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By: Carmel
Posted on: May 25, 2023
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During World War II and beyond, American service members have gone into the history books as one of the bravest. It’s their exemplary bravery and lasting contributions to the nation that are still admired today. Memorial Day, celebrated yearly, honors these inspirational heroes who died while defending our borders in the armed forces. But, it is not just a day to celebrate heroes but to reflect on how they changed the trajectory of the American Defense to make us one of the strongest forces to reckon with in the twenty-first century.

Initially, Memorial Day was introduced to honor the Union soldiers martyred during the American Civil War. Later, after World War I, all men and women who sacrificed themselves at war or during military service were honored. Finally, Memorial Day was called Decoration Day post World War II since it included decorating the resting place of soldiers who died in the war. In addition to celebrating bravery, Memorial Day symbolizes the start of summer in New York. New Yorkers and tourists in the Big Apple gear up to soak up the sun and dress in summer clothes for the next few months.

History of Memorial Day

During that first national commemoration, James Garfield, the Ohio Congressman and former Union general, gave a speech at Arlington National Cemetery to honor more than twenty thousand Union and Confederate soldiers who died during the civil war. After the speech, more than 5,000 participants helped decorate the graves of the martyred service members.

This national event inspired efforts to remember and honor the fallen soldiers and Union troops. This began with local observances and tributes at burial grounds throughout several towns in the United States after the Civil War ended.

New York declared Memorial Day a legal holiday in 1873. Many other cities and communities started to observe Memorial Day as a legal holiday after that. After World War I, Memorial Day became an occasion to honor those who died in America’s wars, including the soldiers, troopers, and service members. In 1971, it was established as a national holiday on the last Monday in May.

Memorial Day is observed annually with a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. A miniature American flag is placed on each grave with a wreath by the President at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Things to do

In the city, New Yorkers and tourists enjoy the city skyline views, green parks, memorials, and museums on Memorial Day. Some of the local activities and fun things to do in New York include the following:

  • Witness the Memorial Day parades in Brooklyn.
  • Visit the Sea, Air, & Space Museum to learn how our brave hearts mobilized planes and warships to counter enemies.
  • Visit one of the Naval Ships during Fleet Week.
  • Visit Coney Island for some weekend action.
  • Take a World War II Veterans Tour on the Trolley.
  • Enjoy a Military History Tour at the New York Harbor.

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Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade

To remember and honor the heroes who lost their lives while defending the nation, head to Brooklyn for the annual Memorial Day Parade of the United Military Veterans of Kings County on May 29, 2023. This parade is one of the oldest in America, where the procession starts on Third Avenue and 78th Street at 11 am.

The parade marches down Third Avenue to Marine Avenue, heads to Fourth Avenue, and then to John Paul Jones Park, where a memorial service is held. You can witness service members in their colorful uniforms marching synchronously while bagpipes play in the background. The event includes a flag raising, wreath laying, and a twenty-one-gun salute ceremony, including the playing of Taps. The Brooklyn Memorial Parade is visited by thousands of tourists and New Yorkers every year because of the euphoria in the environment.

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Marvel at the Artifacts in the Intrepid Museum

If you’re a World War II buff and love fighter ships and planes, this museum is a Memorial Day must-visit. Built on a real aircraft carrier docked at Pier 86, The Intrepid gives you a golden opportunity to look at iconic battleships and historical places. 

Aboard this one-of-a-kind vessel used in the Pacific during the ‘40s, you will find a wealth of information that reveals how our heroes braved head-on Kamikaze plane attacks. In addition, the vessel endured torpedo strikes from all corners to protect the nation beyond enemy lines. 

Displays of items used by Navy officers in their everyday life are available. Additionally, views of an outdoor flight deck are exhibited where an impressive range of fighter jets and helicopters is parked. 

Walk into the Growler, the only guided missile submarine open to public viewing, to experience how our Navy officers survived in the little Space to fight the enemies with determination. After the underwater experience, take to the skies in the Space Shuttle Pavilion, where you’ll find the Enterprise, a NASA orbiter parked. In the 1960s, NASA used the Intrepid as a recovery vessel. A series of artifacts, photographs, and films based on the Enterprise’s career are available. These exhibits make visitors amazed by the history of space travel. This experience is wonderful for kids and adults interested in the history of the American wars and Space achievements.

