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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: June 20, 2021
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Fathers are a constant reminder of strength and courage. A father is the first love of his daughter and the first man his son would emulate. 

Indeed, fathers have an image of an authority figure who teaches you discipline and never gives up. He’s the one who loves to see you win at the end of a tough fight.

Traditionally, all cultures across the globe put fathers as the head of the family from whom everybody draws inspiration. He’s meant to be the stricter counterpart, the disciplinarian yet the compassionate one. 

Well, Father’s Day is the day we let them be who they are as individuals. In other words, it’s the day we cut them some slack by celebrating what they are and what they continue doing for their families.

Not all heroes don a cape, and this is true for fathers. Carmel Limos NYC salutes each of these superheroes.  

At Carmel Limos, we help support and nurture the careers of hardworking and doting fathers who work at our offices or are on the road helping people get around. During the pandemic, Carmel Limos, New York, has made it a top priority to ensure that the daily duties of fathers who are health workers and essential services professionals are not disrupted. 

We’re also continuing our special discounts for essential cab services to appreciate the fathers who need to stay away from their families on life-saving duty.

Carmel Limos is equipped in almost every way to help out families in times of need. We ensure the safety of the fathers and their families with thoroughly sanitized vehicles and social-distancing norms.

In this blog, we have listed how we’re supporting fathers on pandemic duty and added the four quick getaways that are a must-visit on Father’s Day.

How is Carmel Limos supporting Dads & their Families?

Carmel Limousines in New York ensures taking care of each customer and employee in these times of crisis. We ensure your family’s safety when you choose to ride with us. And we are continuing to provide our extended support in whatever way possible to those impacted by the pandemic. For starters, we continue to retain our employees who have been serving us before the pandemic. 

Thus, we’ve ensured that no father will have to stay unemployed and helpless in supporting their family.

Here’s a list of ways in which we continue to support families while ensuring their health and safety. 

Employment Continuity for chauffeurs and drivers

Carmel Limousines is trying to make a difference in times of crisis by employing more drivers and chauffeurs and ensuring that no one is discontinued. We are helping fathers cope with financial crises by giving them the complete liberty to take up as many driving tasks as they can and when they need them. This way, Carmel Limos is one of the most preferred employers of limo chauffeurs in the city. We give our chauffeurs as much appreciation and monetary benefits as they deserve. Thanks to our dedicated and hardworking dads, we’ve been awarded as one of the top essential services providers in NYC.

Fully Sanitized Cabs 

Carmel Limousines is not only extending financial support through employment. We are also ensuring the health and safety of our employees and their families. 

Sanitization of the vehicles is a priority at Carmel Limos. Before the beginning of each ride, our cabs are thoroughly sanitized to lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19. In addition, we train all drivers to sanitize cars professionally and follow hygiene norms even at home. This helps them stay safe on-duty and off-duty.

Social Distancing

At Carmel Limousines NYC, all the drivers are instructed to maintain a safe distance from their passengers (at least 2 meters). First, the drivers are instructed to open the cab doors and step aside for the passengers to enter the vehicle. Then, the cab doors are securely closed behind. 

Also, we instruct our customers and drivers to keep the interactions minimum, ensuring the safety of both parties. 

Our super dads even ensure that the passengers’ luggage is loaded safely in the trunk before settling in without any contact.

COVID-19 Tests & Vaccination

Carmel Limos ensures that all employees undergo COVID-19 tests at regular intervals. We also do temperature and oxygen levels tests every day. This ensures that our drivers are not sick while they take up a service. With the vaccination drive going on across the country, we also ensure that our drivers and their families are vaccinated on time. We also keep track of their vaccinations to ensure that they’re protected all the time.

