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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: December 19, 2015

This season is all about tradition, whether that tradition is universally shared, unique, or personal. Some traditions come and go, other last through the ages. Of course, a tradition that is always at the ready is your Carmel ride to your travel destination!

The reasons some traditions live and some die is as varied as the traditions themselves. One tradition that has seen better days is the Christmas card. Even just a generation or two ago, it was customary to send a card to extended family, to friends, co-workers, and even casual acquaintances. One could expect a barrage of cards in return, with glitter snow-scapes and smiling family pictures in every envelope. Even from the most casual of acquaintance, receiving a card of well wishes was just part of the season. Much like a generic “Happy Birthday” on Facebook from someone you met once and haven’t seen in five years.

Yet, as with many things, the rise of the internet seems to be the fall of the Christmas card. eCards were the hot and new thing to do, overtaking the traditional, physical post. And why not, they were cheaper, easier, and faster… much like Carmel is compared to the competition. (Bam! Quality product placement! Didn’t see it coming!) Though, even the eCard was a fad to fade into obscurity as quickly as it had come. This has left a generation of young adults without the tradition of yuletide communication. Maybe there will be a Christmas text, but that doesn’t have the glitter, the pictures, the generic sentiment inside! But so few letters are sent amongst millennial, it is no wonder that Christmas cards would not have a place in the modern American household.

There must have been a time when requesting someone’s address was a natural, necessary, and welcomed question. If you ask for an address today, one is met with great suspicion. Very rarely will someone freely and willingly give his or her address without asking “Why?” and “What for?” as if you are planning to do something nefarious with the information.

Still, some soldier on with the yearly event, out of both duty and desire. For those that are the recipients of these tiny, yet thoughtful, moments of holiday joy stuffed into their mailboxes, it is always a welcome sight. What person receives a card with hatred and malice? Only Ebenezer Scrooge would think of being offended by such a delightful festive trifle.

Maybe this tradition will stay, maybe it will go, but for those sending and receiving cards, it is just another part of this magical season.

There is still time to send out your Christmas post, but make sure you’re at the post office on the double. Call Carmel, we will get you there fast for all your holiday mailing!

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