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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Lauren cafrelli
Posted on: November 25, 2015

It is the day before Thanksgiving, everyone’s favorite travel day!

More realistically, it is the day most people are forced to travel, given their rigorous and unforgiving work schedules. Many enjoyed a two or three day workweek, thinking that their food-filled vacation would start today. While not at the office, travel at this time of year is work in and of itself.

No matter the time of day or manner of transportation, any form of travel is surely riddled with crowds of fellow Thanksgiving migrants, suitcases in hand, and those beloved travel delays and annoyances. The subway is filled with luggage begrudgingly trudged up and down the subway stairs. Most passengers headed to the Mecca of metropolitan transportation: Midtown Manhattan. The masses descend upon 34th and 42nd Streets, weaving through the slow-moving, picture-taking tourists to get to the gateway to suburbia, Penn Station, Port Authority, and Grand Central.

Or perhaps you’re going to one of New York’s fine airports? Lucky you! Surely you’ll find more than one cuddle buddy as you’re crammed into the M60 (and don’t forget to grab a SBS ticket, they’re pretty serious about that, the last thing you need is at $100 bus fine). In all these places of travel, the aggravation is palpable as personal space is at a minimum.

Maybe today would be a good day to save yourself some heartache, time, and cuddling with strangers and just call a Carmel car (subtle advertising, nailed it yet again). We’re happy to do the heavy lifting, and there is that large backseat that you get all to yourself. From this highly desirable vantage point, you will be able to gaze upon the struggle of those with two suitcases stuck behind a pack of slow-walking tourists, or pass the M60, overflowing with people. Congratulations, you made the right choice.

Relax before you have to race that little old lady to get to your Amtrak gate. Don’t underestimate her, she’ll play as dirty as anyone to get that window seat with an outlet. And as you’re being shoved and stepped on, or stuck by an unavoidable delay you’ll think to yourself “‘Come home’ they said. ‘It’ll be fun’ they said. ‘Aunt Peggy is making her famous sweet potatoes, and you just can’t miss those’ they said,” ruing the day you agreed to leave your apartment on November 25th. Maybe takeout is the ideal Thanksgiving after all!

But after the crowds, the delays, and the sometimes massive inconvenience, there is your family. They’re smiling, welcoming, loving and so happy that you’re home. Aunt Peggy will be thrilled to fill you with her famous sweet potatoes while questioning your life choices. And that is why we travel the day before Thanksgiving, for family. Happy and safe travels today.

And if you find that you need a ride, we will be there for you. The number’s the same. 866-666-6666 (you know you sang the jingle).

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