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By: Carmel
Posted on: April 23, 2020
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With the advent of the novel Coronavirus, many cities, towns, and suburbs around the world have been immobilized.

The state is adopting stricter rules and prevention measures, and shelter-in-place has become paramount to safeguard our health.

New York City has been under the scanner for the past few weeks because of the skyrocketing number of COVID-19 cases. The widespread outbreak has led to New Yorkers safely sheltering in their homes and maintaining a safe social distance from their families and friends.

Even visiting the nearest convenience store or grocery mart has become a big challenging task because of the fear of coming in contact with infected persons or surfaces. So how do you get home all the essentials for survival without stepping out?

Carmel has stepped in as an essential services business to help deliver food, groceries, and packages reliably to your doorstep. We take strict measures to ensure that there has been zero-contact while getting your essentials delivered to you.

Through these services, we are trying to minimize the number of times you and your loved ones have to step out and become vulnerable to COVID-19.

Stepping out will include coming in contact with other people, infected surfaces in shops, public transportation, elevators, parking lots, and other areas. Carmel Limo NYC helps you avoid this by bringing your prepaid orders to you while you binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix or sit back for a fun time with your family while ordering in food.

You can avail this service in one of these three ways.

1. Website

You can visit the Carmel limo website to book a delivery service like you make a regular reservation. What you’ll need to do differently is to key in 0 (zero) for the number of passengers. You have to book a sedan ride for regular packages and a limo for larger packages or more number of packages. 

Be sure to mention the number of packages in the order so that our drivers can pick up and deliver what is expected. The most important thing that you must do is to prepay for all your orders, food orders, grocery store orders, packages, and others online while making the reservation for doorstep delivery. Only if the seller or vendor confirms the receipt of payment will our drivers pick up your food or package.

If you are not sure of prepaying, then, you can also hand out the cash for the order to our drivers before they set out to collect your food and packages.

Also, please ensure to add the exact pick-up and drop-off location addresses so that our drivers don’t keep wandering around to find the location(s).

2. Mobile Application

The Carmel Limo app offers convenience at your fingertips. You can book your food and packages delivery for prepaid orders or cash orders here. Ensure to hand out cash to our drivers to be paid at the pick-up location for your orders before they leave your place.

We recommend that you make bulk orders in case of essentials or regular groceries since it will reduce the number of times our drivers have to visit the same pick-up location. Carmel limo also has minivans at your service for a large number of packages or multiple deliveries at the same location. 

We can also deliver collective orders to the same location for people living in the same building or community using minivans.

3. Call Center 

You could also reserve a food or package delivery service by reaching out to our call center during operating hours. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have limited the hours to ensure the safety of our employees. Call 212 666 6666 and tell our operator that you have called for a food and package delivery service.

In the time promised, our drivers will have your packages delivered to your address. Make sure that all the orders are prepaid online or through cash. Also, mention the total number of packages or bags that you’re expecting to get delivered. 

Contact our call center for any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your food or packages delivery.

We make sure that these services will be executed with zero contact and without any contamination whatsoever.

At Carmel, we take stringent measures to ensure that high levels of precaution are taken while your bags and packages are picked up, in transit, and delivered to you. Carmel Limo NYC uses highly sanitized vehicles for these services.

To ensure that these services are rendered seamlessly, we will need the following information from you.

1. Pick-up address from where the food or packages have to be collected.

2. Drop-off or destination address where the food or packages have to be delivered.

3. The exact payment that has been done online or has to be made while picking up your food or packages.

4. A point of contact or address where we need to drop off your food or packages (at the drop-off location)

We will ensure that your food and packages are sealed well while we deliver them to you.

Please make sure that the package or food kept ready at the pick-up location is what you have ordered. Our drivers will only pick up an order if you confirm the same. 

While delivering your packages, our drivers will take extra precautionary measures to ensure that they do it at a safe physical distance from you. They may also request that you pick it up from a drop-off point to prevent contact between you and the driver.


We always endeavor to make sure that services of the highest quality and safety levels are delivered to you. We also solicit your feedback on our services online, which will help us serve you better during these testing times. 

While many delivery services are running on full-swing around New York City, Carmel Limos has prioritized helping its customers in any way possible to reduce the negative impact of the stress that comes from staying isolated.

Team Carmel wishes you and your family safety and great health!

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