Pick-up and Drop Services

Carmel offers multiple services to ensure that those who need to be on the move are not disrupted. So whether your father is a front-line worker or you’re planning a short trip this Father’s Day, Carmel Limos offers a safe and hassle-free ride at great discounts.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Airport rides to and from NYC – Whether you have to catch an emergency flight from NYC or return home from NYC airports, Carmel Limos is readily available.
  • Pick-up and drop services from multiple points – We also offer pick-up & drop from multiple points so that your ride can be hassle-free. Plan a surprise meet up for your dad with all his buddies on Father’s day and book a multi-point ride on the Carmel app.
  • Round trips – We offer round trips from anywhere in NYC to any destination near New York.
  • Waiting services (for single pick-up and drop) – If your dad’s new to the city, avail of our waiting services to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for him in NYC.

Four Must-Visit Places in NYC with Your Darling Dads This Father’s Day

Adventurous Kayaking in Manhattan

Sign up for an adventurous sail around with Manhattan Kayak availing their Father’s Day Specials Skyline Trip. An adventurous activity, your dads, will love the eye-popping panoramic views. But, of course, you can always sit on the top of the kayak and witness the unfolding of scenic views.

Carmel Limos services are readily available to get to your destination and start with a fun kayak ride. So, avail of our point-to-point pick-up & drop services and have a worry-free Father’s Day.

Strolling around Williamsburg’s Adventure Park

For the adventurous dads and their families, Williamsburg’s Adventure Park is another fun destination. You can enjoy a 3-hour session that includes zip lines, slides, climbing walls, roller skating, a ninja course, arcade games, and so much more.

Avail Carmel Limos pick-up & drop or wait services to ensure safety while getting ready for an adrenaline rush!

Have some Fun at Little Island

To spend a fun-filled Father’s Day, make a trip to Little Island. Your dads are going to love this place for some quality family time. In addition, you can enjoy the special events on the island like artworks, music, puppetry, shadow play, and more.

With Carmel Limos, you can ensure that your Father’s Day is going to be hassle-free. So, ready some fun at Little Islands?

Spend a day golfing at Flushing Meadows Pitch & Putt

Help your Dad perfect his golfing skills this Father’s Day. If your Dad is a golfing enthusiast, then spend a day playing the 18-hole Pitch & Putt golf course or the modern mini-golf course with streams, waterfalls, bridges, or both!

So, enjoy an excellent game of golf this Father’s Day with Carmel Limos, and that’ll be the best gift ever.

Nearby Places in NYC to have a pleasant time with Your Superhero

A Luxurious Gateway at Governors Island

Spend a day at Collective Governors Island. Your Dad will love the open space, welcoming campfires, luxury accommodations, and gatherings. For the Dad who loves family getaways, this trip will be the best Father’s Day gift. 

To reach your destination safely, avail Carmel Limo services in New York. Get our pick-up & drop services and ensure a fantastic holiday.

Staycation at Sun Castle Resort

A resort 3 hours away from NYC, Sun Castle is a perfect weekend getaway place of wilderness on the sandy feet of George beach waterfront. If you’re looking to celebrate Father’s Day nearby NYC, book a Carmel Limousines round trip service and spend a safe and fantastic weekend. 

We are sure that the fathers are going to love the cozy private villas, townhouses. In short, a trip to Sun Castle will be the best Father’s Day gift to all dads out there!

Spend a relaxing weekend at Hope Lake Lodge

A lodge on top of the hill on Hope Lake in Virgil Valley is a destination to relax for the weekend. Three hours from NYC, a stay at Hope Lake Lodge is what you can do to pamper your Dad this Father’s Day!

It is a luxurious destination, easy to reach with Carmel Limos NYC. So, plan fast and get going!

Catch the scenic beauty at Hudson Valley West

Up for some suburban action? Spend this Father’s Day weekend at Hudson Valley and relax amidst the old-world charm of distilleries, farms, wineries, gilded-age mansions, and massive gardens.  

You can also relax at the waterpark all you need with Carmel Limos making safe round trips. Don’t forget to book your trip on the Carmel app.

Ready to Celebrate Father’s day?

With Carmel Limos, you can travel worry-free. However, do not forget to carry masks and use sanitizers regularly. Then, let us know when you want to surprise your Dad (with a luxury limo ride, perhaps?), and we’ll be right at your doorstep.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads from Carmel Limos.

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