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Tour a Naval Ship to Experience the Spirit of the Sea

If you wonder how Naval officers lived the rough life at sea, participate in Fleet Week from May 24 to May 30 this year and view our rich fleet of vessels at the following locations in Manhattan:

Pier 88 South

View the magnificent Amphibious assault ship, Virginia Manhattan, and the USS WASP (LHD-1) from Norfolk.

Pier 88 North

Ocean survey vessel HMS Scott (H131) from Plymouth, UK.

Pier 90 North

  • HMCS Glace Bay – Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • ITS Virginio Fasan (F 591) – La Spezia, Italy.

Manhattan, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum at Pier 86

  • Four U.S. Naval Academy YPs, Maryland.
  • USCGC Warren Deyampert (WPC-1151), Fast Response Cutter- Boston, Massachusetts.

Homeport Pier, Staten Island

  • The Harpers Ferry-class dock landing ship USS Oak Hill (LSD-51) – Norfolk, Virginia.
  • Fast transport USNS Newport (T-EPF 12), Spearhead Class – Norfolk, Virginia.
  • USCGC Legare (WMEC-912), Medium Endurance Cutter – Portsmouth, Virginia.

The highlights of the event include the following:

  • VIP Ship Tours.
  • Richard & Doris Scheuing Reception.
  • Staff NCO and CPO Cruise.
  • Discussion Panel for Women in Military Panel.

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Visit Luna Park on Coney Island

Coney Island has always been the favorite weekend getaway destination of New Yorkers. However, for Memorial Day, the famous Luna Park is officially opening to the public to experience the thrills of rides, including the Tony’s Express, a fun roller coaster with a speed of more than forty miles per hour and over a thousand two hundred feet of track. 

Another ride is Leti’s Treasure, a log flume ride operating with twelve flume boats to lift riders to forty feet high. The new thrilling ride offers a panoramic view of the shoreline on Coney Island, followed by a sharp and exciting plunge. In addition to the rides, Coney Island also offers food stalls, live music, street shows, acrobatics, and more to entertain visitors. Other iconic attractions like the Thunderbolt, the Coney Island Cyclone, and the B&B Carousel await you there.Carmel Limos offers roundtrips with great discounts on our app. Select your ride from our extensive fleet of vehicles like sedans, minibusses, SUVs, and more for your trip to Coney Island.

Hop on to the World War II Touring Trolley

Set in Greenwood at the Historic Chapel, Fifth Avenue, and 25th Street, the touring trolley identifies as the resting place of hundreds of World War II veterans. The venue houses memorials to soldiers, troopers, flyers, sailors, “Rosie the Riveters,” the women whose contributions in the manufacturing realm supported the war efforts, and nurses who dedicated themselves to the service of their country. 

Since 2021, the legacies of 370 veterans have been identified and showcased for inspiration at the touring trolley through stories, images, and other artifacts. The inspiring visuals will transport you back in time when the real heroes of war endured each day to fight for the protection of their land and people.

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Enriching History Tour of the New York Harbor

Connect to historical events at the New York Harbor that changed America forever in a spellbinding historical tour. Book a front-row seat to witness the US Navy, Coast Guard, and other ships. You’re in for a maritime treat for more than two hours when you visit landmarks like the Brooklyn Navy Yard, The Sullivans Pier at Staten Island, the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, and the Bayonne Dry Dock.

This Harbor Line Military History Tour is available on Wednesday and Friday in the week leading to Memorial Day and on Monday, Memorial Day. Marine and Navy enthusiasts will cherish this tour, which shows how these navy vessels functioned during World War II. Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne or wine on this unique tour with stunning city lights as the backdrop.

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Wrapping Up

Memorial Day is not just about celebration and remembrance but also about reflecting on how the sacrifices of our national heroes have led to our freedom. We can welcome summer with our families and friends on this day by participating in the unique events that New York offers for Memorial Day.

While we celebrate America’s achievements in defense, we owe it to the countless sacrifices of our veterans and martyrs. Carmel Limos wishes you and your family a grand Memorial Day celebration!

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