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By: Carmel
Posted on: February 1, 2023
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Martin Luther King, Jr. was an icon and a man of a million voices who led the American Civil Rights Movement during its peak in the 1960s. America was divided based on racism and social equality, and this prominent leader espoused social equality, opportunity, and non-violence. Martin Luther King elevated millions by advocating peaceful resistance against social segregation.

Every year, Americans celebrate the enigmatic Martin Luther King and his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement on the third Monday of January.

Born on January 15, 1929, King rose to the apex of the civil rights movement when he was just twenty-six with the Montgomery bus boycott and arrest of Rosa Parks. As an advocate of nonviolent resistance, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, King endeavored to end racial inequality in the United States. 

In 1964, the Government bestowed Martin Luther King with the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. But unfortunately, in 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated, leaving a hole in many lives and ending the National Movement.

The legislation to honor King was passed in 1983, and Martin Luther King Day was declared a National Holiday in observance of his contributions. The first nationwide observance of the federal holiday was made in 1986.

How is Martin Luther King Day Celebrated?

Millions of African Americans and the African diaspora gather with family and friends each year to celebrate Martin Luther King. Fifty states celebrate MLK Day and pay tribute to the headstrong leader. 

From physical and virtual performances to tours and exhibitions, the Big Apple offers plenty of options to remember and celebrate the Civil Rights Movement leadership of King. In addition, concerts and service opportunities in the city give New Yorkers a unique chance to exhibit gratitude and appreciation for their freedom.

Jazz concerts, musicals, marches, plays, and more thrill people each year, and this year is no different. Since Martin Luther King Day is on a Monday, it’s a long weekend that can be leveraged to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. Carmel Limos NYC’s riding services will be available in and around New York for the long weekend.

Martin Luther King Day with Carmel Limos

Carmel Limos’ well-maintained fleet of vehicles will operate round the clock to cater to your needs during peak demand. In addition, we offer sedans, SUVs, minivans, buses, and limos for airport transfers, intra-city tours, and roundtrips.

Our team has curated a list of places to visit and things to do for Martin Luther King’s Day in this blog to give you ideas for the long weekend. So read on to find out interesting trivia and create a to-do list.

Places to Be and Things to Do

Brooklyn’s Annual Bash 

The Brooklyn Academy of Music celebrates its 37th annual tribute to King this year. The program will feature a dance piece recreating King’s final speech. In addition, local singers will give a live performance. 

Sherrilyn Ifill, a civil rights lawyer, former President and Director-Counsel of the Legal Defence Fund (LDF), and a prominent speaker, will deliver the keynote address with quotes from Martin Luther King that remain etched in millions of hearts. 

Following the event, digital billboards will display inspiring messages and images from the Civil Rights Movement. Download the Carmel Limos App to book a ride straight to the bash or pick up your friends along the way with our multipoint service.

Shopping and Dining

The Fort Greene and Prospect Heights neighborhoods offer shopping destinations for some retail therapy over the weekend. A relatively new addition to the retail scene is Industry City. 

A collection of renovated commercial buildings, this place boasts thriving boutiques and luxury shopping venues located between 37th and 33rd Streets along the Gowanus Expressway in Greenwood Heights. The waterfront complements the shopping experience during the Park Slope.

Runner Up

Runner Up on 367 7th Avenue is a wine bar that serves a solid menu of snacks and drinks. Unique and delectable food items include deli meat, garlic & cheddar-loaded bread, chicken liver toast, Bitter greens, Anchovy toast, Broccoli rabe, and others.

Lotus Vietnamese Sandwiches

This simple yet alluring Vietnamese place is one of the sought-after, low-profile bánh mì spots in Brooklyn. They serve perfectly crusty and chewy bread and dish out some spicy delectables like BBQ pork chops, shredded chicken, rice, and Tofu Pho. In addition, there is a large spread of sandwiches served here. 

Still, the all-time favorite is the classic toasted Baguette with Pate, roasted ground pork, and mayo with butter, julienne carrots, Vietnamese ham, daikon radishes, and cilantro. Booking a Carmel Limo to this restaurant is the best option on a busy weekend. 

You can have a gala time, pay tribute to the King of Civil Rights, and remember his sacrifices without the hassle of waiting for a cab or worrying about last-minute cancellations.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Volunteer Fair

Occurring at the Empire State Plaza, this volunteer fair includes large sections of the society serving in memory of the great Martin Luther King. The activities resonate with his philosophy, “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.”

The purpose of this fair is to collectively contribute to civic and community programs, including the showcase of Modern Art treasures. The Corning Tower Observation Deck on the forty-second floor provides a spectacular view of Albany. You can enjoy the Hudson River Valley, the foothills of the Adirondacks, the Catskills, the Port of Albany, and the Berkshires of western Massachusetts from an elevation that’s awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping.

