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By: Carmel
Posted on: September 5, 2021
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New York City has always helped witness the most significant celebrations like Independence Day, even amid the pandemic. This September, the entire country awaits another significant national holiday, “Labor Day.”

As the quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. goes, “No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

Labor Day lets us reflect on that thought and celebrate our hard work and our hardships which lets us win the more significant and more minor battles in life. But, unfortunately, the pandemic has created an exodus in the workforce, forcing many people to lose their livelihoods. So as New York City gears up to celebrate this iconic holiday, let us join hands in supporting those fighting every day to make ends meet. 

At Carmel Limousines, New York City, we have some fantastic ideas on how you can celebrate Labor Day with your kith and kin with Carmel Limos as your transportation companion.

But before we present you with ideas on celebrating Labor Day, let’s take a look at the significance and history of this glorious day. 

The History of Labor Day

The history of Labor Day goes back to the late 1800s. It was when the Industrial Revolution was at its peak in the US. The average American worked for 12-hours a day for seven days to earn a basic living. Issues like child labor, unsafe working conditions, insufficient facilities cropped up. Consequently, laborers organized strikes and rallies to protest. Several of these events turned violent. 

In 1882, on September 5th, 10000 workers marched from City Hall to Union Square in New York City. Thus, it marked the first Labor Day parade in the history of the United States. 

Why and How Americans Celebrate Labor Day?

Americans celebrate Labor Day to pay tribute to the historic struggles and achievements of the American workers. Traditionally, every year, Americans observe the first Monday of September as Labor Day. However, this time it will occur on September 6th. 

Labor Day in America is celebrated in September instead of May due to its relation with the Haymaker bombing. In the May of 1886, a worker’s demonstration was held in Haymarket Square, Chicago. Unfortunately, the event turned into a tragedy after seven police officers and four civilians were killed in the bombing. 

Labor Day is always a celebration for Americans. This day marks the end of summer. Hence, for a few Americans, parties, parades, and special events are a must. A few others plan one last summer trip to the parks or beaches. And still, others enjoy barbeques in their backyard with friends and family. 

How is Carmel Limos NYC Providing Safe Services for Labor Day?

With Carmel Limousines, New York make this weekend a special one. Despite the restrictions, you can enjoy every bit of your holiday with Carmel Limousines. 

Carmel Limos NYC is taking every precaution to ensure you safe and hassle-free rides. The drivers at Carmel Limos are specially instructed to;

  • Thoroughly sanitize vehicles before a ride starts and after the ride has ended.
  • Avoid unnecessary interactions with customers and always keep at least two meters distance from them.
  • Keep the air conditioning on and ensure that the vehicles are well-ventilated.
  • Open the trunk of the cab for the customer to load and unload their luggage.
  • Reach thirty minutes before a ride to ensure all the safety mandate checks are done before the customer is onboarded.

Besides, Carmel Limos NYC also ensures providing you with app tracking. So book a limo, track its location, and get started with your ride in no time. Carmel Limos promises prompt services to customers. Also, you could avail of our multi-point pickup and drop services to ensure that your near and dear ones will ride with you.

The other essential services that we’re offering for Labor Day celebrations around the city include:

● Point-to-point pickup and drop services.

● Waiting services (for a single point pickup and drop) (to ensure that you don’t have to wait for another cab or get into unnecessary contact with unknown individuals).

● Round trips from NYC to a nearby location or NYC from any suburban location.

In addition, you get special discounts if you fall in one of these special categories.

● An essential worker/ employee;

● A frequent traveler; or 

● A long-distance rider.

● An individual who is availing of our airport transit service.

So, ready to plan the Labor Day weekend in Carmel Limos NYC style? Here are some events and places you should add to your to-do list.

Six Events and Places to Visit This Labor Day

If you’re a tourist who is spending this Labor Day in New York, then you’ll see that NYC indeed hosts a plethora of events to engage and enthral in. There’s something for everyone in the Big Apple. Whether you’re a tourist in NYC or a resident, you can join in on the following events and celebrations in NYC with Carmel Limos NYC by your side.

