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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: May 6, 2014

With tablet sales continuing to rise it is of no surprise that the ground transportation industry would follow this trend in adopting personal mobile devices (PMD’s) into their fleets. PMD’s like tablets and smart phones have increased purchasing power and provided fluidity to consumers by providing access to products with the ease of touching a screen.

It is also of no surprise then that Carmel has itself jumped into the new technological wave partnering with T-Mobile as its cellular and data carrier providing tablets to its fleet.  Carmel Limos NY spearheaded ingenuity through the creation of the Carmel App, a first of its kind here in New York City. Why do you ask? It’s simple, Carmel Limo New York is the first and only licensed car service provider to create an app that follows NYC Taxi regulations and now the same is true for Carmel St. Louis and other cities across the nation. But aside from the boring, mundane operational and regulatory steps that keeps us afloat let’s talk about PMD’s user abilities for the passenger and the driver!

On the user end PMD is an extremely easy method of use for last minute booking as tablets and phones are on the go with you, are convenient, and can be accessed from any wifi location. This touch and go purchasing power is one of the major reasons why online travel is seeing a soar in purchasing and last minute bookings.  Something  for car and limousine providers to adhere to in this recent trend of purchasing options would be to expand their business by creating PMD friendly portals that support mobile and tablet booking options. Not only does it make the company more diversified, it strengthens the brand, increases clientele, and increases customer loyalty. Think about it for a moment, if provided the option, would you a) want to search your PMD for a list of local car service companies or b) use your PMD to simply book your trip because you have the app already installed on the device?

On the business end, tablets have proven quite successful as well. Take us for example; T-Mobile has provided Carmel’s fleet with personal mobile devices and as a result we are seeing increases in bookings and quicker times in drivers accepting trips.  Drivers receive trip requests faster, are able to accept the trips in a more efficient manner and most importantly receive more work! It is certainly an added value for all involved. It is also a fairly new market within the car service industry needing further analysis to cement its importance within the ground transportation sector and we at Carmel are happy to take part in this future study.  So for any ground transportation research firms out there, please feel free to reach out to us.

For both the user and car service business there are universal benefits when using PMD’s.  Specifically, larger screen sizes and better typing functionality allow for secured shopping and buying. Also, many argue that tablets hold the same capabilities of the computer, only at a fraction of the size and weight. Tablets aren’t simply for downloading apps and gaming anymore, they are yet another method to utilize for increased revenue.

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