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By: Carmel
Posted on: March 8, 2021
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Every year, the world celebrates women and their achievements on the 8th of March. This day is dedicated to their beauty, bravery, and oneness. Every woman is unique, and we’d love to celebrate it. And on this day, we at Carmel celebrate each one of them through our employees and customers.

In this article, we’ll shed some light on the journeys of Carmel’s women chauffeurs in New York City. They have undoubtedly come a long way with that hard work and dedication, and they deserve to be celebrated on this occasion. 

Also, suppose you’re planning to make Women’s Day 2021 extra special for your mom, sister, girlfriend (if you’re a guy), wife, friend, yourself, or any woman you’re grateful to have in your life. In that case, we have some exciting places to celebrate in New York City for you where we would be ecstatic to drive you.

Driving has helped Women Chauffeurs to take Control of their Lives

Even a few years ago, women were not considered eligible drivers. But things have changed now. More and more women are passionately selecting the driving profession across NYC and have honed the skill like pros. They are supporting their education and families by efficiently driving cabs in NYC, either full-time or part-time.

Also, our customers are pretty impressed with their driving skills and professionalism. Through this inclusivity, we at Carmel are encouraging gender neutrality and more opportunities for women. The safety of women in NYC has also increased, thanks to our women chauffeurs. Now, more women are getting out with more confidence during the wee hours of the night.

Here are some essential points to consider.

● Many women of NYC are now considering this profession as an independent way to become self-employed. They’re enjoying the fact that the number of barriers to equal wage rates and inflexible shift hours is gradually reducing for women. Women are happy that they can now do late-night shifts like their male colleagues. 

● Female students coming to NYC for education are also embracing the job of cab driving services as a tangible way to support their education. Those who don’t get scholarships but want to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad can easily make it happen by choosing the profession of driving with Carmel’s woman-centric team.

● Tourists also enjoy riding cabs driven by female drivers. NY Times reports that the percentage of female drivers in NYC may be lesser than the male drivers, but riding with women drivers has proved to be safer in most cases. 

● We want to see more women behind the wheels in NYC. For that, we need more encouragement. This Women’s Day, let us all pledge that we’ll make NYC safer and smoother for women chauffeurs. There should be no restrictions related to licensing, shifts, pay-rates for women cab drivers. Let’s help our female chauffeurs to fly around NYC. 

● At Carmel, we also encourage equal opportunities and wages through the Carmel app. Here, customers can book limos and other vehicles for their International Women’s Day plans.

Carmel Limos NYC always backs its Female Drivers

At Carmel Limousines New York, male and female drivers are never distinguished. Here’s how this brand is making a difference: 

● Flexible working shifts have always been the number 1 preference at Carmel Limos. Whether it’s our male or female drivers, we allow them to select their shifts according to their convenience. We’re grateful for their services in his pandemic. Offering flexible shifts is our way of saying “thank you” to our Chauffeurs. 

● Gender equality has been a matter of supreme importance for us always. Since the beginning of our operations, we have made it a point that both men and women drivers can avail of equal opportunities. Male drivers never get any additional perks at Carmel Limos NYC. We’ve been trying to create a work environment supported by equality and collaboration. We use the same wage rate policy, leave policy, medical benefits for both genders.  

● We respect our women warriors. Some of our female Chauffeurs had to go through a lot to reach where they’re today. Each day, they’re making new histories. They’re managing their part-time jobs, studies, supporting their families, and all while working for us. We salute them. We’re so grateful to have them on our team. 

● Carmel Limo cabbies are stylish, smart, and reliable. They always know their way in and around New York City. If you’re a tourist, rest assured that you’ll have the best price, best chauffeur, and the best experience when you ride with our women chauffeurs. You could book a round trip with us if you and your girls liked how our lady chauffeurs drive.

Five things to do this Women’s Day in the Big Apple

Go for a Brunch 

So, the very first thing that you can do is plan a brunch. You can go alone or take your girl gang with you. Plan a classic branch with milkshakes, fries, pancakes, and whatever you feel like eating. Remember that it’s your day. Don’t hesitate to gorge on as many desserts as you want. Diet and all can wait. It’s important to feel special on this day. 

There are so many right places for brunching across NYC. You can select anyone from those. Nevertheless, we recommend Buvette New York. This French restaurant is situated on Grove Street. It is known for its delicious chocolate mousse. Also, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Wondering how to get there? Trust Carmel Limousines New York. We’ll make Women’s Day special for you. Book our Point-to-point pickup and drop services and expect a delightful Women’s day with your pals. Our cabs are safe and completely sanitized. 

Go for a Spa Session 

Do you remember the last time you chilled out with your girl gang at a spa and let your hair down? If it’s been a while, we recommend hitting the top spas for that much-needed dose of rejuvenation. Well, Women’s Day is the apt occasion to do that. Call all your girl pals, ask them bunk work for a day, and head to a spa place in a joyful and luxurious Carmel limousine.

The last year was heavy on most of us. With the pandemic and lockdown, we all had to go through so much. It’s time to enjoy a bit. An excellent spa session will help you feel relaxed and energized. And the gossips with your friends is a bonus. 

If you’re wondering where to be, we recommend Shibui Spa. This beautiful and ornate spa is on Greenwich St. and offers one of the best Swedish and Thai spas that you could ask for. Also, don’t forget to book cabs on the Carmel app for the best deals and offers for Women’s Day at New York’s shopping destinations and restaurants, movies, and more. We offer the best cab services in NYC at affordable costs and with complete luxury. 

Plan a Staycation with the Homies 

Travelling might be a challenge in the post-pandemic phase. But, nobody can stop you from a staycation. On this Women’s Day, plan a 1-night staycation with your friends. A staycation is a perfect option to refresh your mind from routine responsibilities. We recommend a quick staycation at the TWA Hotel. 

The TWA hotel is located in Queens, and it has so much to offer. Delicious and multi-cuisine food, pools, spa, you get everything. To make your staycation even more comfortable, Carmel Limousines New York offers you round trips. Book sanitized cabs to anywhere in NYC and leave the rest on us. 

Women’s Day is incomplete without shopping

No matter what you plan, don’t forget to include a quick shopping session on your list. We recommend you to give a visit to any of the top malls of NYC. Our list of best shopping malls includes Brookfield Place, Newport Centre, Manhattan Mall, etc. Also, book cabs from Carmel Limousines. We have enough place to accommodate all your shopping bags. 

Movie night over Pizza 

Don’t feel like going outside? We have a plan for you. Plan a movie night at your place and invite all your friends over. Book a limo on our app to pick them up and surprise them. Also, don’t forget to order pizza. There’s hardly anything more enjoyable than watching a chic-flick with your homies in your PJs? And when you add pizza to that, things get even better. 

Do some of your pals stay far from your place? No worries. Ask them to book cabs from the Carmel Limousines New York app. Our cabs are safe to go anywhere within New York. Also, we’re not violating any rules. Our cabs are completely sanitized, and we believe in contact-less experience. You can even book multiple point pickup and drop services with us. 

Let’s it wrap up! 

We at Carmel Limos NYC hope that you spend your women’s day in the best possible way. We’re confident that our cabs will help you have a great time on Women’s Day. 

Also, we wish every woman reading this a very Happy Women’s Day. 

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