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By: Carmel
Posted on: May 10, 2023
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Motherhood is the most precious gift in the world for both mothers and children. Though we don’t acknowledge our mothers enough, the universe dedicates an entire day to them on Mother’s Day. But, yes, we know that isn’t enough to appreciate their sacrifices and contributions to the family and society.

This year, the international theme for Mother’s Day is “Acknowledging the idea of motherhood.” The idea of motherhood embraces selflessness, confidence, love, and the heart of a mother. Carmel Limos New York City salutes all the brave and hardworking mothers who give it all daily to survive in the city of dreams.

At Carmel Limos, many mothers work with us and make a difference each day. On Mother’s Day, New York City will host many events, shows, and venues to celebrate the heroes of the real world. We’ve curated a list for you in this blog. But before diving in, let’s understand the History of Mother’s Day.

How it Started

International Mother’s Day celebrations go back to Anna Jarvis, the lady who commemorated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day to fulfill her mother’s wish of celebrating mothers. After her mother’s demise, Anna held a memorial in West Virginia at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church. 

Jarvis’s touching gesture caught the attention of people around her, who slowly adopted the custom of honoring mothers. As a result, Mother’s Day was gradually recognized as a global celebration that saw the participation of many students, youngsters, and even older people. 

The idea was to acknowledge the love and contributions of mothers to their children and families. The sacred bond between mothers and children is the highlight of celebrating this day. 

Carmel Limos and Mother’s Day

New York has the perfect formula to make mothers of all ages happy, including venues, food, and the weather. 

Whether you are celebrating new mothers, middle-aged moms, or experienced mothers, as New York gears up to celebrate mothers through gifting, events, getaways, and lots of shopping, Carmel Limos NYC focuses on increasing our fleet of limos, providing safe transportation, and offering good quality services on a busy day.

We offer special roundtrips discounts, hourly waiting, and point-to-point riding services. To know more, please download our mobile app. In addition, you can select a sedan if you plan a day out with your mother or a minivan to hang out with your friends and their mothers. 

A special occasion calls for a special vehicle. So we highly recommend our luxurious limousine for a special treat to your mom, no matter where she wants to venture on her special day.

Whether your mother is a fancy mom, coffee mom, pajama mom, or an entourage mom, we’ve got you covered in this blog.

The Bridgerton Experience

Participate in this immersive experience together, which includes the décor from the Regency era, the plush surroundings, costumes, and the ballroom from the hit web series. 

The Queen’s Ball will take you centuries back with a modern twist of cocktails and finger food. Get immersed as the characters in the period drama with Bridgerton-inspired music in the backdrop. Dress up in your best costumes and put your best dancing foot forward. Participate in photo ops or witness a captivating dance show and acrobatics at the event.

This interactive experience will include early entry tickets to the venue and a glass of sparkling Archer Roose. In addition, group bundles are available for the event, so you and your friends can have a ‘ball of a time’ with your mothers.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Sink in the spectacular views of the city skyline at thousand two-hundred feet above Manhattan in an all-glass elevator. When you visit this iconic observatory with your mother, you can expect a truly immersive experience that bends reality with three-dimensional views and endless photo opportunities. 

On Mother’s Day, the venue will serve “mom-mosas” to delight visitors in addition to the elevating experience. The world’s largest exterior glass-floor elevators will take you 354 feet above the tall-standing building to offer a breathtaking panoramic view.

In addition to the views, you can walk through galleries of contemporary art designed by Kenzo Digital and indulge in cocktails. The mind-bending optical illusions will challenge your senses and reimagine the meeting point of Physics and Time. We recommend this experience to all sci-fi mothers, especially the Skydeck, which offers an aerial view of a lifetime. 

The space also features Après, an open-air terrace bar Union Square Events helms. In addition, new York’s highest outdoor garden will serve handcrafted cocktails, culinary delights, and aerial thrills. So don’t miss this opportunity to make Mother’s Day spectacular 1200 feet above the ground. 

We recommend booking a Carmel Limo NYC ride to the venue with the hourly waiting service so you can have more fun with your mother without worrying about how to get back home. 

Dining in the Dark

This unique dining experience at the Leuca Restaurant is not just for those dating but for mommy-kiddo duos too. If the venue isn’t surprising enough, the blindfolded theme sure is. Right from selecting the food from the menu to finishing with mouthwatering dessert, the diners are blindfolded. 

The idea is to let the flavors and the experience seep into all the senses without seeing anything. ‘Mystery’ is the name of the game where the tasting journey guides you through the taste of the cuisine. You can choose meat, seafood, or vegan offerings for starters, mains, and desserts. A typical menu looks like the following:

Meat Menu

Starter: A rich fusion of flavors immersed into meaty treats that will catch your senses by surprise.

Main: An ideal combination of earthy and meaty ingredients to make mains like Antipasti, Lumache, and Bavette Steak Vesuvius.

