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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: June 3, 2014

Today’s ground transportation market has seen an influx of buzz words aiming primarily at the consumer. Quick words like app, ridesharing, group rides, and some others all are innovative ways of introducing new methods of service in providing the customer with easier, quicker, and more manageable methods of securing travel. But what about the transportation environment as a whole?

In every scenario there is an entire environment to be considered and it is equally important to stay ahead of the industry on all matters. After all, the market can only be enhanced if the ingenuity is happening on all fronts of the transportation industry. The question needing asking and inquiry is what is happening within transportation? Some really fascinating things that we will be sharing with you in the next few blogs.

Engineers are looking at innovative ways to cut down on traffic related costs and secure roadways. One method of testing used in the Netherlands has been testing glow in the dark roadways to replace street lights that may be faulty and costly.The glow is created by mixing photo-luminescing powder with road paint. The paint charges by day and illuminates by night. In its initial phases, the road paint tested very successfully, saving some 600k in energy costs. But shortly thereafter began to fade during inclement weather like rain and snow. Another viable option being tested is solar paneling, and this method show’s a lot of promise. Solar energy is simple but reaps in its benefits by far!

Solar panels use energy they collect to power elements to heat things up and this can be used in a variety of ways.  Using LED lights, solar panels can manipulate images and traffic indicators to oncoming traffic to warn drivers of upcoming weather conditions, accidents, and increase visibility when driving at night. Since the panels are heated, they can evaporate rain and melt snow quickly lowering any and all costs associated with clean up and travel. And we wont even go into suggestions as to where that money can be placed. Also consider that as an energy source, paneling can be used to assist in other segments of transportation like charging electric cars and reducing the reliance on gas! Its also a really good investment in creating jobs!

This is definitely a win-win!

At Carmel Car & Limousine Service we are making a conscious effort to educate ourselves in all things transportation. Better knowledge equates to better service and with relationships with affiliates and passengers on the rise we feel it only comes with the territory. Happy Sharing!

Need a Ride, Just Carmel It! We’ll Be there for you!

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