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By: Carmel
Posted on: October 28, 2021
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Halloween is observed every year on October 31, this time, it falls on a Sunday. 

Here’s a brief history of this iconic annual holiday. The old Celtic celebration of Samhain was the foundation of the Halloween ritual as individuals were lighting flames and wearing masks to guard against their spirits. Pope Gregory III established November 1 as an honorary occasion for all the monks in the eighth century. As a result, all Saints Day soon included some of Samhain’s rituals. 

The night before, All Hallows Eve and, subsequently, Halloween were celebrated. Over the years, this night has been combined with festivities such as tricks and treats, carving jack-o-lampers, and holiday celebrations. Whether you’re dressed up as the grim reaper or the Wizard of OZ, creepiness and goosebumps become the signature occurrences of this fun festival.

Halloween is when people become carefree while letting any negative energy phase-out while welcoming new vitality and positivity. In the Big Apple, it is a night for gatherings, parties, drinks, and merriment. Individuals attend Halloween parties and events around the city, sometimes party-hopping. Friends and family dress up as their favorite Marvel character or any character for that matter, rejoice over drinks, watch a horror flick, or even spook their friends out in the shady corners of NYC. The energy in New York City is unparalleled, and Carmel Limos ensures it is doubled with our theme-based rides and luxury limousine services.

For all of those who wish to enjoy Halloween’s spiritual benefits, Carmel Limo’s thoroughly sanitized vehicles are at your disposal to fill your evening with love and happiness. Our drivers ensure that your Halloween fun is not interrupted by any loopholes in the COVID-19 protocols.

Our drivers clean their vehicles before and after a ride and always keep hand sanitizers and extra masks handy. By downloading the Carmel mobile app, you can enjoy the benefits of great discounts on your rides, exclusive offers and deals at your favorite restaurants or shopping destinations, discounted waiting hourly time charges, and more. 

But before that, we’d like to share some of the fun places and events in NYC for a memorable Halloween celebration.

Five Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in New York City

1. The Great Jack o’lantern blaze in Croton-on-Hudson, NY or Old Bethpage, Long Island – This journey showcases over 7,000 hand-carved luminaries in sophisticated night-time exhibits. Take either the main square of Van Cortlandt in Croton-on-Hudson, New York or the Old Bethpage Village renovation site in Old Bethpage, Long Island. The stroll runs for around 45 minutes and features uniquely engineered Spooky music.

2. Boo at the Zoo at the Bronx Zoo – The Bronx Zoo commemorates Halloween with the yearly “Boo” on weekends. The children will adore the unique activities, such as a masquerade procession, a confectionery path, an extinct species tomb, carving pumpkins, and a web labyrinth. Most of the attractions are few; therefore, this Halloween is perfect for smaller kids.

3. Bayville Scream Park in Bayville, Long Island – You have to include Bayville Scream Park in the itinerary of festivities if shrieking off your brain and being terrified by Vampires and killing clowns is perfection. This eerie property is located in Bayville, the Long Island district of Manhattan, approximately 90 minutes by car, and provides six spooky encounters. Bloodworth Haunted Mansion is perhaps the most prominent destination, noted for its osseous aura (but, like, indeed). Due to the high fear element, the area is only for grown-ups and older adolescents, so keep the kids at home.

4. New York’s Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village – The New York Village is the perfect opportunity to exhibit your outfit and passion for Halloween. This week’s procession will be postponed on Sunday, 32 October at 6:30 p.m., and the members stroll up the sixth column from Spring Street to 16th street in Chelsea to enjoy October in all its excitement. More than 50 bands, giants, and New Yorkers will be playing live entertainment, putting the finest and perhaps most imaginative attire.

5. Pumpkin Picking at Decker Farm in Staten Island – To commemorate Halloween near NYC, come to the Decker Farm in Staten Island, Richmond Historical, to grab up and participate in October events. Those who are searching for a family-oriented approach to enjoy the day. The field is accessible on October evenings and includes a maze labyrinth, old hay riding, carving pumpkins, and handicrafts. This amusement farm may be readily reached by vehicle or perhaps the New York City Staten Island Ferry.

