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By: Carmel
Posted on: February 16, 2023
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American Presidents, through the years, have been known for their astuteness and vision. Therefore, it is only obvious that a separate federal holiday is celebrated in honor of the Presidents of the United States. President’s Day is one such Day that was officially declared to celebrate the birthday of the first President of the United States, President George Washington. 

This holiday also celebrates the contributions of President Abraham Lincoln to the country. George Washington was in office from 1789 to 1797 and fondly called the ‘father of the nation,’ President Washington’s fortitude and leadership led the American military to victory at Yorktown and independence in 1781. In addition, Washington played a key role in the victory of the American Continental Army in 1783.

Below, we give you insights into President George Washington’s political timeline, which influenced his growth and achievements:

  • 1732: George Washington was born in February in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
  • 1738: Washington moved to a plantation farm near Fredericksburg, where he spent most of his youth.
  • 1743: George’s father, Augustine Washington, died when George was 11, which disrupted his formal education.
  • 1749: George Washington was appointed the surveyor of the frontier county of Culpeper. He was seventeen years old.
  • 1751-1752: George Washington traveled to Barbados hoping to cure his half-brother Lawrence’s illness. Here, George contracted smallpox and faced health challenges.
  • 1753: As a Major, George was deputed by the Governor of Virginia to the Ohio Valley to deliver a message to the French to leave the area.
  • 1754: Major Washington led 150 soldiers to the Ohio Valley to fight the French, who dominated the land. Washington and his men were forced to surrender as part of the combat. After this deep embarrassment, Washington resigned from his commission. 
  • 1755: Washington came to the Ohio frontier as a volunteer to aid General Braddock. He exhibited great courage and bravery during a battle between the French and the British. He was later recognized and promoted for his courage and given the commanding military power of Virginia.
  • 1759: On January 6, George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis and moved to Mount Vernon.
  • 1759-1775: George Washington pursued farming at Mount Vernon before the onset of the American Revolution. Mount Vernon, Washington, used different farming techniques.
  • 1775: George Washington was appointed for eight years as the commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.
  • 1783: When the American Revolution ended, Washington addressed Congress in Annapolis on December 23 and resigned. Through this action, Washington became the people’s hero.
  • 1787: Washington was unanimously elected the President of the Constitutional Convention and returned to public life.
  • 1789: George Washington won unanimously in the elections as the United States’ first president.
  • 1793: Washington’s second term as President began.
  • 1797: Washington retired from office and set a precedent that has been abided by most of Washington’s successors.  
  • 1799: George Washington died from epiglottitis in Mount Vernon on December 14.

Originally held on February 22 each year, President’s Day is celebrated all over America on the third Monday of February. Schools and public buildings remain closed, while commercial buildings remain open. Since President’s Day falls on Friday, New Yorkers look forward to the long weekend spent in the city or plan a quiet getaway near the city.

Many families in New York City resort to weekend bowling, lunch, or dinner at New York’s top restaurants or indulge in art, music, or other activities to remain engaged. Whatever your plan is for the President’s Day weekend, Carmel Limos New York is at your service. 

We’re offering great deals on airport transfers if you plan to take a short trip with your loved ones. Our multipoint pickup and drop services help customers plan customized commutes with their loved ones and are total value for money. 

If you’re planning a short trip near New York City to escape the hustle and bustle, we’re offering roundtrip services in sedans, SUVs, minivans, and other vehicle types of your choice. In addition, Carmel Limos has expanded our fleet of vehicles to support the changing needs of New Yorkers. 

This blog discusses the top places, events, and things to do for the President’s Day weekend.

Presidents’ Day Yacht Cruise around Manhattan

Celebrate this Presidents’ Day Weekend with great views, food, music, and a gala at one of Manhattan’s cruises. Hornblower’s Yacht cruise at Pier 40 is a great way to explore and marvel at the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and other iconic locations in New York City. 

The three-deck vessel is illuminated and decorated for President’s Day and offers Brunch and Dinner services.

Raise a Champagne toast or indulge in wine, the extensive dinner spread (three-course), and bottomless mimosas while gazing at the vibrant city skyline. 

Indulge in entrees like shrimp and grits, Chicken and French Toast, Liberty Cheeseburger, Beets and Burrata, and more. For the main course, binge on steaks, Risotto, your choice of fish, and more. The menu’s highlight is the New York Cheesecake, which kids and adults relish equally. 

The cruise organizers make it possible to host company/corporate events, showcases for art, fashion, music, birthday parties & private dinners on their fleet of 6 yachts. The yacht has two cocktail bars, expansive dance floors, and private seating. So call us or download the Carmel Limos app for a ride to the pier for a memorable cruise.

