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By: Carmel
Posted on: September 3, 2022
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Labor Day marks the annual celebration of the socio-economic achievements of the American working class. This federal holiday recognizes the many contributions of the workers to the strength, prosperity, and success of the American economy.

The Early Adoption of Labor Day

Before Labor Day was a federal holiday, the labor activists and states recognized it as a movement in 1885 and 1886 to secure state legislation after passing municipal ordinances. 

New York took the first step in introducing a bill, while Oregon passed a law on February 21, 1887, that recognized Labor Day. In 1887 Massachusetts, Colorado, New Jersey, and New York recognized Labor Day as a federal holiday, followed by Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska. 

On June 28, 1894, 23 additional states adopted the holiday, and Congress declared the first Monday in September a national legal holiday celebrated yearly.

The First Labor Day

The first Labor Day holiday was held in New York City on September 5, 1882, by the Central Labor Union plans. The second Labor Day holiday was held the next year. 

How Labor Day is Celebrated 

Many American states celebrate Labor Day with parades, picnics, special shows, parties, and other festive events. A street parade exhibiting the strength and spirit of the labor and trade organizations and the community is conducted in many states, followed by a recreational festival dedicated to workers and their families. This has become the tradition for Labor Day celebrations.

Speeches by prominent dignitaries are held with emphasis on the economic and civic prosperity of the nation. For example, at the American Federation of Labor convention in 1909, the Sunday preceding Labor Day was declared “Labor Sunday,” dedicated to the educational aspects of the labor movement.

The prime focus on this day is to create awareness, raise the standard of living, and recognize the labor movement’s contributions. 

This movement brought us closer to realizing our traditional ideals of economic democracy. Therefore, it is only appropriate that the nation pays tribute to its strength, dedication, and leadership represented by the American workers.

Labor Day in New York City

While the summer season wraps up slowly at the beginning of September each year, there is much to do for Labor Day in New York City. The host of events includes The West Indian Parade, an enthralling Yankees game, U.S. Tennis Open, Metropolitan Opera; Free Museum visits for military families, Outdoor and Indoor Concerts, Sunset cruises, and more.

The city is filled with tourists who see the West Indian Parade, striking and exciting with confetti, drums rolling, Caribbean beats, food and drinks, and crowds cheering.

Carmel Limos offers the best deals for Labor Day on our Carmel Limos mobile app. We provide group services, multipoint pickup and drop, roundtrips, hourly waiting services, and more. If you’re celebrating a special occasion that falls on Labor Day, we’ll set up the best limousine ride with Champagne, music, and other special arrangements. In this blog, we’ve curated the best things to do and look forward to for Labor Day 2022.

Labor Day NYC Parade and West Indian Parade

The vibrant West Indian traditions and culture are showcased at this Parade, also called The New York Caribbean Carnival Parade, which takes place each year for Labor Day in Brooklyn. This event celebrates Caribbean arts, traditions, food, and history with some innovative twists to enthrall the crowds.

This Parade is always held as the closing event of New York Caribbean Carnival Week, with more than three million participants. The procession starts at Schenectady Avenue, moves down Eastern Parkway at Crown Heights in Brooklyn, and finishes at the Grand Army Plaza. Over six million Americans of West Indian descent throw powder paint, conduct costume parties, and swing in coordination to Calypso tunes.

Adult and youth events showcasing the arts and music of Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Haiti, Grenada, and mainland Caribbean other countries like Guyana and Suriname happen during the New York Caribbean Carnival Week. A Farmer’s Market is set up where fresh produce can be purchased. Cuisine in Motion is a special event where Caribbean delicacies made of cassava, dasheen, eddoes (taro), yams, plantains, chicken, turkey, and ham are dished out in generous portions. Also, participate in the summer music festival with live bands performing.

At Carmel Limos, we let you join the revelry with enthusiasm and peace of mind when it comes to getting to the venue with your pals.

New York City Sightseeing Cruises

Viewing the spectacular skylines of New York City is both charming and unique during September. Visit Liberty Island or indulge in Champagne and delicacies served onboard the cruise line yacht while soaking in the warm sunlight. 

Join the dinner cruise where you can enjoy a generous spread, and get a unique perspective on the Big Apple. The cruise around New York Harbor and Manhattan offers stunning views of the city’s landmark monuments. Groove to the latest tracks onboard or enjoy some interactive games with friends.

