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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: November 6, 2015

It is exciting to live in a large, urban environment. There is always something to do, or a new place to explore. Endless forms of entertainment are available to you. There are museums dedicated to any number of interests, musicals and plays ranging from the comedic to the dramatic, and new hip, chic galleries with a correspondingly hip and chic crowd. There are new restaurants popping up everyday with cuisines from the most distant and reclusive Pacific island or fusions of cultures you would never think that you would see.

The list of options for Friday night activities is absolutely endless, and sometimes, you choose none of it.

Despite the fact that you live in the center of the universe, as New York City obviously is, sometimes, the couch beacons. Perhaps the work week was a long one, or perhaps you just want to wear your favorite pair of sweatpants instead of those bindingly tight skinny jeans. Whatever the case, you are staying in.

As soon as that Carmel car (product placement, nailed it) gets you home from work, toss those work clothes aside and let those warm, loose sweatpants welcome you home. Since you could not choose exactly what to Seamless on your quick and relaxing ride home, now is the time. This decision could make or break your Friday night.

With your food secured, it is on to the next crucial decision of a night in, Netflix. By the time you find that perfect movie, your food is at your door. Now, the night can commence.

This will surely play out in apartments all over the city this very night. Once in a while, a Friday night in, snuggled beneath blankets with unhealthy food, is exactly what is needed. Even more than once in a while, no judgement here.

Yet, there is an interesting sense of guilt, and not just from eating that third egg roll. You’re young, you’re successful(ish), and living in an amazing city. What are you doing on your couch watching Titanic for the 20th time? …Having a great time, that’s what. But maybe you’re missing something by not going out. Better check every social media platform to really secure that FOMO.

There is a part of a person that says, you’re wasting your youth and all the things available to you in New York. Look at all those beautifully filtered Instagram pictures of other people’s Friday nights! Yet, it is easy to assume that that person is having a better night. Perhaps someone in those perfectly posed pictures actually wants to be home watching Titanic for the 20th time.

So really, what you choose to do on a Friday night is the perfect Friday night. You’ve received 30 texts saying to come out, screw it. You’ve had an 80 hour work week, party until dawn. That is the beauty of Friday night in New York, anything can happen.

Whether it’s date night, or there is an event you’re reluctantly attending, or you’re having a quiet night at home with enough takeout to feed a small army, Carmel will get your weekend going, no matter how you choose to spend it!

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