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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: November 5, 2015

It is not an old complaint, but one rehashed every year. It is hard to say exactly when it starts, and who is to blame. It is, nonetheless, creeping in. Ever-so-slowly at first, but it will take over before you know it.

Christmas advertising.

Every year it seems to show up earlier and earlier. There were allusions to the Yuletide even in September. Those can be shrugged or laughed off. Yet, there is that part of you that knows it is just too soon. And now that Halloween is over, it’s no holds barred. The holiday Kraken has been unleashed. There has not yet been a full out Christmastide assault of the senses, but it is enough for the average person to groan when a carol meets his or herĀ ears on November 5th.

Very few people seem to say, yes, this is right, this is exactly what I want to hear right now. There are always those Christmas lovers who would never object to the premature usage of Carol of the Bells, but it is far from the popular opinion.

The overwhelming consensus seems to be that it is just too soon. No matter how the masses protest the season being prematurely thrust upon us, it is still going to happen. It’ll happen, just like surge pricing on some… other… car services. (Look, this is still a blog for a car service, give me a break… Like the break Carmel will give you during your commute! Okay, yes, that was too much, my apologies. Back to hating on Christmas in November.)

Like many aspects of the holidays itself, we are forced to grin and bear this early imposition, just like we grin and bear Grandma’s fruit cake. Or… we could also groan, complain, shake our heads, or write a ranting blog post on the subject. None of it will prevent the inevitable.

That’s not to say that Christmas is not a lovely time. It is. It is delightful and magical, but it has it’s own time. Give Thanksgiving it’s due! November is for food and family and to put on that layer of winter weight that will keep us warm in the coming months. Many hold the belief that Christmas cannot officially begin until Santa Claus appears in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Give it time, people are still going to buy presents.

So if you would like to avoid seeing this early rush to that special time of year (and avoid someĀ surge pricing while you’re at it) call yourself a Carmel car. Relax in the backseat away from the growing number of Santa statues in store windows. Even the short break will hopefully help for you to think back to that beach vacation while you enjoy your worry-free commute.

And if you happen to be one of those early Christmas lovers, put your carols on your phone and plug in your headphones because no one wants to hear it in early November. Now… no more Christmas from us until we see Santa on the 26th of November!

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