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By: Carmel
Posted on: April 21, 2021
Comments Off on Going Green and being Grateful to Mother Nature on Earth day with Carmel Limos NYC

While we celebrate so many special days in a year, why not take a day to restore Mother Earth?

Earth Day is the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began on April 22, 1970.

The Earth Day theme for 2021 is ‘Restore Our Earth,’ and everything on this day will be about reducing environmental footprint and taking every possible action to fix the damage that we’ve already done.

This includes the burgeoning rate of carbon emissions, deforestation, global warming, and more.

The origins of Earth Day lie in NYC, and the city celebrates the day with a lot of enthusiasm.

We’re happy that we still have many green places in New York City, and it’s time we preserved them for our future generations. With Carmel Limos NYC, you can safely travel to the most scenic and serene green expanses in the city to be a part of the event. 

It surely will make you feel rejuvenated and reconnected to the mother earth. 

In this article, we have picked the top 5 green places in NYC to celebrate Earth Day. Let’s begin the journey.

The Significance of Earth Day

April 22, 1970. Marked this glorious day to be grateful for the abundance showered on humanity by Mother Nature. On this day, 20 million Americans (10% of the total US population) had hit the streets to protest against environmental damage and ignorance. US Senator Gaylord Nelson led the rally, and as a result, earth conservation was considered a severe issue and a national concern.

It was after 20 years of constant support by activists that Earth Day was recognized globally. 

Gradually, people came to know about the significance of Earth Day and how it got its prominence. In 2016, several countries that were present at the Paris Climate Conference agreed to the legal agreement of the Climate Deal and responsible participation in preventing damages to the planet and its natural resources.

Earth Day is the largest global-civic event that calls for swift action to deal with pollution, industrial toxicity like oil spills, waste disposal, etc. This year, we celebrate 51 years of Earth Day.

Why Reducing Carbon Footprint is Necessary and How Carmel Limos is contributing to Green Initiatives?

Carbon footprint depicts the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions made of carbon dioxide by an organization or industry, community, or even a country.

It is the increasing carbon footprint or the emission of greenhouse gases leading to climate change and global warming. This is causing snow caps to melt and increasing the water flow levels in low lands.

Countries surrounded by the sea are in grave danger of being submerged underwater because of the increasing sea levels.

Tropical countries are getting hotter while annual rains and floods are increasing in many nations.

Here’s the list of reasons why reducing carbon footprint has become a necessity.

1. Impact on Environment

Increasing carbon footprint has several adverse effects on the environment. It has led to rising temperatures and changing climatic conditions. Consequently, plants and vegetation are being affected negatively. Many of them are becoming extinct.

This is killing the animals dependent on them. 

Rising sea levels, deforestation, and urbanization are causing global temperatures to rise. This is consequently resulting in erosion of shorelines, increasing natural disasters, and destruction of ecosystems. There is also a possibility of coastal towns and cities being displaced by rising sea levels.

2. Impact on Wildlife

Climate change is taking place at an expedited rate. It is difficult for wildlife to adapt to this unforeseen change in their habitat conditions. Because of increasing temperatures, as vegetation shifts and weather patterns change, it threatens the wildlife as they’re unable to cope. 

3. Impact on Human Health

We are increasing health risks by increasing carbon footprints. Women and children involved in agricultural work are mainly at risk. An increase in malnutrition has been observed due to the adverse effects of climatic change on food crops. Different regions are suffering from crop damage due to droughts, floods, and other natural disasters. 

4. Impact on Economy

Economies depending on natural resources are mainly at a loss. This is because the industries like fishing, agriculture, seafood like the lobster industry suffer from a reduction in catches and increased damage of crops. Moreover, rising ocean temperatures threaten the existence of coral reefs, which is a $375 billion p.a. industry.

With the reasons being clear as to why reducing carbon footprints is essential, let’s see how Carmel Limousines is helping reduce the negative impact.

Carmel Limos NYC helps customers carpool using our cab services on the Carmel app. 