Dessert: An eclectic mix of pure Sicilian flavors to culminate in delights like Sicilian Pistachio Cake, Strawberry-Rhubarb Cheesecake and Lambrusco Sorbet, Gelato Del Giorno, and Affogato.

Seafood Menu

Starter: Smokey and strong flavors are served with a creamy touch in dishes like Black Tonnarelli (Ruby Shrimp and Local Calamari).

Main: A hearty meal that’s an Italian masterpiece to wow your senses that may include Grilled Octopus (‘Nduja, Salsa Giallo) or Bucatini Calabrese (Calabrian Chili, Manila Clams, and Oreganata).

Dessert: A creamy sweet delight topped with a perfect hint of fruitiness like the Gelato E Sorbetto Del Giorno.

Vegan Menu

Starter: A veggie-only dish that is wholesome and delicious, like Casarecce Alla Norma (Sicilian Eggplant Sugo) or Grilled Asparagus (Smoky Trapanese, Guanciale, and Egg Mimosa).

Main: Tongue-tickling mains like Warm Stuffed Marinated Olives or Sheep’s Milk Ricotta with hot honey & garlic and grilled bread.

Dessert: Fresh ingredients with a zesty combination of fruits or hearty ice cream like Strawberry-Rhubarb Cheesecake with Lambrusco Sorbet, or try the Sicilian Pistachio Cake.

The dining experience lasts 90 minutes from 6 pm to 9.30 pm, where award-winning chefs specially curate the secret menu, including South Italian flavors. 

Want to indulge in this sensory experience? Book a Carmel Limo on our mobile app to reach the venue on time and return home without hassles.

Soothe your Senses at a Spa

Gift your mother a Spa treat to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate her wellness. New York City is home to the best spas that offer the perfect “getaway” and respite from everyday life. 

A Spa experience includes everything from saunas to hot tubs and aromatherapies to deep tissue massages. Our specially curated list includes Grand Central Bodywork in Midtown East which serves the best pampering experience with relaxing music, complimentary champagne, and the best massage options. 

Another iconic Spa, an urban oasis, is the Nuansa Spa, located in the Diamond District offers invigorating spas like the “Healing Swedish Flow” and “Awakening that Yoga” that boost energy and heal pain issues and fatigue.

Another place to elevate your senses and get therapeutic massages is Mahalo Signature Intuitive Massage at Union Square. The therapist understands the tension points in your body and helps release the knots with a combination of techniques. In addition, the spa outlet offers the special “Intuitive Prenatal Massage” for expecting mothers. 

Head to one of these amazing spas in a Carmel Limousine and opt for our waiting service to ensure you get back home after your Spa rejuvenation. 

Mother’s Day Weekend Garden Party

Stop by the New York Botanical Gardens for a refreshing experience at the Weekend Garden Party from 11 am to 5 pm. Daffodil Hill will host games and fun activities like face painting and arts and crafts for kids and young mothers. 

The spring landscape will include colorful flowers and green trees, with birds chirping and joining in the fun. A live DJ will grace the occasion with Uptown Vinyl Supreme, 3D Rhythm of Life, and other funky remix tracks. 

Try the fresh farm-to-table delicacies at the Hudson Garden Grill or bring your picnic basket and enjoy a wholesome day. You can also indulge in the delights at the Bronx Night Market. 

Before a Spring date with your mom, book a comfortable Carmel Limousine on our app, and get to NYBG hassle-free. 

Cruise Around New York

Take your mommy dearest on a lunch or dinner cruise on one of New York’s iconic cruises along the Hudson River. The cruises offer bottomless Mimosas or Sparkling wine to elevate your experience. Ease into the summer with the warm breeze and spectacular views on board. 

Choose from a wide range of cruises like the Premier Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise, NYC Skyline Dinner Cruise, or the Mother’s Day Weekend Cruise aboard a luxurious multi-deck vessel. Enjoy a three-course meal with live music and a dance floor. 

Take in stunning views of the city lights and observe iconic landmarks like the Brooklyn and WilliamsburgBridges, the Empire State Building, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and more. Then, with a mom and child-only date on board, show your mother the perfect way to appreciate all she means to you. A Carmel Limo at your disposal will mean a reliable ride to the boarding point and a drop back to your desired location.

Day Trip to the Met Cloisters

Explore more than five thousand amazing works of medieval Europe, like Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters, a garden branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Situated in Upper Manhattan on a sixty-seven-acre park, cool medieval art and architecture await you along the Hudson River. 

Explore the sights, smells, and sounds of medieval gardens with artistic and medicinal plants. Enjoy the unparalleled setting of the gardens while taking pictures at the Instagram corners of the green space.

Book a roundtrip to this scenic location on the Carmel Limos app for a hassle-free ride with your mother.

Wrapping Up

We hope our blog helps you with ideas to make Mother’s Day special and memorable. We also hope you choose us to ensure a safe and convenient ride to the events in the city. Finally, we wish all the wonderful mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!

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