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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: June 6, 2020
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This Saturday, June 6, 2020, is special for us. It’s because we’re celebrating Carmel Day to rejoice our 40+ years of legacy and show solitude to our drivers who have been working relentlessly to serve customers during these tough times.

As a car and limo service that used to focus mainly on airport trips, we’ve come a long way and diversified our business into on-demand ride-hailing, special occasions services, party services, group services, full-day ride services, and more.

We have expanded our operations that were only based out of New York earlier. Now, we serve more than 150 cities in the United States and 300 major cities around the world.

Carmel Limousine NYC dispatches 1200 drivers in New York City alone. This explains how we have successfully networked with skilled drivers not only in New York City but also worldwide.

What keeps us going is our greater understanding of what customers want and our strategic planning in rolling out innovative and budget-friendly services.

Carmel has been very instrumental in leveraging technology to benefit customers and drivers through the Carmel mobile app. Our app is another reason to celebrate since we’ve been able to serve thousands of customers seamlessly and promptly with the tap of a button on their phones.

We’re no less when it comes to deals and offers. Carmel Limo New York has partnered with the leading retail brands to provide deals, offers, and discount coupons to customers, which they can use for the services they avail.

On Carmel Day, we’re celebrating all the right reasons that make Carmel Limousines the most popular ride-hailing service in New York and other parts of the world.


In the late ’70s, Avik Kabessa founded his own car service company called Sinai. In 1985, he partnered with Aviv Baran’s Carmel Car Services (the name Carmel was kept), a 6-year-old company. Avik himself was involved in the business and briefly worked behind the wheels. Avik is the CEO of Carmel Car Service since 2002.

Over the years, Carmel was expanded by Avik to 320 locations worldwide. Once exclusive to the tri-state area, Carmel established itself as an international company.

Our Services

In addition to airport transfers for customers in luxurious limos, Carmel offers vehicles for hire, sedans, shuttles, luxe limousines, party buses, and select occasion vehicles. We also provide unique add-ons if requested by the client like flowers, balloons, music, and more for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.

Our Key Differentiators

Great Team

Being in the business for so long is a sign that we must be doing something right.

Many of our drivers in New York have more than 20 years of experience in the business. Carmel hires only the most competent drivers to do business with. We perform stringent driver screenings to ensure that they are cordial, have excellent driving skills, and are compassionate towards customers.

The same holds good for our customer services department, IT team, operations team, and our innovative marketing team. Together we have achieved great feats in the ride-hailing business.

Hygiene and Safety

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard, Carmel Limos followed strict health and safety measures. We’ve also had safety features installed on the Carmel app like ride tracking that helps your loved ones keep track of where you are.

Hygiene-wise, currently, Carmel drivers are required to follow the strict COVID-19 protocol in accordance with NYC Taxi and Limousine commission instructions


  • All our drivers are instructed to wear a mask.
  • They are advised to wash their cars at least once a day and keep hand sanitizers handy in the car.
  • Drivers must sanitize all contact surfaces before picking up and after dropping off a customer.
  • They have to follow strict social-distancing measures with customers and other drivers to reduce the risk of exposure.
  • Even for the food delivery and package drop-off services, the drivers have to follow strict social distancing norms.

Here are the preventive steps that Carmel Limo drivers have to follow.

  • Only the driver is allowed to open and close the vehicle doors for customers.
  • Once opening the door, the driver is to move aside and leave at least six feet of distance from the customers to allow them to get into or out of the car.
  • Only the driver must open and close the trunk of the car allowing customers to place their luggage. The driver can also offer help with the luggage while having gloves on and doing it in the most protected manner if requested by the customer.
  • The drivers have to comply with strict instructions of not facing or talking to customers face-to-face before, during, and after the ride service for better safety.

We ensure that customers follow safety and hygiene measures as much as we do. We solicit the following from customers.

  • Please allow drivers to do their duty so that your safety and protection is upheld
  • Avoid touching any surfaces as much as possible 
  • Please wear a mask and put on a mask for your children above 7 years of age
  • Kindly avoid touching your face, and please keep a hand sanitizer handy or request the driver for the hand sanitizer in the car.
  • Please avoid anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms to join you for the ride. This will ensure that other passengers using the vehicle for future trips are safe.

Service Quality

This is the topmost priority at Carmel, and we ensure that it is never compromised. Right from bookings on the app, to ride tracking, communicating with drivers, pickup, trips, airport transfers, meet and greet, and drop-off, we ensure that the best-in-class service is offered to our customers. 

The Carmel app offers easy bookings and sends out notifications regarding your rides. Our customer support team monitors the quality of trips and driver behavior by taking your comments, complaints, and suggestions seriously. 

Our customer support team is customer-friendly and responsive to queries and concerns. They help customers tackle different drivers (which is rare with Carmel) and help them efficiently during emergencies.

We offer premium services for limo rides, which include exclusive and complimentary services to pamper customers like never before. 

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had offered special services at discounted prices and the highest levels of safety to healthcare workers, doctors, working professionals, and customers who had to be united with their loved ones in other cities. While our competitors we running short of vehicles, Carmel ensured that our customers were not left stranded.

We even helped many customers get to hospitals during this emergency and were available as bystanders so that our services could be availed at any time.

Prearranged (Advance) Reservation

At Carmel, we believe smart planning is smart living. While we all love on-demand services (pickup from anywhere), the Coronavirus has taught us that planning is the wisest way to go. Thus, we urge our customers to make prior reservations for all our services so that you have a comfortable ride available for you when you need it.

You tell us when you need the car by booking online or on the Carmel app, and we’ll inform the driver to keep the vehicle sanitized, clean, and proper for your service.

We have also extended the expiration dates for the special recovery discounts that we’re offering.

Here are the details of the offers applicable in the USA only.

  • For trips to/from work, we’re giving $ 4 off. Use the coupon code – ESSENTIAL.
  • For trips to/from the airport, we’re giving $ 6 off. Use the coupon code – AIRPORT.
  • For trips over $160, we’re giving $ 25 off. Use the coupon code – ALTFLY.

This only applies to reservations made online at or on the Carmel App.

This offer expires on August 1, 2020. The steps to use the coupon codes include:

  • While booking online, go to Payment information -> “I’m using a Digital Discount” and enter the relevant coupon code.
  • When using the Carmel app, Go to Menu, click on “Use Referral Code,” and enter the code.
  • You can use each coupon code only once for a customer account.

Carmel’s dispatch system has been adjusted to send trip notifications to drivers beforehand so that they have enough time to clean and sanitize their cars. This gives you extra confidence to ride in our vehicles and avail of our services.

You also don’t have to adjust your pickup time due to last-minute changes in the plan. Other service providers don’t see to it that their drivers wait for you, but we do.

You have 15 minutes or free waiting time, after which the driver will not leave when you request him/her to wait.


We certainly hope that Carmel Limo NYC has given you enough reasons to smile and get to places on-time. Team Carmel thanks you for your patronage and will always continue to serve you with passion and gratitude.

On Carmel Day, we’d like to reflect on how our customers and our teams have supported us in this great achievement.

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