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By: Carmel
Posted on: March 8, 2023
Comments Off on Changing the Clocks for Daylight Saving Time and Welcoming Spring in New York City

Fall marks shorter days, cooler weather, changing colors, and romantic vibes in New York City. But for many, autumn also means the end of Daylight Saving Time.

This period begins on the second Sunday in March at 2 am local time. The clocks spring forward an hour to cause the loss of an hour of sleep to observers. Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 am on the first Sunday in November. The clocks fall an hour back, and observers can gain an hour of sleep. 

The idea behind winding the clocks an hour ahead is to maximize sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere. As days get longer in the Spring, all the activities happen sooner than in winter. So the logic is to spring forward and fall back to make sunrises earlier and sunsets later to a work day that will have an additional hour.

While daylight saving can be disruptive for parents, nine-to-five workers, and farmers, businesses find this age-old routine beneficial.

Daylight time expands the hours of light where New Yorkers would want to go out with friends and family. Restaurants, pubs, golf courses, picnic spots, and public parks are open for longer. As a result, people can indulge in more fun activities on weekends while working longer on weekdays. 

Carmel Limos has the perfect formula for a fun Daylight Saving season. We’re providing the best deals and discounts in town for roundtrips, multipoint drop/pickup, and hourly waiting services to New Yorkers.

Now, stay as long as you like at your favorite restaurant or party venue and leave the waiting to us. Our chauffeurs will wait and drop you off at your desired location at a nominal charge. Enjoy the fresh blooms and spring colors in New York Botanical Garden, 6BC Botanical Garden, or Central Park with your kids as Spring is here. 

Carmel Limos New York City offers special rates on SUVs and minivans for families and large groups.

In addition to botanic gardens, we recommend day cruises, shopping, and indulging in great fare at the numerous world-famous cafes and eateries in New York City. Working hard and enjoying harder is our mantra during Spring in New York City, and we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their springtime goals. 

In this blog, we’ve curated the best places and things to do to spend the extra hours of your Daylight Saving time. 

Take a Walk at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Spanning over 52 acres of lush green space, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is housed in a climate-controlled conservatory with plant life from three temperate zones. 

These gardens are devoted to flora and fragrances mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays. The Zen Japanese Garden gives a tranquil place for a peaceful day, while the rock garden is surrounded by colorful rocks that deck up the place. 

The Sakura Matsuri Festival welcomes Spring when the bloom of more than 70 trees is celebrated in the Cherry Esplanade. The serene Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden is lined with primroses and crocuses in a decorative design mentioned to lure crowds. Head to the Visitor’s Center, where the green roof has forty-five thousand plants. The Yellow Magnolia Café at the gardens is dedicated to serving vegetarian-friendly dishes that are green-conscious and animal-friendly. 

The café serves the best morning treats like Cinnamon Rolls and scones and all-season brews like Cappuccino, Macchiato, espresso, and Café Au Lait. Try the fruit-infused iced tea or fresh-squeezed lemonade if you’re not into coffee.

Download the Carmel Limo mobile app to get to this venue and book a vehicle suitable for your group size, from a sedan to a minibus. If you plan to surprise someone or propose to your partner at the garden, make it memorable with one of our top-rated limousine services with champagne, music, etc.

Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden

The Orchid Show that transports onlookers to a dreamland of colors happens yearly at the New York Botanical Garden. Floral decorator Jeff Leatham curates the most stunning spectacle each year to transform the spellbinding conservatory. 

On display are spectacular and rare orchids in iconic designs, which become a photographer’s fantasy. More than 30,000 varieties of orchids are displayed, which are natives of Southeast Asia and China. 

Phalaenopsis or moth orchids are the season’s highlight and can be found in their pink and white versions. Take your family to a fun-filled garden visit and take memorable pictures at the New York Botanical Garden. 

You can stroll along the orchid-lined walkways and take Instagram-worthy pictures with the iconic backdrop. Then, explore the beauty and benefits of Orchids in their prime while being mesmerized by the colorful landscape at the Botanical Garden. 

We recommend taking a Carmel Limo to the venue for half a day since exploring the garden could take over 3 hours. 

Witness the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Indulge in Irish Culture

Another event to enjoy the longer daytime is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which happens on March 17 every year. This Irish celebration for Saint Patrick has New Yorkers with roots in Ireland teaching their American counterparts how to party hard. The epic parade has drums rolling, divas dancing, and confetti flying through the air.

The Irish people bring back their pride to Manhattan’s streets with the parade marching along the St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. The parade starts on 44th Street and marches to 80th Street at the American Irish Historical Society. It starts at 11 am and finishes around 5 pm, perfect during Daylight Saving time. 

