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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: April 21, 2022
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Since half a century ago, Earth Day has been celebrated each year to mark the birth of the modern environmental movement to protect Mother Earth from environmental degradation and disaster. 

This movement brought the environmental health crisis to the forefront and created a greater realization of its threat to humankind and future generations. This has been an initiative to reduce the consumption of leaded gas by vehicles.

First, however, it’s up to humankind to exercise sustainable and more efficient energy spending and natural resource utilization since there’s an inextricable link between human health and pollution, and Earth Day is a reality check.

Earth Day 2022 Theme

The world theme for Earth Day in 2022 is “Invest in our planet.” This includes investing time, energy, efforts, and money in the planet’s wellness.

Investing in innovative methods of commuting and driving is the highlight. We need to think not just about sustainability but sensibility towards using the available resources that are soon diminishing. By investing in our planet, we invest in our future and our children’s future.

While people extend their support by planting a sapling, avoiding plastic, cleaning

beaches, or mindfully using water, it’s crucial to drive innovation.

Carmel Limos – A Big Step towards Sustainability

At Carmel Limos, New York City, we encourage everyone to carpool so that there is less emission. Additionally, we ensure that all our vehicles are tested for emission control regularly.

According to a recent survey, almost 80% of commute distances covered by cars and other

vehicles today are run on fossil fuels. The worst thing is that they carry only

drivers or a minimum number of passengers.

The carbon footprint of these vehicles is destructive and causes tremendous damage.

In a nutshell, if you’re riding solo in a gas-powered car, to offset the annual carbon footprint of your car, you’d need to plant almost 81 trees.

We recommend carpooling with your buddies or colleagues in our super-comfy Carmel cabs. Here’s our recommendations list that would help prevent excessive carbon emissions.

Fewer Trips in Fuller Cars

Carmel Limos NYC supports new and innovative ways of sharing cars with friends, family, and co-workers. With the multi-point pickup and drop-off services (which you can book on our app), you can use the same car to cater to multiple people traveling in the same direction.

Similarly, you can share the car fare with friends and colleagues while experiencing a comfortable ride together. You could even connect with people in your area and create a trusted group to ride together in a Carmel Limo.

Imagine good company and a not-so-expensive ride across New York City. It’s a win-win for everyone sharing our cab. Airport transfers can be expensive in New York, and by riding alone, you can end up with a hefty bill. We recommend carpooling for long rides to the airport too. The equation is simple, more passengers, more miles, and fewer or fuller vehicles.

We had stopped our carpooling services temporarily due to the Pandemic. But now, we’re back with the most economical and in-demand service.

Don’t Buy a Car, just ‘Car’mel your Ride

Carmel Limos is as good as self-driven vehicles regarding hygiene, comfort, and convenience. The best part is that you can sit back and relax while our drivers take you around New York City in fully-sanitized cars with minimal contact.

While we’re always on time, we provide special waiting services to ensure you and your family and driven back safely when you go on longer trips. With our roundtrip services, you can be assured of the best rates with Carmel Limos, and you don’t even have to drive long miles by yourself. SUVs and minivans from Carmel are the best choices for larger groups. 

We have a Carmel Limo for every group and every trip within New York City. Carmel’s emission-tested vehicles give you a guilt-free ride that is never heavy on the pocket.

Environmental Health is Our Priority

We don’t just clean our vehicle inside but ensure we are clean regarding emissions. So, as we partner with agencies and focus on R&D to drive with cleaner fuel, we’re trying to ensure a cleaner energy transition.

We’re also moving towards adopting electric cars and helping our drivers gain affordable access to charging infrastructure. We also encourage our drivers to keep the engine off when the vehicle is not moving. This reduces emissions by 20% and reduces fuel consumption.

Additionally, we encourage drivers to keep air-conditioning switched off when they’re not servicing a customer or not driving.

Another step we’re taking is to uphold transparency regarding our services and limitations. So, for example, if you feel our drivers are not following environmental and health-friendly standards, you can contact our support team to raise your concerns. 

Our team will address the issue efficiently to ensure you ride with us with confidence again.

Take Shorter Walks and Longer Drives

On 22nd April 2022, more than a hundred streets in New York City will go car-free for Earth Day. 