These cruises may not offer a commuting service in the package. So instead, we’d urge you to book a Carmel Limo on our app to reach the pickup point for the cruise and get dropped home or to your hotel without the hassles of taking public transportation or a taxi.

Attend the U.S. Open and Indulge Afterwards

If you’re in for a nail-biting game of tennis, Labor Day is your chance to take a break and indulge. While Serena Williams will be retiring this year, this is your chance to watch the legend up her ante in a competitive game. 

The U.S. Open lasts until September 11, 2022, at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Then, after an exciting game, you can head to Guan Fu Szechuan for an oriental meal or White Bear for some delicious dumplings or wontons topped with diced pickled vegetables. 

The New Flushing Bakery serves the best local Portuguese egg tarts with vanilla, custard, and almond notes. Then, visit the New World Mall food court to indulge in hand-pulled noodles and other Chinese delicacies.

Take a crazy Cycleboats Ride

If you’re looking for a crazy experience, NYC Cycleboats in the New York Harbor is back where you can drink and work out (cycle) in the city’s waters on a boat. This 90-minute boozy jaunt across the water is priced at $39 per person and $649 to book the entire boat. This event inspires some Labor Day hard work with a BYOB option to enjoy the warm summer breeze and chug beer, hard seltzer, or wine and pedal away. 

The ride starts at the pedal station, where you start peddling as you would on a bike to move the boat with your collective power.

While you pedal, you get the best views of New York City’s skyline and Lady Liberty with the tempo set to party music.

When your legs get tired of peddling, you can let the crew know after a couple of beers, and they’d raise or lower the paddlewheel to adjust the boat’s speed and resistance and turn the motor to any point. Then, take a convenient ride to Surf City, Liberty Harbor Marina, or Pier 13 at Shipyard Marina in Carmel Limo with some friends you want to compete with. 

We’re offering competitive prices for group rides in an SUV or minivan. Please visit our website to know more.

Sun Sets at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a hotspot for Date Nights and musical parties. It hosts the Sun Sets weekly music series with a lineup of the city’s finest D.J.s and musicians playing the best tunes in an underground setup.

Liondub, Uklon, DJ Toribio, and others will grace the D.J. station with various rhythms, original ethnic tunes, and the latest mixes. Sun Sets is free when you buy a museum admission ticket. The crowd includes New York State residents and students from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, with admissions happening on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Sun Sets series will include Musclecars and Analog Souls performing on Friday, September 2, 2022, and Saturday, September 3, 2022, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

The museum’s B. Gerald Cantor and Iris B’s rooftop garden bars are open to give you stunning views of the city’s skyline and Central Park, with cocktails pouring and the diverse fare from Bon Appétit. Book a Carmel Limo to Met for a memorable Labor Day Weekend at the rooftop.

Spending the Day at Governor’s Island

This 172-acre oasis for recreation and cultural rejuvenation is open on Labor Day weekend. The island is made of Lexington Avenue Subway’s cast-off rocks and has a green backyard to give you a refreshing change from the city’s hustle and bustle. In addition, it’s a car-free ecological zone where cycling is allowed. 

Cycling enthusiasts can indulge in the views of the harbor in the city’s backdrop and the breathtaking Statue of Liberty standing tall. In addition, the acres of open land give the city’s residents and tourists a chance to stretch their bodies and relax with their loved ones. The island was a former military site for the Coast Guards. Since they left, Governor’s Island has been a cultural hub, the destination for arts programs, and an escape from city life. There are multiple restaurants and bars on the island and even a modern-day Italian Spa that offers Sauna and hydromassage services.

The island has thirty accommodations, including outdoor shelters, camping tents, summit, and journey shacks. You can also access a giant campfire to set the mood for a lazy weekend outing. Book a Carmel Limo today for a roundtrip to Governor’s Island at the best price in the city.

Parting Words

Celebrate your hard work with the American workers this Labor Day in New York City. But, there’s much more to enjoy and indulge in the city of dreams. 

Whether you need some cultural spark, rejuvenation, or a dance party, there’s always something for you to pick from in New York. Discover the best way to celebrate your commitments, sacrifices, and labor with Carmel Limos by your side. Happy Labor Day!

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