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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: November 29, 2015

The holidays are officially here. What does that mean? Shopping. But on which day do you kick-off your shopping? Black Friday? Small-Business Saturday? Cyber Monday? The amount of named shopping days is starting to get out of hand. Soon there will be a name for every shopping day from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

But with the large and highly advertised shopping days nearest to Thanksgiving, what about Sunday? Sunday deserves a slightly alliterative shopping day just as much as the surrounding days. But everything seems to be covered, sales at most stores on Friday, small businesses promoted for Saturday, and everything Amazon and the internet on Monday.

What is left for poor Sunday? The day of rest? Hardly! Christmas is fast approaching, every shopping day is precious! That is why Sunday needs a name, a name such as Big Business Sunday. Big businesses don’t have a special named shopping day. And since corporations are people, how do you think those big, business-y corporations feel? Neglected. Ignored. Sad. Lonely. Next time you’re thinking of buying local and domestic, think of these enormous, faceless entities and how sad each and every one will be. Next year, just think, Big Business Sunday. It’ll catch on.

Still, with the amount of shopping that has already happened, some say the spirit of the season is lost. And yes, when you see people diving into a pile of rice cookers, then punching their way out, it is easy to say the spirit of Christmas is gone. Not that violent gift acquisition is the spirit of the holiday season, but giving and thinking of others is. Perhaps that rice cooker, so hard won, is the most perfect and thoughtful gift for someone. Whether your gifts are big or small, if they are from the heart, that is the spirit of Christmas.

As you are shopping, you will undoubtedly amass a large count of shopping bags. And with that many bags full of Christmas and holiday cheer, it may be hard to get around. Luckily, your friendly neighborhood Carmel driver is there to lift your bags, lovingly place them into the trunk to allow you to rest your weary shopper’s feet in the backseat. We are happy to be the elves to your Santa throughout the season!

**Photo: 3rd December 1930:  Women load their Christmas shopping into a car with the aid of an attendant from Whiteley’s department store in London.  (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)**

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