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10, 9, 8…

By: Carmel
Posted on: December 31, 2015

The countdown is almost complete. There are precious few hours left of 2015, with plenty of toasts already made and consumed to the new year around the world. The old year is now in the past, as the future dawns at midnight. New Year’s Eve is a holiday devoted completely to time. What other night

The Optimism of a New Year

By: Carmel
Posted on: December 28, 2015

With roughly three days left of this year, the time to complete your 2015 resolutions is quickly dwindling. Maybe it was the old standbys of losing weight, or to quit smoking, both probably difficult so accomplish in the remaining days of the year. Plus, it is time to let go of the regrets and mistakes

Party Time!

By: Carmel
Posted on: December 23, 2015

With Christmas and the New Year so very close, it is time for many people to stop or slow their work for 2015. And when work responsibilities are at a minimal, fun it at a maximum. This is a party time of year. New Year’s Eve is nothing but one giant party. But throughout the