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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: November 23, 2020
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Thanksgiving night is one of the busiest after Christmas. Amidst the pandemic, people would still move around to spend the evening with their family and friends.

This year, airports would not necessarily be busy. There would still be travellers coming in or traveling out of NYC.

The night before Thanksgiving should also be accounted for when not everyone would be laying low. This is the time when cab services around the city may be running low on drivers’ supply.

Carmel Limos NYC takes special care to ensure that rides are booked in advance and available throughout Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 

We also ensure that trips are planned well so that there is no shortage of limos during this busy time. This Thanksgiving weekend, we’re encouraging safe choices and gearing up to reduce the rate of drunk driving and improve street safety.

Here are the reasons driver supply could be lower and what we avoid at Carmel Limousines.

Most part-time or full-time drivers are off the road spending time with family – We ensure that full-time or part-time drivers are committed to duty and available for business with a little planning.

The week leading up to this is slow for business except for spurts of the airport or local runs – At Carmel, we cater to airport transfers, essential local commutes, and long-distance drives at special discounted rates. We make Trips of any Kind Safe and Easy. Reserve a limo on the Carmel app for a hassle-free ride.

Most drivers don’t prefer driving the night before a family holiday – Ours do because they understand the importance of our customers reuniting with their families and staying on-the-move.

Make a Reservation to Avoid Confusion

While the surge in demand is unpredictable in New York, we always recommend an online reservation or booking on the Carmel app in advance. Some of the reasons why the demand for cabs would be higher include:

  • It’s the only night of the year before Christmas when reconnecting with hometown / high-school friends and family is common because of tradition.
  • Many people may still travel in/out (by air or road) to catch up with family and friends.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to go out and get a drink, shop, or hang out with friends.
  • Attractive season’s discounts from retailers would encourage more shopping (though limited by the pandemic).
  • Many people may get drunk during the holidays, and vigilance by the cops is pepped up looking for drunk drivers.
  • Thanksgiving welcomes the real Holiday season.
  • Social Distancing will require a limited number of persons in a vehicle, which may induce booking a cab for a larger group, especially if children are included.
  • Cabs may be booked alternatively for package and food deliveries because of food delivery vehicle shortages making them less available for the human commute.

The Week Leading up to Thanksgiving

Airport Activity

Because of the pandemic situation, airports in and around New York may be less crowded during this time. Cabs or airport limos would be engaged in taking people to the airport or picking them up from the airport. 

The traffic would increase every day (though lesser than the previous years) leading up to Thanksgiving. 

If you’re traveling by flight from or to New York or are unsure of getting a ride back home, we recommend booking a Carmel limo on our app in advance. Rest assured that all our vehicles are completely sanitized, and our drivers follow social distancing protocols.

The no-contact services from Carmel are top-listed in New York and around the world.

Our drivers always arrive on time to avoid long waits during these uncertain times.

City Traffic and Suburbs

While there’s never a dull moment in NYC, the evenings before Thanksgiving could mean crowding near malls and shopping areas.

While most people have opted-in to work from home, others still need to get to work. The recent presidential elections would have sparked some excitement in New Yorkers who would want to get out and about even before Thanksgiving to avoid the holiday crowds.

The Suburban areas would also have people moving in and out during this time since many families would celebrate the holidays at home.

Whether you wish to go around the city or visit the suburbs, we at Carmel help you do that in style in our luxury limos. You could also do a round-trip or visit multiple destinations by selecting the Carmel app’s right options and filters.

Remember, we never compromise our ETA because that’s what fuels our success when it comes to customer experience. We also do not charge a cancellation fee in the good spirit of the holiday.

What to expect on Thanksgiving Day?

Drunk drivers  Some people may still prefer driving while intoxicated. We understand that Thanksgiving is synonymous with Drinksgiving, but safety is our top priority.

In a Carmel Limo, you will be safe and in the hands of the most experienced and disciplined drivers. They know the city/suburbs’ pulse with drunk people around and would drive you around with complete safety.

No cab when you need it the most – It would be a nightmare if you don’t get a cab curbside when you’ve just exited a mall or a departmental store. While you may have bought a year’s supply of flat screens, groceries, home products, and whatnot.

Booking a Carmel limo will give you a convenient pickup and a lot of room for your merchandise. Our drivers will wait while you finish your shopping and help you load the items in the vehicle while social distancing is maintained.

They will also understand if you have a change of plans or want to cancel.

Pub-hopping – While this is a tradition, you may find it challenging to find reservations in a bar during the holidays, or the restaurant may cancel your reservations in the end momentYou could always rely on our drivers for better recommendations or play along with a cancelation and change of venue.

Recommended Bars and Pubs for Thanksgiving

There is no shortage of exciting bars in New York City to unwind and relax before you get into the Thanksgiving mood.

Here are the top picks from the most sought-after watering holes in the city.

Brass Monkey

Located on 52 Little West 12th St, Brass monkey’s impressive beer list and engaging Irish staff make up for a perfect night out. With three bars located on two floors and a rooftop area, social distancing and sanitization are taken seriously here.

The rustic interiors give you warm vibes, in addition to some excellent comfort food and exquisite concoctions as winter sets in.

Book a Carmel Limo to notch up your luxury quotient and arrive in style for a perfect evening.

The 13th Step

This no-frills sports bar is the perfect venue for fun galore. Boasting 32 HD flat screens, the 13th Step has a 34-foot bar as its show stopper. This bar is a drink and sports haven to grab a beer and watch an exciting game with friends before heading to meet the family for the rest of the weekend. Get a Carmel ready in advance to drive you to 49 2nd Avenue for a delightful evening.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

This iconic bar has been serving up oyster delicacies for over a century. What better way to kick-start your holidays than to immerse yourself in some good oyster treats and martini? You have lobster rolls and other seafood delicacies available if oysters are not your thing. 

If you happen to pass through Grand Central on your way home, you’d be missing out on a great relish if you miss a stop at one of New York’s best oyster bars.

Mr. Purple

Chambered atop hotel Indigo, this bar offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the city’s skyline. This Lower East Side bar on 180 Orchard Street is noted for its living room-style casual ambiance with long communal tables and comfy couches.

With a smorgasbord of concoctions to choose from, raise a toast with friends and co-workers to the coming holiday. 

Whether it is a quick catch up with the gang or a celebration for a work achievement, Carmel will drive you to Mr. Purple in our stylish limos.


A freelancer’s haven, Freehold is known for its uber-cool and modern ambiance for the working crowd and the entrepreneurs. With a gamut of indoor games, this place is spruced up with the right lighting and music to make drinking with friends all the more divine. Wednesdays mean half-off on the wine menu (something to be thankful for), which is good news to your gang of girls.

Don’t miss the Waterbury Royale, a tastefully curated blend of vodka, watermelon, and sparkling wine that serves twelve.

The best part of Freehold is that you get to enjoy Thanksgiving in Brooklyn by skipping the crowd in Manhattan.

Grab a Carmel and head straight to Freehold to unwind and relax before the holidays begin.

Wrapping up

Whether you’re visiting New York for the holidays or heading home, looking forward to a fun night -out with your gang, or looking for a love connection, Carmel is here at your service.

Happy & Safe Thanksgiving from the Carmel Family!

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