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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: November 20, 2020
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Carmel Limos NYC has always been sensitive and caring towards our customers’ needs. Be it rides within the city, airport transfers, or long-distance trips, we’ve always made it a point to make the experience worthwhile.

Even during the current pandemic health crisis, we’ve ensured that our rides are always available and safe for our customers.

Our constant endeavor is to innovate when it comes to our offerings for New Yorkers and those visiting New York. The fear of flying during COVID-19 has pushed us to create unique long-distance service plans that are budget-friendly, professional, and time-saving.

Also, during these uncertain times, the availability of flights or buses for roundtrips is uncertain. Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays coming up, we can’t help but be of service to those who need to get to places from New York City and travel back as well.

You’ll be happy to know that Carmel is making it even more attractive to use our services for long-distance trips by slashing the price for the return leg of your roundtrip by 50%.

Remember, this is valid only if you complete the roundtrip with us from the destination to NYC’s origin location.

A roundtrip is different from a return trip where the vehicle takes you to a destination, WAITS FOR YOU, and then drives you back either on the same day or whenever you need to return to NYC.

If you have an important meeting to attend to, this offer is a time and cost saver for you. 

Here’s the cherry on the cake. The first hour of the driver’s waiting time will be FREE.

Yes, you read that, right! 

What a great way to kick-start your holiday season with the Roundtrip Special in Carmel’s luxury limos, sedans, minivans, and SUVs!

Still, confused? Let’s break it down for you with an example.

If the price of a sedan from Manhattan to point “X” is $80, then the roundtrip price will be $120 ($80 NYC to the destination + $ 40 destination to NYC) with one free hour waiting time by your chauffeur. Any waiting time after the free hour wait time will be charged based on the vehicle type’s hourly rate.

We’ll ensure that our vehicles are sanitized and ready for the long-distance trip while getting your bags ready.

Essential Points to Note: 

  1. Roundtrip Special only applies to Sedans, Minivans, and SUVs.
  1. The minimum price for the Roundtrip Special to take effect varies by vehicle type. Details are given below.

Based on the combined passenger volume and vehicle class, we’ve divided our vehicle types into the following.

Full-size sedan 

Also known as large cars, these cars have more room than mid-size vehicles and can accommodate a maximum of 3 passengers. These vehicles are more comfortable than the regular sedans if you have more than two passengers traveling on long-distance trips.

These vehicles have ample cargo space to on-load your holiday luggage for the long road ahead. 

The minimum going leg price from NYC is $80, while the hourly wait rate after the free hour is $40.

Luxury Sedan

Luxury is not an option but an integral part of Carmel Limousines’ business. We offer our exquisite range of luxury sedans at attractive prices for long-distance trips.

If you’re on a mission to impress someone or arrive in style for a day-long work meeting, we’ve got you covered.

Our fully air-conditioned luxury sedans are the finest in business and meant for elite business and personal rides. These vehicles can drive up to three passengers while offering a comfy ride. 

The best part is that we make luxury affordable at a minimum going leg price of $90 from NYC. The hourly wait rate after the free hour is $44. Our plush limos or sedans give you the live-life-king-size feeling and the most relaxing roundtrip without breaking the bank. 

Grab this golden opportunity before our vehicles get sold out!

Deluxe Sedan

Our Deluxe sedans are no lesser than our luxury cars. You can travel in the best-in-class vehicles that can accommodate 1 to 3 passengers at a minimum going leg price of $100 from NYC. Enjoying the scenic beauty along the highways and listening to your favorite tunes in these deluxe beauties is a class apart.

After the free hour, the hourly wait rate is $48 for our deluxe rides that come with ample boot space for luggage. Whether you want to go on a fun road trip with family or accompany your colleagues to an important meeting, we recommend our Deluxe Sedan rides for the best long-trip experience.


Our sturdy and comfortable minivans can accommodate up to 6 passengers from NYC. While the holiday season arrives, we recommend that you book these travel mates in advance to avoid a last-minute rush or disappointments.

We assure you, the kids are going to love riding in their dedicated minivan to their favorite holiday destination and back.

We offer minivans at a minimum going leg price of $100 from NYC (better than anybody else) with an hourly wait rate of $50. 


Our SUVs make for a comfortable and exciting ride for up to 6 passengers. They’re great for rough terrains and non-stop rides with the gang. If you’re planning a day-long excursion, there’s nothing better than a dedicated SUV to make your mini-vacation spectacular.

We offer the most sought-after SUVs at a minimum going leg price of $120 from NYC (you won’t find this rate anywhere else) with an hourly wait rate of $66.

Stretch limos (1-8 and 1-10 passengers), large vans (1-13 passengers), sprinter limos (1-14 passengers), and buses for (1-24 and 1-40 passengers) are also available in this roundtrip offer.

Important Points to Note

Please visit our website to check out the available list of cars, or you could even book a trip on the Carmel app. If you’re celebrating something special, do let us know. We’d be happy to help with our value-added services like champagne, music, balloons, etc., at discounted prices.

We follow strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure your safety for long-distance trips. Our chauffeurs will arrive earlier than the pickup time to your location and also help you with your luggage on request while following social-distancing norms before you start your ride.

Carmel also provides wheelchair accessibility for all the vehicle types mentioned above. You will need to check the option ‘I will need a wheelchair accessible vehicle’ on our web reservation page.

It is essential to know that toll fare and tips are not included in the base fare and will need to be paid at different locations depending on where you’ll be heading from NYC.

Wrapping up

We certainly hope that our unique roundtrip offering will help you navigate with confidence during these trying times. 

Don’t miss out on taking a good road trip from-to NYC in one of our affiliated and finest vehicles.

Just go ahead and Carmel it!

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