Halloween is undoubtedly one of America’s favorite nights of the year. The earliest American colonial commemoration of Halloween comprised of big public gatherings that commemorated the forthcoming bounty. At the start of the 20th century, most (candy-loving, costumed) persons in North America held Halloween. Today, across New York City, Halloween night causes the tremendous hustle and bustle. It is also commercially one of the best nights for restaurants, pubs, clubs, sellers, etc., after New Year’s Eve.

Carmel Limos gives out the best rates on airport transfers, city tours, celebrations, out-of-town trips, and more for Halloween 2021. You can also book a limo, sedan, SUV, minibus, and more for your group. Please visit our reservations page to book a ride.

Five Must-visit Events for Halloween

1. NYC Ghost Tour in Greenwich Village – Walk around Greenwich Village on a New York City Ghost Tour to the neighborhood’s finest ghostly sites. It’s about a mile and stops at eight to twelve locations to take visitors to one of the ancient districts in Manhattan. You may not spot Casper on this fantasy tour, but you will understand a great deal about the heritage concealed in these spooky locations and their energies. Greenwich Village is one of the sought-after venues for Halloween. Kids and Adults equally enjoy the heritage site and the events held there. You can download the Carmel mobile app to book a limo and enjoy a great ride to this fantastic location.

2.    Green-Wood Cemetery After Hours Tour in Brooklyn – The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn provides a unique tour experience. Tourists can visit the final resting place of essential veterans in the Nation’s history while also witnessing the guards’ march. The trip finishes with a unique excursion to the Catacombs, an intriguing experience you should not miss. Here, you can get some behind-the-scenes experience at the Old Cathedral- Basilica of St. Patrick’s, and tour parts of the church that are otherwise off-limits to visitors. Book a Carmel Limo to pick you up in Lower Manhattan, and head straight to the church. 

3. Rockville Centre, Long Land Spooky fest – Every Sunday of October, the Rockville Centre, Long Island Center for Science Teaching and Learning (CSTL), converts its area into a magnificent Halloween spot. Revel in 16 acres of spooky engagement with music, food, and more. Highlights are a woodworking area with a thematic stroll to the spooky forest area and a labyrinth of terror putting you in a fix and may even cause a concussion (in a good way, of course!). This is a great place to take kids or hang out with friends with some chilled beer and grub to go with it. The Halloween decorations here will amaze you!

4.   Great Adventure in Jackson, Fright at Six Flags – Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is befitting for rare Halloween celebrations. Adventure and thrill enthusiasts will love this Fright Fest where zombies, ghosts from the past, vampires, and gremlins will catch your attention. Frightening performances from musicians and actors, complemented by scary rides at the adventure park, will be a “Scary Movie” experience. You will hear screaming and see bloodstains everywhere (don’t tell us we didn’t warn you). This festival is not for the faint-hearted and takes place every Sunday from September 10 to October 31. You will need to make a booking to attend this fest. Don’t forget to book your Carmel Limo as well on our mobile app.

5. Luna Park Halloween Harvest in Coney Island – On September 25, 2021, the best-known neighborhood in New York City kicked out its October Harvesting with adventurous things from trick-or-treating events and costumes to festive decoration kiosks and knife slicing. After several whirlwind rounds, don’t skip the Maniac Carvers to notch up your pumpkin carving skills. You can create stunning sculptures and pumpkin displays. In the workshops held, you can also ask questions, give suggestions, hone your techniques and learn more.

Youngsters frequently go door to door and ask for “soul food,” like cookies. Relevant note: On November 2, Soul pastries will begin as part of the ceremony of the “All Souls” event. Get all geared up!

The notion was part of Halloween night. In the earlier to mid-1900s, the notion of treats was also widespread in the United States, where children went from door to door asking for treats. If the residents were denied a treat, a trick would be played on them as a punishment. This tradition has become an inherent part of modern Halloween celebrations. Through local troublemakers and some eerie clothing, Halloween would ward off evil spirits and encourage a spirit of sharing among strangers. 

Wrapping Up

Carmel Limos is at your service even during these trying times. We ensure that no holiday will remain uncelebrated in NYC with the highest standards of service. As an award-winning Essential Services Business, we continue to deliver food packages around New York City. 

If you’re planning to step out for a fun night or sit at home, the order in, and watch a scary flick, our services will be a click away.

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