Several restaurants at the Plaza, including the Bombers Burrito Bar in the primary food court, serve burrito varieties, including Ancho Chicken, Tex Mex Beef, Red Stripe Jerk Pork, and the “Mateo.” 

The other dishes include Quinoa Bowls, loaded nachos, Tacos made of soft flour tortilla, or crispy corn Taco shells.

The Retro Blends Smoothie Bar at the Southwest Concourse is one unique spot for indulging in Smoothies like Mocha Peanut Butter, Mudslide Latte, Berried in Chocolate, Orange Peeler, Pomilicious, and more.

The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

This event for children and parents will highlight African art and culture with the theme of Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights efforts. 

Drawing lessons will be conducted by Moses Ogunleye and will focus on styles and imagery from Africa. Simba Yangala from JungleDom will demonstrate African dance forms like Kakilambe, Kwassa kwassa, Lamban, and Zouli before performing with the audience. 

A special musical performance by DuPree and Barry Kornhauser will be dedicated to King’s life. You may need to spend more time exploring the cultural experience during the ethical program, which is why Carmel Limos NYC offers discounted waiting hours rates. Please download our app to learn more.

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The cathedral is a massive Episcopalian worship house in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. On Martin Luther King Day, the church will pay tribute to his sermon in 1956 titled “The Death of Evil Upon the Seashore.” 

Through his speech, he connected the escape of Jewish people from Egypt during their exodus. The cathedral will commemorate King’s courage and optimism with this service. 

In the afternoon, the Chapel of St. James will conduct an hour of communal singing by Alice Parker to honor the civil rights veteran. Both events are open to the public. We recommend booking a Carmel Limo NYC on our app for the event to ensure timely participation.

Walking Tour at the Museum of the City of New York

This museum is conducting the “Activist New York” theme to commemorate the city’s fight alongside Martin Luther King Jr. for social justice. The museum houses artifacts demonstrating liberty and equality’s long and complex history. Young visitors can participate in a scavenger hunt to learn about Martin Luther King’s role in the civil rights movement and its relation to other similar struggles. The day will kick off with story time and an art activity that resonates with the struggles and victories of Dr. King.

Harlem’s 125th Street

Harlem is one location in New York that has always kept the spirit of Martin Luther King alive. The 1811 Commissioner’s New York City Plan laid out the design for 125th Street or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. It is one of the fifteen broad crosstown streets paced approximately every ten blocks along the north-south meeting point in Manhattan Island. 

Harlem’s 125th street is well connected with New York’s major locations and runs to the East River from the Hudson while connecting the Henry Hudson Parkway, the Triborough Bridge, and the FDR Drive. 

Lined with amazing architecture along the sidewalks, the streets boast brownstones, warehouses, tenement apartments, art décor, commercial structures, and mid-century towers that have been modernized for the contemporary taste. The buildings are mostly low-scale and less height to avoid Manhattan’s taller streets that cause the “Canyon” effect.

In the 1920s and 30s, the Harlem Renaissance caused an influx of black residents to the locality. Rich Afro-American culture, heritage, and traditions were welcomed with open arms. 

The world-renowned Apollo Theater was a big part of this revolution. It seeded the growth of prominent entertainers like Billie Holiday, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, and Aretha Franklin. In addition, the street played a historic role as a communal space during the Civil Rights Movement of Martin Luther King.

Places to Indulge

Archer and Goat

Serving up Latin and South Asian fusion fare, this eatery is a family-owned neighborhood favorite that serves creative riffs on a world platter. Serving specialty cocktails and carefully-curated wines, Archer and Goat is an ode to equality in cuisine. 

The mouth-watering spread includes Arugula Salad, Spicy chickpeas, Cilantro chimichurri, pickled chilis, Grilled Cauliflower, Chicken Vindaloo Arepas, Portobello Mushroom Arepas, Cilantro chimichurri, A&G Burger & French Fries, beef burger, queso Blanco cheese, Shrimp Curry or Vegetable Curry, Turmeric rice, zucchini, purple cabbage slaw, Carne Asada, and Hanger steak.

Enoteca Harlem 

Enoteca is a boutique-style restaurant specializing in Spanish and Chilean wine & tapas. They have an extensive spread of unique wines inspired by San Sebastian, Spain. Traditional tapas and pintxos are served with cheese, seafood, charcuterie, croquette, paellas, and solomillos. We recommend booking a Carmel Limos ride when you make a reservation at this restaurant for hassle-free pick-up and drop-off. 

Wrapping up

Martin Luther King Jr. has blessed our society with equality and social inclusion, paramount in the new world order. To convert thought to action through perseverance and selflessness is Dr. Martin Luther King’s trademark, and making his contributions count this month is heart-warming for many of us. 

We wish you a great celebration and good times during the long weekend of Martin Luther King Day.

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