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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: July 10, 2014

For small business owners in the ground transportation market, expansion is the name of the game.  Whether you are considering technological, regional, fleet or operational changes, expansions require a rigorous understanding of the market, strategic planning and precise execution.

Carmel’s extensive customers’ survey indicates beyond a shadow of a doubt that customers want to stay with their existing companies (big or small) but often complain about lack of cars availability.

While availability is a big issue for any operator, this “problem” presents a viable opportunity to grow your business by considering the affiliation models. Whether you choose to join an already existing affiliate model or create one of your own, affiliation models ensure you can take care of your customer base, retain your existing customers, and even increase your exposure to new markets. It’s all a matter of understanding the recipe.  Imagine this scenario for a moment, a longstanding customer or a new customer that you want to build a relationship with reserves a car with your establishment to get to the airport, without knowing the full details of his itinerary we can assume a few things:1) that he will need car service upon his return, 2) that he may have many events to attend while away and need car service for these events, 3) that in order to retain a repeat customer we must provide the passenger with an unforgettable experience.  So how can owners obtain this? By using an affiliate model!

Carmel’s Affiliate network allows you to honor your local reservation and keep your customer long term by giving you access to our network. Within the network you can reserve trips for your customer around the world, making his travel experiences easier, increasing loyalty to your brand, and receiving payment for doing so. And Carmel affiliates receive 10% from trips they schedule in other cities! This helps build community within the transportation industry, build small businesses, and build your brand! Not to mention it provides excellent networking opportunities for all involved. Another bonus, you will be listed in all online travel sites we work with like Orbitz and Viator to provide you yet another level of exposure and expand your reach in capturing new customers (think of this on the reverse, as you being the visiting city).

Want to know more about Carmel and the Cities we service? Visit our Carmel Limo. Want to know more about Carmel’s affiliation network and how it can benefit you, please call our VP of Affiliates Relation, Ed Cleary at 718-391-9248 or email him at Remember, our affiliate network is expanding all the time so if you don’t see a city listed, you can recommend one and remember, we will be there for you!

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