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By: Lauren cafrelli
Posted on: November 11, 2015

It is November 11th, Veteran’s Day. It feels odd to say “Happy Veteran’s Day,” it feels even more odd to say “Have a Solemn Veteran’s Day” or “Enjoy a Reverent Veteran’s Day.”  Perhaps it is all because words are really not enough to express the accurate feeling of the day. The only phrase that comes to my mind is “Thank you.”

Yet, even those two words are hardly enough to show the gratitude for the bravery and sacrifice that many of us will never know. It is easy to forget on a daily basis, when distracted by a million other things, that there are and have been men and women fighting for the sake of America. But that is why this day is here, to help us remember those that serve and protect.

When looking at the enormity of lives lost and altered while in service to our country, it is daunting. Simply visiting the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. is a humbling experience. So is any war memorial for that matter. Families are forever changed, and they have sacrificed as well, knowing pain that no one would ever like to know. War and the military is life altering for everyone involved. Many of us will never know the costs of such selflessness. So it is on this day that we thank.

For those that have served.

Thank you.

For those that currently serve.

Thank you.

For those that will serve.

Thank you.

Remember to thank a veteran today and whenever you can.

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