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By: Carmel
Posted on: May 8, 2021
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Mothers epitomize unconditional love and selflessness. Each mom is a superhero to her kids in her way. They go to unimaginable extents to love, protect, and nourish their children every day.

Motherhood is the most precious gift for a woman that transcends physical and emotional boundaries, cultural restrictions, and worldly things. At Carmel Limos New York, we employ some exceptional and brave women who have delivered exemplary services during these challenging times.

Health workers and doctors who are moms are spending sleepless nights in hospitals, taking care of the Covid-19 infected patients. They’re staying away from their newborns, kids, and family to take care of strangers. 

Carmel Limos salutes such incredible mothers and is offering special discounts and services through our essential services.

Every Mother in this world is special, and celebrating them is the least we can showcase our love and support. This year Mother’s Day will be celebrated amidst the raging pandemic. 

Many mothers are losing their children to COVID-19 and vice-versa. The Carmel Limos family prays for all the mothers and extends its support to all the mothers braving this pandemic for their children in every way. 

Whether it is a local ride, two-way trip, or an airport transfer, we are well-equipped to help moms ensure the safety of their children.

Additionally, here’s a list of the top fun activities to do on Mother’s day with your mommy dearest. Count us in as your travel buddy within New York City and surprise your mom with a luxury limo ride this Sunday.

How will Carmel Limos ensure your Mom’s Safety? 

Carmel Limousines New York values each customer, especially during these grave times. We want you and your mom to be safe and healthy when you use Carmel’s services. With your protection in mind, we continue to include the following safety measures in our services.

Minimum to No Contact Driving 

Carmel Limos takes all the necessary safety precautions with dedication. Our drivers are trained and instructed to maintain a safe distance of at least two meters from customers. When you’re traveling with your mom in a Carmel cab, don’t forget to ask the drivers to open the door and the trunk if you have luggage. Also, please ensure that you step aside, so there’s minimum to no interaction or contact between you and the driver.

The chauffeurs sanitize their hands entirely and keep sanitizers handy in case customers need them.

Avoid touching the Cab Surfaces

Please make sure that neither you nor your mom touches any surface within the cab. We expect you to maintain these safety rule so that you and your mom (or any loved one traveling with you) is safe.  

Our drivers will ensure to clean the surfaces with sanitizers and disinfectants before you get into the cab.

Completely Sanitized Cabs 

The Carmel Limos team assures you that all of our cabs are 100% sanitized. Our drivers follow strict measures and instructions to do a quick cleaning after each ride ends. So, each time a new passenger starts their journey with Carmel Limos, the cabs are all cleaned up and safe. 

When you travel with your mom, you’ll also see how our drivers keep cleaning their hands from time to time to ensure hygiene and protection.

Does Carmel Limos offer any Special Discounts for Mother’s Day? 

Yes, it does. Is your mom a front-line worker? Or are you guys planning for a long drive this Mother’s day? Whatever it is, Carmel Limos has got you covered. Here are a few discounts that can avail on your ride with your mom: 

If your mom is an essential worker, she deserves special treatment from us.

If your mom is an essential employee working the hardest in this pandemic, Carmel Limos salutes her. She is keeping all of us safe, and she deserves something special from us. Carmel Limos is offering a $4 discount for the essential employees.

You need to apply the “ESSENTIAL” code to avail this discount. 

If you are a regular Carmel customer, we have something special for you!


If you and your mom are frequently traveling through Carmel cabs, we have a surprise for you.

We’re offering pick-up and drop services across three airports in NYC. So if you’re headed to vacation this Mother’s Day, make sure you book Carmel Limos to reach JFK, Newark, or La Guardia within the scheduled time.

You can use the “AIRPORT” code to avail of a $6 discount on each airport pick-up and drop service. 

We could also set up your mom’s favorite playlist to make this ride memorable.

Plan your long weekend with Carmel Limos, NYC 

Are you planning to take a long drive with your mom this weekend and revisit some great places in NYC? Carmel Limos, NYC, loves your idea and is all prepared to make this a ‘ride to remember so much that we want to make your journey fantastic with champagne and other goodies. 

You could also use the coupon code “ALTFLY” to get a $25 discount on your next long ride. The minimum transaction amount to avail of this offer is $160. 

You could also plan a roundtrip to Montauk or nearby places to spend some quality time with mom. 

Five Fun Activities to indulge in with your Mom and Carmel Limos 

Relish a Spa Date with Mommy Dearest

This Mother’s day, help your mom bring out the Spa lover in herself. A visit to the Spa also helps strengthen your bond with your Mother. So, why not relax at the most luxurious Spas in New York City together? You guys can catch up on mommy gossip and slurp on some ice tea.

A comfortable Spa session is all you need to strengthen the bond with your mom and rejuvenate your senses. NYC has so many holistic health spas and rejuvenation centers. We recommend booking a slot at the Spa and a Carmel Limousine on the Carmel app. A soothing Spa session is a great detox therapy that can make your mommy happy. 

Go for a Safe Staycation with your Mother

Why not turn the Mother’s day weekend into a mini-vacation? Book a suite in any of the luxury NYC hotels and have some fun with your mom. Such a staycation includes fantastic food and sophisticated luxury. What else do you need? 

 NYC is full of incredible places like The Carlyle, The Langham, JW Marriott Essex House, The Williamsburg Hotel, and the list goes on. Also, when you plan such a staycation, the safety of your mom is most important. So book Carmel Limousines New York’s thoroughly sanitized cabs to make the most of the long weekend. 

Have a Peaceful & Healthy Sunday with a Yoga Class Together 

Is your mom a fitness freak? Well, we have the perfect Mother’s Day plan for you then! You guys can enjoy a Yoga session together. NYC has too many Yoga communities that can help you with active Yoga sessions. These sessions will be fun and self-satisfying.  

Also, even if you guys are first-timers, giving this activity a shot is worth it. Use Carmel Limos’ special discounts and visit the Yoga center with your mom on a safe ride. Our drivers are maintaining all the safety instructions to ensure passenger’s safety. 

Enjoy a Shopping Date with your Mom 

Well, if you and your mom love shopping, nothing can be a better way to spend Mother’s Day. An excellent shopping date where you two shop till you drop! How exciting does that sound? NYC has so many shopping places!  

Whether you’re in the mood for some luxury shopping or a quick boutique run, it’s all going to be fun when your mom is around. Fifth Avenue can be an excellent spot for a shopping trip. Also, wherever you decide to go shopping, don’t forget about the safety measures taken during Covid-19. Carmel Limos’ cabs are 100% safe and sanitized and always at your service. 

Delight Yourselves to some Delicious Grub and Drinks

Finally, why not go for brunch with your mom? Or dinner? Gorging on some delicious food together is always a good idea! So what kind of food is your mom’s favorite? She’ll be spoilt for choice in the Big Apple, and our drivers are also great with recommendations.  

Also, you can go to a multi-cuisine restaurant to try out different types of foods. And don’t forget to have a cake. It is to celebrate your mom and all moms on this special day—Book Carmel Limos’ cabs for a timely pick-up and drop at your desired restaurant. We’re here to make Mother’s Day eve more a lovely one! 

Winding up on a Sweet Note

We hope you enjoy Mother’s Day in your own unique way this year. However, we recommend that you keep safe and stay safe with your Mother when you’re moving around. Planning is vital during this time, and Carmel Limos NYC offers the best support to get around the city with your best friend, your mom!

We’ll ensure that enough cabs are available for all those who want to swing by their moms on Sunday. 

Our drivers will also ensure that safety measures are kept top-notch when you and your mom ride with us.

We hope you make this day memorable for your mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there!

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