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By: Carmel
Posted on: April 18, 2023
Comments Off on Celebrating Sustainability and Our Planet on Earth Day 2023 in New York City

Mother Earth is not just to be cherished, protected, and loved but also celebrated for the natural abundance she gifts us. Like Valentine’s Day, Earth Day is a reminder of how we can dedicate our time, energy, and resources to save the planet that nurtures and protects us. We also need to take a stand and act on resolving climatic and environmental issues. 

Carmel Limos New York City dedicates to ensuring that we uphold go-green initiatives and leave a minimum or zero carbon footprint in the cities we operate. We perform regular emission checks on all our vehicles for minimum environmental impact. In addition, we’re slowly moving towards electric vehicles to enable ‘clean and green’ commutes in the Big Apple.

April 22, 2023, is Earth Day, which calls for eco-consciousness and green proactiveness. The eco-celebration begins in New York City and expands to over 190 countries globally. Nearly 1 billion people take place in Earth Day-related actions each year. From parties, exhibitions, parades, environmental launch events, and clean-ups to peaceful protests, rallies, and demonstrations, active participation in New York City symbolizes how we appreciate and care for our planet. 

Carmel Limos NYC is at your service during these events, and we promise to follow safe emission protocols and go-green safety rules when we serve you. 

This blog discusses the significant events happening in the city so you can participate and do your bit to Save the Planet.

Earth Day 2023 Festival

New York City’s Union Square and Park Avenue South are where all the sustainability action takes place during the Earth Day Festival. Environmental non-profits conduct fun-filled events, including climate restoration campaigns, endless interactions with environmentalists, and children’s activities. 

Planet-friendly food and drinks are available, while ecological and climatic themes are at the activities’ center.

You can look forward to the following activities during the festival:

  • A futuristic climate art-building event by young climate activists.
  • Interactive workshops to explore green careers, talks with a climate scientist, and an audience to Youth Climate Activism and Microplastics.
  • A live broadcast of an Earth Day Virtual Stage that showcases green living, climatic challenges, and corrective action with active participation from celebrities and key influencers like Al Gore, Bill Nye, Robert Downey Jr, Kyra Sedgwick, Elizabeth Warren, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and other climatic experts and activists.

Carmel Limos is available to ensure a seamless and sustainable commute to various Earth Day events. Please download our app to book your service.

NYC Earth Day Bazaar

Head to Gran Grand Bazaar NYC, 100 W 77th Street, the city’s oldest and most diverse weekly marketplace. Visiting the open-aired Earth Day Bazaar will give you access to sustainability and conscious living themes. Everything you’ll see here will be planet-friendly, handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind.

You’ll meet artists and creators who use recycled material and can buy unique merchandise for guilt-free living. Discover extraordinary and upcycled fashion wear, jewelry, furniture, and home décor. Indulge in sweet and savory artisanal food and fuel yourself with healthy gastronomical options. 

Learn from ecologists and environmentalists at their kiosks on sustainable living alternatives and ways to reduce the carbon footprint through conscious living. All proceeds from the event will benefit over two thousand students at public schools.  

Take a multipoint pickup service on the Carmel Limos NYC app to visit the Bazaar with your friends in one car. This option saves fuel and has fun when you ride together. 

Earth Day at Rockefeller Park

River Terrace and Murray St, New York, is hosting an Earth Day extravaganza for kids and parents on April 22, 2023. This open-air fair lasts 1.5 hours for you and your kids to marvel at the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics exhibits, enlightenment, and demos and engage in fun activities.

Kids can have lively interactions with scientists and environmental enthusiasts to get a masterclass in science and technology. In addition, intuitive workshops will be conducted to cater to curious young minds. Want to reach the venue without hassles? Book a safe and comfortable ride on our app with Carmel Limos, New York City.

Earth Day at Hudson Yards

Earth Day at Hudson Yards is an initiative by Volkswagen in partnership with The Hudson Yards Mall that will feature environmentalists’ and activists’ voices on climate control. In addition, environmental non-profits and sustainable businesses will demonstrate interactive installations like solar panels, zero-waste weaving, and sustainable home devices. 

Garner technical know-how and useful knowledge on how small steps at home can lead to drastic environmental improvements. 

Hudson Yards, known for luxury shopping, will transform into a sustainability hub for Earth Day. Catch all the action by booking a ride on the Carmel Limos App. 

Car-Free Earth Day

New York City’s annual car-free event will happen on Saturday, April 23, 2022, in Long Island City over all five boroughs. New Yorkers and tourists arrive in large numbers each year to this event that connects over a hundred Open Streets and twenty-two plazas. No cars are allowed in this event, while biking and treks are promoted. 

 The NYC Bike Network covers over a thousand miles in sustainable biking. Thirty-one locations around the city will participate, including signature venues like Willis Avenue, Troutman Street, Dyckman Street, St. Nicholas Avenue, Broadway, and Minthorne Street.

The open street locations include The Bronx (Jennings Open Street), Bankers Anchor, Bedford Slip, Berry, Beverly Road, and Graham Avenue South Open Streets in Brooklyn. 

Manhattan will host the events at 115th Street, Uptown Grand Central, Avenue B Open Street, Loisaida Open Streets Community, and Cooper Square Plaza. Enjoy the fun with Carmel Limos NYC, which will ride you to your favorite venue in our comfortable sedans or SUVs. 

