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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: September 2, 2020
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The global pandemic has created a severe slowdown around the world when it comes to travel or business.

The COVID-19 infection is spreading at a raging speed and shows no signs of slowing down soon. However, life must continue, and so should the business of people going around.

Going to the airport is slowly becoming a routine, thanks to airport limo services like Carmel Limos NYC working tirelessly to transport people.

As life is gradually coming back to what it used to be, people are taking short breaks or holidays, which has increased long-distance travel in the past couple of months.

Many customers prefer traveling by road than by air owing to the risks of catching the COVID infection. This precaution is especially necessary for expecting mothers, or mothers traveling with infants, and other travellers who suffer from chronic conditions.

Why Carmel Limos?

Carmel has been classified as an essential business in these testing times because of the nature and degree of commutation services. 

This means that we stay open for business with the highest standards of hygiene and precautions followed by our representatives.

We have helped doctors, nurses, and other healthcare frontline workers get to work safely and on time. By ensuring that they are protected and transported safely, Carmel was able to deliver prompt services.

Our team ensures that our cabs are sanitized and cleaned every day and that all our driving partners are checked for any clinical symptoms of COVID-19 regularly.

We instruct our drivers to wear masks at all times and keep the requisite physical distance from customers. All our cabs are equipped with hand sanitizers and first-aid kits at all times.

Another essential aspect that we take pride in as an essential business is to offer the most competitive prices to our customers that commute within the city and take long trips outside New York. This competitive pricing is also included for airport trips in New York.

Online Bookings Please!

As a deliberate measure to curb the flu’s spread, we at Carmel are accepting only pre-bookings on our website and mobile app.

This helps us ensure that our cabs are available promptly for those who booked first and that we could prevent overbookings, cancelations, and chaos.

The best part is that we also give you great discounts based on the type of trips booked by you.

Here are the details:


These services are for essential commutes within the city, especially to help healthcare workers go to the hospital and back. It is necessary to protect those that protect us, and Carmel is also offering special discounts under this category.

All you have to do is book a cab on our website or mobile app, and in the payment section, enter the code ‘ESSENTIAL’ to get $4 waived off from your final invoice amount.


We offer airport drop-off and pick-up services at the most competitive prices in the city. With the highest level of sanitization and safety measures followed, Carmel airport limos help regular travelers reach their destination with the highest peace of mind. 

Not just that, we are also offering a discount of $6 from your invoice amount when you enter the following code in your payments section.



This is one of the most popular categories in Carmel services for online reservations. Many of our customers prefer taking the long road than a short flight to their favorite destinations in and around New York. We don’t blame them since we have picturesque landscapes along the way that enhance the riding experience. 

Our air-conditioned cabs are completely sanitized to let customers have a great ride to nearby places. We are offering a discount of $25 when you ride with us instead of taking a flight. 

The code that you can use is ‘ALTFLY’ while booking a ride on our website or mobile app.

Here is a snapshot of how you can make online reservations for Carmel Cars.

Carmel is thus committed to helping you safeguard your health and your wallet from overspending. The Carmel safety plan is based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s recommendations by their Occupational Safety and Health Administration department. We also follow the rules defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The five principles of safety that govern our business operations include:


At Carmel, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. If a passenger or a driver shows the flu’s clinical symptoms, we do not proceed to serve them or engage them in our services. 

Instead, we request them to get a test done and stay at home until the symptoms are gone. We do the necessary temperature checks before the drivers start work or passengers get into the vehicle. 

Our customers have appreciated this step taken by Carmel Cabs, which has given them the confidence to use our services and the long road ahead.


Self-protection is the first step to protecting your family and the community from the spread of any infections.

We encourage passengers and drivers (mandatory as per the TLC) to wear protective masks while seated in the cab. This gives them both the confidence to ride with each other without the worry of catching the flu. This is especially important for long-distance trips from the city.

Disinfection of Contact Areas

It is imperative to ensure that areas that passengers and drivers come in contact with are sanitized and cleaned. Our drivers follow the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission guidelines when it comes to washing the vehicles regularly and cleaning the surfaces inside the car with disinfectants.

We ensure that the disinfectants used are harmless and mild. Our drivers take special care when they collect your luggage or handle your belongings for you in the car.

There always have a disinfectant liquid and wipes handy for that extra protection of surfaces.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is the new normal in the environments we live in today. We recommend that passengers and drivers maintain maximum distance from each other as circumstances allow. 

This includes coming in contact with each other inside and outside the cabs, handing over cash/card, holding the door handles, etc.

We strictly accept no handshakes since we don’t want to risk the spread of any infections to our customers or drivers.

Coordinated Customer-Driver Behavior to Reduce Exposure Risk

This is a continuation of what we follow in ensuring the protection of those who use our services. We have instructed drivers to open and close the door for the customers instead of allowing them to do so.

  • Drivers are required to stand 6 feet away when customers enter or exit the car.
  • Drivers are required to open or close the vehicle’s trunk. Should the customer need any assistance with luggage, the driver will assist using gloves and other protective means. 
  • Our drivers request customers not to touch the car’s surfaces and their faces afterward to avoid any infections.
  • Both the passengers and drivers are asked to avoid speaking while facing each other. 
  • Our drivers ensure that customers feel as comfortable as possible in any Carmel ride.

At Carmel limos NYC, we prioritize better safety and superior comfort for our customers. 

Please remember to make online reservations in advance for your rides to avail of great discounts.

Carmel’s continuous endeavor is to ensure the safety of customers and drivers during these trying times. Please call our customer care team today t understand our safety standards better.

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