Head to the Irish Arts Center at 51st Street after the parade to enjoy Irish hospitality, culture, food, and entertainment. The uniqueness of this day includes engaging in Irish folk music at the theatre and the Irish community at large. In addition, our top-rated waiting services are ideal if you want a car at your disposal for a day-long event like St. Patrick’s Day.

Women’s History Month

New York has many events in March when clocks turn due to Daylight Savings. In March, the city celebrates International Women’s Day and strong and courageous women. In addition, the city has become host to talk shows, comedy shows, musicals, theatres, and more —The lady-led affairs in town mark National Women’s History Month, which began in 1987. 

If you’re a woman (or a man who enjoys women-centric events), Women’s History Month is to enjoy movie screenings, parties, and interesting panels in the city. This year’s theme is celebrating storytelling among women. It celebrates and promotes countless women who use their voices and creativity to tell stories that inspire, educate and elevate audiences worldwide.

Women’s contributions and achievements will be highlighted at the Women’s History Museum, from oratory traditions to written works. The events happening in March include:

  • March 05: Discussion with Professor Tamika Y. Nunley on her book At the Threshold of Liberty, which has won several awards for discussing the struggles of Afro-American women.
  • March 12: Conversation with Professor Alison Parker on the History of Black Feminism.
  • March 15: Discussion with author Vanessa Brantley-Newton on her book Brave Girls Virtual Storytime.
  • March 30: Black Feminist DC Exhibition opening night.

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise in Manhattan

One of the most romantic engagements in New York City, whether Daylight Saving time or not, is to enjoy a dinner cruise. A comfortable boat ride gives you first-hand views of the glorious springtime skyline. You can see daylight and the sun slowly dunking into the blue skyline as the city lights come alive. March offers the perfect weather and the opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner cruise or photo session on deck.

Enjoy a buffet-style dinner with fresh catch and New York’s iconic Cheesecake to top it off. Then, cruise by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and look at the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building while sipping champagne. Live music onboard will lift your spirits after a long workday. 

The Bateaux is one of the famous cruise providers. However, you can find other service providers online to suit your requirements. Book a Carmel Limo New York City for a ride up to your pier, where the cruise boat departs. Try our multipoint services on the Carmel App if you plan to enjoy the cruise with friends or family members. 

Attend the Tribeca Film Festival

Movie buffs look forward to the Daylight Saving season. Why? Because of the opportunity to attend the Tribeca Film Festival. Robert De Niro founded this refreshing and engaging festival in 2002 to help the people in the Tribeca neighborhood overcome the September 11 attacks. The economic downfall and burn caused by the attacks were tremendous at the time.

Over six hundred films, short films, podcasts, and games are screened annually, with artists awarded in 23 categories. The attendance includes 150,000 audiences, including celebrities and artists from around the country. 

You can buy tickets or an all-access pass to attend all the events across the city. Book one of our stylish Limousines to give the classic Red Carpet appearances at the Tribeca Film Festival. Alternatively, book one of our sedans or SUVs to attend the Film Festival in style and on time. 

Visit Governor’s Island

Located at the heart of New York Harbor, the expansive and verdant Governor’s Island spans over 172 acres. Dotted with historic buildings, art installations, educational facilities, and a National Monument, Governor’s Island is one of the best day trip getaways from New York City. Known for its spectacular picnic spots, this park is a biker’s paradise that offers some of the best Lower Manhattan views. The Statue of Liberty is also visible from the island and makes for a spectacular springtime backdrop.

Taking a ferry from either Manhattan or Brooklyn is highly recommended to reach Governor’s Island. 

We suggest opting for roundtrip ferries that drop passengers to the pier. Unfortunately, Governor’s Island is only open for Spring, and Daylight Saving is pulling in crowds from all over the city, especially during weekends. Carmel Limousines can help you get to the ferry port on time and enjoy a scenic ride.

Long Island Wine Tasting Trip

If you enjoy wine and a visit to the vineyard, Long Island is the best place to visit from New York City. Spring is the perfect season to wander the vineyards, learn how wine is made, and taste homegrown wine. Some of the top-rated wineries include McCall, Macari, and Sparling Pointe. 

An hour’s drive from Manhattan, Long Island is accessible by road. Spend a day at the winery while soaking in scenic views along the way in a Carmel Limousine.

Wrapping up

While you turn the clocks, remember to visit your favorite places around New York City to welcome the spring season. Carmel Limos is always at your service to create beautiful memories in March. 

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