Brooklyn Bowl

Head to Brooklyn Bowl for a sportive bowling competition with family and friends and some delicious brunch to celebrate the President’s Day weekend. After a spinning game, gorge on fried chicken, pancakes, fried calamari, Cajun shrimp cocktails, smoked wings, Blackened Atlantic Salmon, shrimp, and grits. 

The vibrant ambiance, electric lighting, and well-maintained bowling alley make Brooklyn Bowl a bowler’s paradise.

Brooklyn Bowl is a music venue with bowling amenities and a unique food menu curated by the critically-acclaimed brand Blue Ribbon. With 16 bowling lanes offering an exciting and elevated experience, this venue is equipped with super-comfortable leather Chesterfield couches. 

Book a ride on the Carmel Limos app to visit Brooklyn Bowl with your family. 

Ripley’s Believe it or Not- Times Square

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Houses more than 500 unique and startling artifacts, in addition to interactive games and brainteasers. Designed to amaze and stun onlookers, the museum, or “odditorium,” entertains with jaw-dropping exhibits like George Washington’s long hair and Abraham Lincoln’s gigantic portrait made of coins. 

Spanning over two floors, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has twenty galleries covering artifacts from music, movies, sports, politics, fossils, and medieval torture. 

Ripley’s museum is a great place to take children and give a gala to laugh and learn about the United States presidents on President’s Day. 

Take a hassle-free ride to the museum with Carmel Limos NYC. Choose from a wide range of vehicles on our app based on your group size.

Day Trip to Niagara Falls

Experience one of the nation’s most famous sightseeing destinations and nature’s marvels by taking a day trip to Niagara Falls from Manhattan. First, see the magnificent waterfalls from different vantage points and explore Niagara Falls State Park with your friends and family. Then, spend a day marveling at the falls, take pictures behind the falls, and take the maid of the mist boat ride, which takes you close to the falls.

Since the maid of mist ride operates from May until October, we recommend viewing from the Gorge walk or Terrapin Observation Points. While you enjoy your time, leave the worry of reaching Niagara Falls to Carmel Limos, NYC. We’re offering special discounts for President’s Day roundtrips on our app. 

Day Trip to Alexandra Bay

This four-season destination resides at the heart of 1000 islands in New York and is filled with stunning natural beauty. The intriguing history and outdoor adventures here make Alexandra Bay a must-visit destination.  

You can go fishing, explore the riverwalk on a bike, or walk through the nature trails for a gala. Alexandra Bay is home to stunning scenic beauty and wineries that go hand-in-hand. We recommend visiting the museums and cruising along the bay after lunch. The crystal-clear waters are ideal for swimming and diving, while the St. Lawrence River is a Fisherman’s paradise. 

The tall castles and historical relevance of Alexandra Bay make it one of the finest destinations for the President’s Day weekend getaway. Book a Carmel Limo to Alexandra Bay and enjoy a memorable experience with your loved ones.

Quick Day Trip to Bear Mountain

Escape the city madness by heading straight to Bear Mountain, just over an hour from New York City. This state park is located on the west bank of the Hudson River on a high-rise mountain. Known for its hiking trails, Bear Mountain also has picturesque groves ideal for picnics and access to fishing and rafting on the river. 

Check in to the Bear Mountain Inn, which houses fifteen luxury rooms, a spa, and a swimming pool. Then, relish the sights and take a long and comfortable limo ride with Carmel Limos, New York, to celebrate President’s Day with family in your holiday style.

Visit the Historic Beacon

Beacon mountain is known for its Historic relevance during the American Revolution and is located at the tallest point of the Hudson Highlands. In addition to being a vantage point to warn George Washington of British troop movements, Mount Beacon is also packed with modern-day culture. The city is renowned for its arty, indie spirit that exudes hippie vibes. 

Visit the box-printing facility on the banks of the Hudson, which houses rare collections from the 1960s by artists like Walter De Maria and Dan Flavin. Beacon Mountain is only an hour and a half from New York City, which makes it a must-visit for a complete day trip adventure. 

Stay at the Swann Inn, a charming bed-and-breakfast hotel housed in an 1866 Gothic house. The uniquely decorated rooms exude retro vibes. The Red Parlor Suite at the hotel offers a romantic respite for couples who still have a Valentine’s Day hangover.

 Book a Carmel Limo on our mobile app for a comfortable and memorable ride to this breathtaking day trip destination. 


While President’s Day will always be etched in our hearts, celebrating it in and around New York brings special joy to New Yorkers. 

Carmel Limos takes pride in serving New Yorkers on special federal holidays like President’s Day and is committed to delivering a unique customer experience. 

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