It ensures reduced carbon footprints through eco-friendly fuel consumption, service adjustments like avoiding short trips, reducing the number of bookings during rush hours, constant awareness messages and notifications on the Carmel app, proper & regular cab maintenance, and conducting stringent emission tests to comply with government regulations. 

Carmel Limos makes every possible effort to reduce the carbon footprint in NYC and keep the environment greener.

Where to Celebrate Earth Day 2021 in NYC?

Whether you’re in NYC or have just arrived at one of the city’s airports, you’re just in time for the Earth Day celebrations. 

Get a premium, fully-sanitized Carmel Limos cab to get to your destination from the airport and get ready to participate in the Earth Day events.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Destinations to enjoy Earth Day this year in NYC. 

1. Witness the Exotic Orchid Show

Live a while in the dreamy world of orchids to witness nature’s beauty at The New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show. It is one of the best shows in NYC and has been running for 18 years to get better with each passing year. This year’s show is titled- The Orchid Show: Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope, and you can experience the bountiful and hypnotic floral designs reminiscing the look through a kaleidoscope. 

Reach The New York Botanical Garden at Bronx Park with your most reliable partner- Carmel Limousine New York. Avail Carmel Limos NYC’s point-to-point pick-up and drop service to enjoy a safe, sound, and beautiful evening.

2. Explore the Gorgeous Flower Show at Macy’s

How about a flower show at one of the city’s best departmental stores? 

Yes. You heard that right. You can witness Macy’s Flower Show at Macy’s Herald Square along with hundreds of New Yorkers as well as out-of-towners. Flock together with them to explore the drop-dead gorgeous flower arrangements at the display. 

Whether you’re a resident or not, the best way to reach Macy’s Flower Show is through Carmel Limo services in New York. Book a cab and reach your destination. Oh! Did we mention Carmel Limos’ waiting services? You can avail of it for a single pick-up and drop.

3. Celebrate Art at Frieze New York

Thanks to Frieze New York, you can enjoy art and nature at the same time. Give a visit to the art fair at Randall Island to get a different experience altogether. The art fair is arranged under a huge tent, and you can see magnificent artworks from around 200 art galleries. 

Reaching Randall’s Island is not as difficult as you think. Book a Carmel Limos that are full-sanitized, luxurious, and enjoy your journey to Randall’s. You can also get Carmel Limos’ round-trip service to ensure a hassle-free ride.

4. Visit Shakespeare in the Park

No, we didn’t mean to meet Shakespeare in the Park but enjoy one of the most popular activities in the city. The Public Theater produces Shakespeare in the Park every summer at the open-air Delacorte Theater in Central Park. There’s nothing like experiencing Shakespeare’s ever-green words performed against a backdrop of natural landscapes and the emerging Belvedere Castle.

Take a ride to Central Park with Carmel Limos’ safe and eco-friendly cab services and be a part of NYC’s favorite tradition. Also, don’t forget to carry your masks!

5. Take a Walk Amidst the Cherry Blossoms

Every year NYC residents and tourists witness the Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the event has been canceled this year. 

However, you can still enjoy a quiet day surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful cherry blossoms, minus the festival cheers.

Get a Carmel Limos to the destination. Book a round trip or take the waiting services and spend a day at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Walk along with the pink popping flowers, take a guided tour, click Instagram-worthy pictures, eat at a nearby café and shop for trees, shrubs, and flowers at the Garden Shop. Wouldn’t it be a perfect Earth Day celebration?

If you can, try to plant more trees around where you live in New York City. Our children need them.

Let’s End the Journey on a Promising Note

It doesn’t matter if you’re a New Yorker or you’re just in for a tour. Being a part of the Earth Day celebrations is a must.

Book a safe and hygienic ride to the recommended spots with Carmel Limousines and spend some quality time.

Also, keep in mind about the pandemic, and remember to carry your masks and sanitizers!

Carmel wishes you a Safe and Happy Earth Day!

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