Harlem Earth Day Festival

This festival in Harlem, 770 Jackson Street Hoboken, is about finding ecological solutions, fun, and music. Local artists will participate in the festival to promote sustainable eating and local shopping. Many vegan delicacies will be served while live jazz music and international DJs will play. 

On April 23, 2023, the Hoboken Business Alliance is conducting a family-friendly outdoor event for all ages. A green artisan market will display diverse flora, including outdoor and indoor plants, succulents, and wild greens. You can either buy from the merchants or understand the plants in detail.

Fitness fanatics can attend workout and physical transformation demos, kids can indulge in face painting, and wildlife enthusiasts can participate in animal encounters demonstrated by The NJ Snake Man.

The first annual NJ Folk & Bluegrass Music Festival will showcase the top talent in music and dance. The music line-up includes The Dirty Water Dogs, Hoboken School of Rock, Brendan Hartnett’s guitar performance, rustic harmonies in Bluegrass tradition, and ALEO Folk community jamming session. The closing performance will include Davey and the Trainwreck’s folk-to-electric transformation music. 

The nature-themed art activities include bird feeding, lantern flying, plain air art, community art, and a textile recycling drive. The Fitness schedule includes Pilates, Jazz workouts, strength, cardio, kickboxing, and yoga rejuvenation. 

Book a Carmel Limo NYC ride to safely and comfortably commute to the Harlem Earth Day Festival. 

Get Your Hands Dirty in Queens

Earth Day is about giving back to the planet in action. New Yorkers and tourists can participate in the nature rejuvenation activities at Queens Farm. 

Farming started in 1697 in Queens Farm, which is one of the longest-farmed sites in New York. Volunteers preserve this historic farmland through compost sifting, farm, and children’s gardens, weeding, mulching, sapling planting, and more. 

Additional family-friendly activities include apiary visits and chat with the farm’s beekeeper, compost management, adopt-a-worm composting, hayrides on a machine-driven tractor, self-guided scavenger hunt, and other free giveaways from the produce. Earth Day services include Bee-a-Pollinator and other farming activities.

Our Carmel Limos services will be available round the clock to help you reach Queens Farm. We recommend a round trip with us to help you enjoy the event and get home safely.

Sustainable Dining on Earth Day

One of the top contributors to saving Earth is sustainable and clean eating. Many New Yorkers are turning vegan and prefer guilt-free eating. Meatless and kind eating is an increasing practice, given the numerous delicious options in the city. Here are our top picks where you can enjoy Earth Day:

Spicy Moon

Located at 328 E 6th St., this vegan oriental grub stop serves classic Sichuan delicacies, including vegan options. General Tso’s vegetables and mushroom wontons, meal plates featuring tofu, vegetables, eggplant, potato, dry pepper, and more. 

With a branch in East Village, and the other in West Village, Spicy Moon serves Dan veggie noodles, Hen of the Woods bao bun, cabbage with dry peppers, Kung Pao Tofu, Szechuan Fried Rice, and more. 

Dirt Candy

Serving playful and unique vegan fare, Dirt Candy is a must-visit on 86 Allen St. Serving colorfully marinated veggies, and diverse wine, Dirt Candy offers a five-course tasting menu at ninety-five dollars. The first course includes a flaky mille-feuille made of carrot and carrot cream. The second course includes Mushroom themed Mousse, bread, Bing cherries, and morels. 

The third course is Spring Peas-based Raviolo made of Feta, lemon, and mint. The fourth course includes pickled Broccoli, fermented chilis, Tofu, and Lotus Root. 

Seitan’s Helper

Serving unprocessed vegan meat sandwiches, this famous eatery also dishes out vegan turkey sandwiches, focaccia with sauerkraut, and vegan cake. 

Handmade Deli vegan meat is served at this restaurant for dishes such as the top-selling BEC crafted with homemade maple bacon, chickpea omelet, vegan cheddar, Seitanic sauce on a potato onion roll, and roasted red pepper jam. 

We recommend the Chickie Caesar Wrap made of Seitan chicken, red onion, greens, tomato, and Caesar dressing wrapped in a tortilla.

Aunts et Uncles

The vegan cafe serves farm-to-table dishes while functioning as a clothing design store. The menu attributes to Caribbean heritage and vegan-inspired dining. The must-try vegan delicacies include the Tivoli Taco, Fruit of Heirloom Pasta, beyond meat Smash Burger, and Hearts of Palm Lobster Roll. The basic but brilliant Mac n Cheese is a crowd-puller kids and adults love. 

Delice & Sarrasin

Serving boeuf bourguignon and light and crispy crepes, D&S is a family-owned restaurant that creates vegan French delicacies. 

Indulge in Fruits de Mer, foie gras, and coq au vin, which are gluten-free and dairy-free. The other indulging dishes include Boeuf Bourguignon made of pea protein, Steak Tartare, Vegetal et Frites Maison, Vegan breaded crab cake served with Brussels sprouts, and Vegetable stew made with eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, onions, garlic & olive oil.

Wrapping Up

Enjoying Earth Day includes creating a special connection with nature, greenery, and mother earth. New York City has different ways to connect with nature and enjoy its offerings. Join Carmel Limos in protecting our planet and ensuring we do our bit toward sustainability. Happy Earth Day from the Carmel Limos Family!

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