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By: Lauren cafrelli
Posted on: November 15, 2015

So much is being said an analyzed about the recent terror attacks in Paris and Beirut. Facts are slowly found out and pieced together as the world grieves the immense loss. It is never easy in the days that follow such a shock. What to do? What to think?

Still, even as the facts are gathered, it is always difficult to answer the “why.” Of course both attacks were perpetrated by terrorists with an ideology that directly opposes any differing way of life, particularly the Western way of life, the Parisian way of life. But why this need to kill, it is something that is more likely to be understood militarily than emotionally. On a very base level, humans just want to live their lives, no matter their ethnicity, nationality, or religion.

ISIL is indiscriminate in their killing. It is senseless and will not be understood. But their very core beliefs are unsustainable. No extremism can last. Moderation will prevail, and the world that is coming together with the French people will prevail. There is a universal understanding that this needless violence must end. There is hope in the air. Air that is also so heavy with grief and pain.

Life has been forever altered for so many people as so many lives were ruthlessly taken. The world stands with France. There has to be hope. Terrorists thrive on fear, and they will be met with only hope.

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