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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: July 3, 2020
Comments Off on Here’s how you can make the 4th of July Memorable in New York by visiting these Festive Places 

Every year, when summertime comes by, New York City offers yet another day of spectacular celebrations on the 4th of July, a day of freedom and celebration.

This day marks the time when NYC is inundated with millions of tourists who love catching a glimpse of the grand parades and taking a bite of the famous 4th of July pies and other delicacies in the Big Apple.

This summer will be different because of the COVID-19 outbreak. But, the American spirit never dies when it comes to celebrating the 244th Independence Day Anniversary with fireworks, drinks, barbeque, and music.

Carmel Limos NYC is helping New Yorkers get around safely, even during these restricted times. We ensure that our vehicles are entirely sanitized and ready for celebrations.

Another aspect we usually cover every year is reducing the rising drink and drive cases in NYC, which leads to fatal accidents.

Our cab services in New York can be booked on the Carmel App if you plan to meet up with friends or visit the thriving pubs in the city for a couple of drinks. Our drivers will make sure that you and your gang reach home safe and sound. They will also wait on you if you’re concerned about the availability of cabs on the 4th of July weekend.

We understand that this year is going to be a little different and subtle when it comes to celebrations. However, we believe that every 4th of July calendar must be marked with the following events and celebrations. So, are you ready to rock your red, white, and blue?

Watch Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacle

Macy’s signature fireworks that last for twenty-five minutes showcase a traditional pyrotechnic extravaganza every year. Watch New York’s skyline light up in an array of colors in honor of Independence Day with your friends and loved ones.

These breath-taking festivities are innovated every year and don’t end here. An exciting lineup of live performances in different genres from the country’s best musical talent also never fails to entertain the crowds swarming the various locations covered by this event around the city.

Ensure that you book a Carmel cab to be driven to any of these locations on time with your gang of fireworks lovers. 

Hotdogs Anybody?

If you like hotdogs, you could be a bystander and take a bite at a local hotdog stand. But, if you’re mad about hot dogs, then Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is where you can showcase some excellent skills.

Be warned that this event is not for the faint-hearted or those with a grumpy tummy. This one-of-a-kind eating event lets you discover your gut strength, grit, and test your love for hotdogs. Competitive eaters devour about 70-80 hotdogs each year (with the loudest burps the following suit).

Contestants from all over the world gear up and bring their A-game to the table each year. Hotdog lover or not, never miss this spectacle, which is as adrenalin-pumping as skydiving (and we’re not making this up). Book your Carmel Limo today on the Carmel Mobile App and head straight to Coney Island, where anything is possible.

Travis 4th of July Parade

This parade has been an unbroken tradition for years rather than a parade. Rain or shine, the Travis parade is where the show goes on. The parade flag-off ceremony is held at noon at the Showplace Center. It takes the route down Victory Boulevard between Wild and Melvin Avenues, onto Cannon Avenue, before looping back to where it started.

On the 110th parade, 141 E Service Road, Staten Island is where the parade steps off. This year the parade will go on with some social distancing being put into practice.

The parade will only feature members of the committee being driven in separate vehicles, accompanied by politicians rather than walking and engaging with onlookers.

According to the organizers, the Showplace parking lot will not allow for parking this year. 

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway beach is the most sought-after beaches near New York that is touted to be the most family-friendly 4th of July destinations. Celebrate a breezy walk with your loved ones and binge on some lip-smacking delicacies at Rockaway.

If you don’t wish to take the A train down to the Queens coast, count on one of our luxury rides to bask in the glory of the warm summer sun. Visit the grub point at Rippers, located on the Rockaway boardwalk, and take some Instagram-worthy shots along the pristine ocean expanse.

We will drop you safely at Boardwalk at Beach 86th Street and wait until you and the fam get back after a gala time. You can also opt for multiple spots along the way to the Queens Coast.

Authentic Key Lime Pie

Steve’s delectable and authentic Key Lime Pie at Red Hook is an all-American divine experience that gives you the 4th of July vibes in a pie. This pie shop is a commercial bakery and one of the only ones in the US to still use fresh-squeezed lime and other fresh best-in-class ingredients that attract local and international tourists. The owner won’t really reveal the secret ingredient behind the success of this slice of heaven. 

Treat yourself to a generous serving of this fantastic pie on the Fourth of July. 

We’re sure your family will love it! The navigation feature on your Carmel app will help you find this place easily. Book your Carmel Limo now so that you don’t miss out on pie paradise at 185 Van Dyke Street.

Family Fireworks and a Relaxing Cruise

What better than a relaxing seafaring time with family on an exciting cruise? Get aboard the Cornucopia Majestic Yacht for the perfect evening formulated with fun, fireworks, food, music, and more.

Visit Pier 36 at 299 South Street for a luxurious escapade into the blue with your significant other or group of friends. Catch up with your gossip or just enjoy the serenity of the waters with a scenic background to top it up. Get privileged views of the city’s landmarks or shake a leg on one of the five dance floors on the yacht.

The extensive buffet menu is a great attraction that lets you eat to your heart’s content. The variety of drinks you get here is impressive while you round off the night watching the Macy’s fireworks from a vantage point onboard. We recommend booking your visit in advance to avoid disappointments.

While the yacht takes care of you on the exciting waters of New York, Carmel is here to cater to your needs on the road to reach this venue. All you need to do is book your cab on our mobile app now.

Hamptons or Montauk

If New York City gets too crowded for you on the 4th of July, you can unwind from the hustle and bustle and head over to a quieter destination. We recommend Hampton or Montauk, where you won’t miss the celebrations but will definitely keep away from the crowds.

You can go on the Montauk river cruise, which is just as exciting as the one at Pier 36 with fireworks et al. You can expect a luxurious experience with a full-fledged dining menu that is topped-off with the top-of-the-range drinks. Hamptons gives you something similar as well.

Carmel Limos NYC can help you get to Montauk or Hampton’s and back safely so that you don’t have to take the subway or any other transportation mode.

FDR Park

Enjoy the fireworks at a slower pace while you lay back and relax at this suburban island sanctuary (the Roosevelt Island). The Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms memorial Park spreads across four-acres of lush green land. It is just a family-ride away from the city, and what better way to get there than taking a Carmel Limo?

Get that much-needed breath of fresh air at the pond and verdant surroundings of the park. Kids get excited, and you don’t have to pay any admission fees to enjoy this place.

Don’t forget to get your picnic blanket and enjoy the fireworks with some cold beer or hot coffee based on your preference. You can walk, bike, or even swim (restrictions apply) with kids or take a little hike along the park’s stretch.

Relying on a shuttle might not be advisable since availability, and social distancing restrictions could be a problem. Call up Carmel Limos and let us know where you want to get dropped, and we’ll make sure we give you a smooth ride.


We hope this list helps you relax and enjoy your freedom this weekend. Be sure to be safe and get to places in a completely sanitized vehicle. Carmel Limos can give you a luxury ride and friends or family so that the 4th of July this year is no lesser than any other.

Happy 4th of July weekend from all of use at Carmel Limos New York!

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