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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: December 23, 2015

With Christmas and the New Year so very close, it is time for many people to stop or slow their work for 2015. And when work responsibilities are at a minimal, fun it at a maximum.

This is a party time of year. New Year’s Eve is nothing but one giant party. But throughout the season there are parties of every type. The always popular, and ever-aesthetically unpleasing ugly sweater party seems to be an newly established holiday tradition.

Of course there are parties one is obligated to attend. Those office parties where the term has to be “Happy Holidays” to be all encompassing and politically correct while eating pre-packaged santa and gingerbread cookies with stale morning coffee.

Naturally, there are parties thrown by family members where the food is great, the people are all familiar, and the questions never cease. There is always that one relative that will ask the question “So when are you getting married?” or “Whatever happened to David, we like him!” Then your sweet aunt will save you with a Christmas cookie and a new conversation topic. Thanks Aunt Diane, another martini for you!

But the best parties are the ones surrounded by your friends. Even if there are strangers in attendance, but the end of the night, they are usually no longer strangers. The pressures are minimal, and, most importantly, you’ve elected to be there.

No matter the party, one can always count on food, fun, and, sometimes most importantly, drink. The holidays are a boozy time of year. Whether one drinks to soften the blow of dysfunctional family time, in celebration of another friend’s engagement, or just because it’s a party and the vodka is there, copious amounts of alcohol will be consumed.

With all the fun, merriment, and alcohol,┬átransportation to and from these parties is hardly at the forefront of anyone’s mind, nor should it be! Carmel can worry about the commute, you can focus on the fun. After smooching under the mistletoe all night, you’ll be consulting your Carmel app as quickly as possible to get your date home to that toasty fire.

Not only does a ride to and from any Christmas party provide comfort AND joy, it is also a much safer option for the drunken reveler. So go forth and enjoy the season, Carmel will see to your safety, and, if you so choose it, your fashionably late arrival to any and every festive party.

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