Witness Labor Day and West Indian Parade

Being a witness to special parades is a different experience. So get a Carmel Limousine and reach Brooklyn on time to attend the West Indian Parade on September 6th. This parade celebrates the Caribbean culture, history, traditions, and arts. 

Besides attending the West Indian parade, you can also participate in the actual NYC Labor Day parade. It steps off from 44th street & fifth avenue sharp at 10 am. Avail Carmel’s waiting for services and try a hand at attending both the parades. 

Cheer the Teams at the US Tennis Open

This Labor Day, you can witness the US Tennis Open, the most popular sporting event in NYC. The crowd at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is impressive, and you can spend your Labor Day as a part of this crowd. 

With Carmel Limo services in New York, you can enjoy the match with your friends. First, choose the multi-point pickup and drop service for a hassle-free ride. Then, catch the match (Men’s and Women’s Round 3 and Round of 16) and enjoy the spectacular Tennis Center in all its glory. 

Go Crazy at The Yankees & Mets Home Games

Sports lovers, take note of this event that you can enjoy this Labor Day. Yes! It’s a baseball game, and what could be better than this for an American?

With Carmel Limousines, you can travel worry-free to the stadium, cheer the teams and get back home safely. Use our point-to-point pick and drop services or waiting services to ensure a fantastic evening despite the ongoing restrictions. 

On the Labor Day weekend, you can watch the Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles match (September 3rd to 5th). Then, from September 6th to 9th, you can enjoy the Yankees taking on the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Enjoy the Sun at Jacob Riis Beach

Throughout the summer, Jacob Riis Beach is quite the hotspot. But Labor Day weekend has a relaxed vibe at the beach. You can tap into the beats of the fantastic live musicians at the Riis Boathouse Pavilion at noon and also wander through the boardwalk. Shop vintage clothing from the vendors and gorge on delicacies like lobster rolls, frozen cocktails, etc. Hang out at the picnic tables to get a tan and have fun surfing. You can also enjoy special events like the lobster sunset bash.

Hitting the Jacob Riis Beach is so easy with Carmel Limos NYC. Avail of our round-trip services and get full-sanitized cabs to and from the beach. So, are you planning already?

Catch the Mesmerizing Views from the Honorable William Wall

The Honorable William Wall is the floating clubhouse of the Manhattan Yacht Club. What’s so special about it?

The ‘Willy Wall’ (as Americans affectionately call it) is quite an insider spot for people who love spectacular views. The clubhouse is anchored at the New York Harbor in Ellis Island, and it will remain there till October. So, you can get away this Labor Day weekend and enjoy yourself at the Honorable William Wall. Lose yourself in the spectacular views of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and the many colors of the setting sun. 

Marvel the Art Exhibits at Washington Square

This is a call for the art lovers who sorely missed the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit in 2020. The good news is that the fall show 2021 is returning, and you can visit it on the Labor Day weekend. 

The Washington Square on September 6th will be full of colors. Several artists and artisans from the NYC area set up their stalls at the Washington Square. You can walk alongside the shops and appreciate the creations of these artists. Pick ceramics, a piece of jewelry, or two or modern paintings from these shops and spend your day away.

As you know, reaching your destination is as easy as ABC with Carmel Limo Services in New York City. You can avail any of Carmel’s services like waiting services, multiple point pickup, and drop services, etc., and enjoy a hassle-free and safe weekend. 

Wrapping Up

With Carmel Limousines, you can attend multiple events on Labor Day 2021. Attend events, take a break from the hustle and bustle of work in the outskirts of the city, visit museums, art galleries, and fun events with family, and more. Carmel Limos NYC makes it easy for everyone to travel safely and in a stress-free manner with just the tap of your finger.

Please download our mobile app today and discover the best options to get around NYC for the Labor Day weekend. Happy Labor Day weekend! Ride safe, and do wear your masks!

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