hotdogs and drinks.

Cycling and competing with friends is an essential outdoor activity that attracts New Yorkers to the spectacular Central Park. The green oval area is ideal for a baseball match you’re your buddies. Another spectacular picnic spot is the East Green which was the backdrop of the famous Hollywood flick You’ve Got Mail and many others. You get the best views of New York skylines from the bridge on 72nd Street at the park. Download the Carmel Limo app and book a group tour of Central Park at attractive prices.

Little Island at Pier 55

Little Island is housed on the Hudson River at Pier 55 in the Chelsea district. This open park has been built on a flared top with 280 concrete posts. This futuristic park is a green oasis with two walkways, the North Bridge and South Bridge, that reside on the Hudson River Greenway. The park houses a 700-seater amphitheater that hosts theatre, music, and dance performances at the Amph. The second theatre, called the Glade, hosts artists, individual musicians, and bands.

You can binge on some delicious food made from local produce or indulge in wine tasting at the Chelsea Market. After basking on the sunny lawns of Little Island with your gang, head straight to the Whitney Museum. Little Island has three grass areas, a hiking trail, and an elevated high point for selfies and Instagram-worthy pictures.

Taking a minibus from Carmel Limo will be ideal for a fun-filled picnic with your large group of friends at the Little Island.

Indulge in some Cheesecake

It’s only in New York City that International Friendship Day coincides with Cheesecake Day. As a result, New York has a flurry of Cheesecake whipping eateries that are a must-visit. While thousands serve this creamy dessert, we’ve curated the best places.

Start or complete your Friendship Day with this lip-smacking slice of heaven at Junior’s Cheesecake at 386 Flatbush Avenue Extension in Downtown Brooklyn and Times Square. Eileen’s Special Cheesecake is another famous cheesecake haven with a legacy of 35 years. This place serves the classic Cheesecake and minibites for the calorie-counting buddies. 

Saturday Nightlife

New York has the absolute best nightlife in the world, and with reason. The lounges, terrace bars, pubs, dance floors, and cocktail party houses in Manhattan and Brooklyn never cease to spark and delight. So dress up, put down your hair, strap on your dancing shoes, and call for a Carmel Limo to head straight to one of these top-listed clubs for an electric night out.

Paul’s Cocktail Lounge

Paul Sevigny owns this plush lounge, a nightlife impresario that hosts A-listers, socialites, and celebrities. This club plays excellent music from Billboard chartbusters to mood music to wake the dirty dancer in you. The disco ball is the center of attraction on the iconic dance floor. Delicious finger food and exotic concoctions make Paul’s a great hangout place for a memorable hangover with your best buddies.

Le Bain

Want to spend a lazy afternoon sipping cocktails with friends or a wild night in a hot tub? Yes, you heard us right! Le Bain is the place to be for a hot tub experience in a discotheque. Perched at the standard hotel, the rooftop bar is the perfect place to watch sundown over the Hudson River. By night, Le Bain hosts queer-friendly parties, including the “Paradisco” on Sundays.

Paradise Club

Studio 54 club, located in Times Square, hosts star-studded parties every weekend. On several occasions, you can spot the likes of Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Hailey Bieber, and Diana, including its concept-based parties. This electric space also includes a restaurant helmed by chef John Fraser, a Michelin-star recipient. In addition, the space has a 5,800-square-foot beer garden, a lounge, and a live performance venue. 

The Brooklyn club House of Yes curates lives acts. Special dinner and drinks are served during the show before the space transforms into an electrifying dance floor. Visiting this club with friends will make the experience even more special.

Book a Carmel Limo for an extended night out at one of these venues and a safe ride back home. We’re offering special rates on the waiting hours and other arrangements like champagne and celebrations.

Whale Watching

The Whale Watching expedition starts from Lower East Side Manhattan and extends to New York Bay. Friendship Day happens during summer, a blessing since the whale leaps over the horizon in the lush waters of New York. The cruise offers a skyline view while sailing under the Brooklyn Bridge. You can also get a breathtaking view of the Statue of Liberty in all its glory. The cruise lasts almost 3.5 hours and sometimes offers spectacular views of Dolphins and other marine life.

Catch up with friends on this delightful cruise and carry some champagne, chill beer, and munchies onboard.

Book your Carmel Limo to reach this venue 30 minutes in advance. Then, take a long drive with your best buddies after a delicious meal at Lena’s Italian Kitchen, Norma, or Hill and Bay near the East Side of Manhattan.

Hill and Bay

This neighborhood Bistro gives you earthy vibes with seafood, meat, and veggie delicacies suited for global food lovers. 

This place dishes out juicy burgers and chilled cocktails at attractive group prices. 

They have share plates and signature grills for larger groups. The Hill and Bay signature and Ranch burgers are to die for. 

The Rib eye steak is a must-try, while the Pasta Bolognese is one of the top-selling menu picks. The Buttermilk-fried boneless chicken with Buffalo Blue Cheese and honey Dijon is a group favorite. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, we recommend mashed potatoes and crispy Brussels Sprouts.

Lena’s Italian Kitchen

If home-cooked comfort food is your thing, this quick-service eatery is the best option that never ceases to impress food lovers. This 900-square-foot place offers takeout and delivery only. The made-to-order Italian classics like Calamari Fritti, Stracciatella, Tortellini en Brodo, and of course, Tiramisu offer gastronomic pleasure like none other. Entrees like Chicken Francese, Grilled Salmon, Chicken Marsala, and Chicken Paillard give you a slice of Toscano on a plate.


Another Italian eatery, Norma, offers traditional Sicilian cuisine with a dash of New York’s charm. Norma’s rustic elegance and exquisite charm with the time-honored Sicilian food and wine will leave your gang of friends smitten.

The chef and founder Salvatore Fraterrigo dishes out the most extravagant Sicilian feast at East Side Manhattan. This line-up includes Burrata, Timballo Melanzane, Involtini alla siciliana, Carpaccio di Polipo, Caponata, Rucola e Parmigiano, Trenette al pomodoro, Gnocchi Bolognese, Couscous con pesce, Cabbucio Caprese, Pizza Regina con bufala, and seventeen other varieties of woodfired Pizzas. 

The extensive menu also features Cannoli Siciliani, Torta della Nonna, and Torta Cioccolato Senza Farina (a must try). 

Free Kayaking on the Hudson River & East River

Discover New York from a new perspective with your best friends at the Manhattan Community Boathouse on the Hudson River when on a Kayaking expedition. This free activity requires booking in advance to secure seats for Friendship Day. Before a kayak ride, we recommend a smooth ride in our Carmel limousine to the venue to make Friendship Day 2022 more special. 

Wrapping up

New York has everything, whether you want to spend a quiet day with friends on a lazy cruise or head to a Yankees game. 

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