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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: December 3, 2015

In an ever-shifting and evolving service economy, it is no wonder that jobs are both popping up and disappearing left and right. Blogging, did this job exist twenty years ago? Did anyone think that this would be a viable job option? One would have probably selected something seemingly steady and reliable… Something like a travel agent!

People will always want to travel. Vacations are a year-round occurrence. There you are, you have a vast knowledge of how to travel, booking tickets, finding hotels, setting up (Carmel) car service, you’re a top-notch provider of travel knowledge! Then, the internet happened. In the year 2015 do travel agents still exist? Should they still exist?

Now, you get to be your own travel agent. Knowledge once exclusively accessed by a travel professional is at your finger tips. You can plan any trip down to the very minute if you would so like. Prices are able to be compared, with specific sites made to do just that. Locations can be scouted and viewed. Mileage can be precisely calculated. For some, this is the only way to travel, but does it also take away some of the magic of exploring a new place?

In the days before the internet and Google maps, there was a certain degree of uncertainty with taking a trip, not to mention the heavier luggage with helpful, and sometimes outdated, travel books. There seems to be a greater sense of adventure in a loosely planned trip. There is more to explore, more to see, more to learn. Today it is possible to look up pictures and information about anything. Curious about the Seven Wonders of the World? Just take a look at all of them. In fact, you could access every bit of information about any UNESCO site. But discovering them in person simply does not compare.

Imagine seeing something for the first time that you’ve extensively researched on the internet. Maybe your travel agent said, you must see Petra while you’re traveling in Jordan. Trusting your agent, you have her book your two-day tour of this world wonder. How wonderful and awe-inspring it is to walk down that canyon and stumble upon the enormous beauty of the treasury and an entire carved city in the middle of a desert. Thanks for the tip travel agent!

That same trip is possible, but you have researched and know all there is to know. You’ve read all the travel tips, the advice of other travelers, the reviews of every tour company offering tours of the site. What is left to discover? Perhaps the internet has too much information.

Though, at the heart of it, however you plan your travel you plan your travel does not matter. The fact that travel happens is the important part. Seeing other places and people can only help to open one’s eyes to something new, hopefully fostering an overall more knowledgable and tolerant person. So use your travel agent, be your own travel agent, either way, you’ll be on your way to someplace great.

Whether or not the travel agent becomes obsolete, your car service to and from the airport can be quickly and cheaply acquired by just a few simple clicks. We are here to help you travel, whether it’s to see the world or explore your own backyard, just Carmel it!

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