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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: December 11, 2015

Rockefeller Center, one of the most iconic holiday destinations with the most recognizable Christmas tree in America. People come from near and far, via their Carmel cars, to gaze upon the festive glory of this prized tradition. Of course, whilst there, one could always strap on some ice skates and take a spin around that famous rink.

How could one not be drawn to that golden statue of Prometheus, surrounded by flowing water, and in the shadow of such a stately Christmas tree? Hours could be spent watching the holiday merry-makers skim the icy surface with glee. Being unable to ice skate has never deterred those wanting the ability to say, “I skated at Rockefeller Center at Christmas” After using their Carmel app to summon a car to their hotel, surely a photo and status will be sent out, showing their immediate world how much fun they had.

The ice rink is also the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon of people watching. While surrounded by holiday cheer, there are tiny stories developing on the ice below. Just last Wednesday, as the zamboni rolled off the rink, eager children took to the ice and began skating circles around a group of adults that clung desperately to the wall.

Even a person watching the scene unfold said, “Why would they want to pay money to skate if they don’t know how?” But if you looked past the initial terror on their faces, there was also joy and general excitement to be there. Of course, there is also a level of self-consciousness, there are crowds staring down, waiting to laugh if you fall. As time passed, many people fell, some shuffled it off quickly as if it didn’t happen, and others took a second to laugh at themselves.

Dynamics appear between families, friends, and strangers. For this moment, they are all in the same place, doing the same thing, together. While their actual stories will never be known to the onlookers, fun guesses can be made. Was that pair a couple, or did he hire her to help him to learn to skate so that he may propose to his girlfriend on that very ice? Is that small kid a hockey prodigy, dressed in his own skates and hockey mask, weaving through the people three times his size? Is this the only time those three sisters, skating arm-in-arm, will see each other this year? There are hundreds of stories to be seen just in that small frozen oval.

While many New Yorkers will avoid these over-crowded areas, particularly during the holidays, it is hard to match the joy that you’ll find there. Granted, you’ll also find immense frustration, angry shoppers, and crying children, and in that case just hop into your non-surge priced¬†Carmel car, and your driver will whisk you away from it all.

Whether you want to be in the thick of the Christmas crowds, or as far from it as possible, Carmel will make sure it happens.

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