Since 2017, the city has encouraged pedestrians to walk rather than drive. This car-free culture is growing in New York City and is a significant welcome change. While short distances can be walked, using Carmel Limo Services for long distances is

a good idea. Why, you ask? This Earth Day, we’re being generous and offering attractive deals and discounts on your limo rides.

We Support Anti-Plastic with Pride

While avoiding plastic has been the biggest challenge, Carmel Limos, as an essential service, has been a promoter of sustainable materials like recycled paper since 2020. 

In addition, we catered to New Yorkers during the pandemic when they needed us with package and food delivery.

A conscious step we took was to minimize plastic and increase the use of paper material for packaging and transportation. This was received positively by our customers and appreciated by environmentalists.

Sustainable Eateries in New York City

Satisfying your craving is one thing. Doing it in an eco-friendly way is another. So here’s a list of the most eco-friendly coffee and Dining places in New York City where you can dig in, relish, and care for your environment at the same time.

Joe Coffee

Promoting their 100% compostable cold cups while being the first company to compost food waste, Joe coffee is located in multiple prime locations across New York City.

The brews can be paired with vegan delicacies to notch up the sustainability factor. Want to get to Joe’s coffee with friends on Earth Day? 

Download the Carmel Limos app and book a multi-point pickup or drop-off service in seconds.  

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Seafood Anyone?

Crave Fishbar

With two outlets in West Village and Midtown, Crave Fishbar is known for its seasonal delicacies sourced from Long Island. From Tuna Tartare to Lobster Curry and Grilled Octopus to their happy hour oysters, all their dishes are made of fresh catches sourced in an eco-friendly way.

ABC Kitchen

Known for its sustainable interiors and food preparation practices, this flagship restaurant has an attractive menu of entrees served on eco-friendly, handcrafted plates. The locally-crafted tables and chairs and the ambiance bring positivity and a sense of responsibility when you flip the menu over. So, take a walk to ABC Kitchen if you’re in the vicinity and book a one-way trip back home instead of two with Carmel Limos in New York City to extend your support for Earth Day.

Blue Hill – West Village

This upscale dining place has a host of farm-to-table delicacies prepared with extra care in the most sustainable fashion. Conscious eaters and sustainability evangelists choose Blue Hill, which includes an active farm on the premises, like a breath of fresh air.

Locally sourced delights and the perfect service make for a fantastic time with family and friends on Earth Day. They have a la carte as well as buffet options for both vegetarian and consciously carnivore food lovers.

Take a ride with us through the Carmel Limos mobile app to Blue Hill with your group and taste sustainability on a platter at West Village.

The Bounty – Greenpoint

As the name suggests, this place focuses on sustainable seafood and serves up freshwater, seasonal, and local fairs, including other solid meat delicacies like chicken or duck. If you’re into drinks, the cocktail bar is all open for various drinks. The decor reflects a sustainable and recycled look that has a cozy vibe.

Craft – USQ

Located next to the Union Square Farmer’s Market, Craft serves an array of melt-in-your-mouth meat and treats sourced locally. You will also find heirloom produce dishes as well. The farm-to-table food options are plentiful, with farm-grown veggies served with unique flavors. If you’re celebrating your birthday on Earth Day, this place is great to kick off the Taurean month. 

The large dining room is ideal for large groups, and the experience is elevating since this fine dining offers exceptional ambiance. 

Book an SUV or minivan with Carmel Limos, New York, for a great time at this earthy restaurant.

Hearth – East Village

Are you heading for a romantic brunch or dinner? Nothing better than this classy place dishes out of locally sourced delicacies. 

It’s a staple for farm-to-table lovers in New York City. The menu is basic but delicious and includes classic American and Italian fares like duck pappardelle, pork chops, and your choice of wine. The wooden furniture and dim lighting (with candles) make this place a favorite sustainability eatery in town.

Wrapping Up

We hope you visit these recommended restaurants on Earth Day to celebrate your support for mother nature.

Let’s plant more trees, reuse material and reduce plastic usage to ensure we don’t live in tomorrow’s dystopian nightmare. With Carmel Limos, you’ve got the support to ensure carbon emissions are reduced, and you get a sustainable riding partner.

Contact us to learn how we can ensure eco-friendly travel together. 

We wish you a Happy Earth Day! 

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