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By: Carmel
Posted on: March 7, 2024
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No matter what season, New York always offers many opportunities to celebrate and capitalize on its opportunities. A vibrant and vivid city not only has a host of events to indulge in but also promotes numerous seasonal or end-of-season activities.

Daylight Saving Time, or DST, is an important event where New York City springs to action. It’s when New Yorkers turn their clocks an hour forward, beginning on the second Sunday in March at 2 AM local time and ending on the First Sunday in November. 

This time shift is intended to allow more evening daylight and promote more activity, productivity, and energy saving at homes, schools, offices, public venues, and communities. The days are longer in spring, summer, and fall, the warmer times of the year, 

which is beneficial for energy saving and more outdoor engagements. 

An important aspect of Daylight Saving Time is that businesses can extend their operating time by an hour, and people going shopping or dining have an additional hour to relax and unwind. 

The only adjustment people must make is to their sleeping hours. Traffic patterns and time-centric activities may need minor adjustments because of Daylight Saving Time. 

Some of the common activities New Yorkers engage in during Daylight Saving Time include:

  • Jogging, walking, biking, roller-skating, strolling at Central Park, or cruising along the Hudson River.
  • Enjoy a brunch in Al Fresco style at the top outdoor dining restaurants and eateries of New York.
  • Dine and socialize at panoramic rooftop restaurants, pubs, and bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Engage in games, yoga, and outdoor exercises at lush green public parks like Bryant Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Prospect Park.
  • Outdoor Photography at parks, scenic spaces, iconic landmarks, architectural marvels, and community gardens.
  • Kayaking, sailing, and tubing at the famous Hudson River and East River waterfronts.
  • Outdoor concerts, movie screenings, exhibitions, cultural events, and weddings.
  • Street fairs and farmers’ markets that support local vendors and farm-to-table sourcing and selling. 
  • At unique destinations, weekend getaways from New York City offer longer days to explore a city or island.

Carmel Limos New York offers an extensive fleet of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, limousines, and minivans, that suit any group size for outings and trips during the warmer Daylight Saving Time. 

With special seasonal prices, we’re happy to serve our extra active customers who want to leverage our services in the warmer months starting in March. 

While DST may cause jet lag for New Yorkers and tourists, Carmel Limos offers the most comfortable and timely vehicles for airport transfers to the city. Our airport transfers are known for comfort, convenience, and affordability. We ensure a hassle-free and relaxed ride to anywhere in New York, from airports in New York and New Jersey. 

In this blog, we’ve curated the best places to spend your extra hour during Daylight Saving Time in New York City. We recommend downloading our app to explore multiple options to get around New York City and exquisite locations around the city.

Take a Walk in an Airy Park

New Yorkers are park lovers, and what better than an energetic afternoon at one of these iconic parks with music, food, drinks, and friends during Daylight Saving Time? The green surroundings and the fresh air at these parks make for a refreshing time with friends and family.

Central Park

A short or long walk in the backdrop of an alluring green spread is all you need after a hard day at work. New York has many parks that offer New Yorkers a walking or jogging haven. With biking paths, hiking trails, and nature around, Central Park, a community icon, offers New Yorkers more than a walking zone. It is the city’s most kid and adult-friendly place with horse carriages, a zoo, a Wollman rink, a fountain, rowboats, and more. Central Park’s eateries and food stalls offer grab-and-go meals, much suited for all age groups. Featured in many Hollywood movies, Central Park houses a fifteen-acre sheep meadow known for its serene and quiet ambiance. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Walking from Manhattan Bridge to the ferry stop at Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park, is an amazing feeling we can relate to. Like Central Park, BBP offers biking and hiking trails, greenery, socializing spots, eateries, a marina, a carousel, playgrounds, and more. Theme and activity-related spaces enrich the experience, including the following:

  • Water Lab: Known for its kid-friendly splash areas and water activities. 
  • Sand Village: Includes large slides inside a sandbox (recommended for kids and parents bonding time).
  • Swing Valley: A jungle-themed area with Tarzan-inspired ropes to swing in the wilderness and explore the wild dimensions of the park.

Additionally, those on a park date can enjoy some barbecue, stunning views of lower Manhattan, and delicious ice cream. If you wish to add a limousine ride to your park expedition or a special occasion, download the Carmel Limos app to book and enjoy. We offer multipoint pickup services so you can join your gang of friends or family on your way to Brooklyn Bridge Park in a single vehicle.

If you want to get home after a day at the park or head to a restaurant from Brooklyn Bridge Park in the same vehicle, choose our top-rated hourly waiting services.

Governors Island

Located in New York Harbor, Governors Island is a verdant park spanning 172 acres and can be accessed only via a ferry from Manhattan. Housing a hammock grove and the largest slide in New York, Governors Island is a must-visit destination during Daylight Saving Time. Just eight hundred yards away from lower Manhattan, Governors Island offers spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan’s breathtaking skyline. 

Famous for its walking tours, the greenery, and the breezy atmosphere, Governors Island invites picnics, road shows, exhibitions, music events, and shows. Around twenty-two acres of the island are dedicated to housing two forts from the nineteenth century, managed by the National Park Service. The architecture of the buildings on the island is inspired by the early nineteenth century (1812, to be precise). Spend a night at Collective, a line of tents along the river.

Collective offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all a la carte options including wine and beer. A relaxed camping experience is what you can expect at Governors Island. Food carts are available at specific locations on the island. Indulge in a Spa at QC NY or unwind at relaxation spots to enjoy reading, music on a jukebox, or hammocking. If pool partying is your thing, head to Gitano Island, where the best dancing and drinks thrive, inspired by a Mexican theme. The palm trees provide a dramatic look to the boardwalks, while day beds and lounge chairs lined across the venue let you relax after dancing. 

Prospect Park

This highly recommended park offers all-day adventures to people of all ages. Designed over thirty years, this beautiful park attracts over eight million visitors annually, 

Adrenaline junkies and health-centric citizens can always be found here. The green fields, pristine lake, artificial wetlands, a 526-acre zoo, carousel ground, splash pad, and band shell are the highlights of this park. The Lefferts Historic House and Vanderbilt Playground offer kid-friendly activities like treasure hunt, painting, rock climbing, and more. 

Head to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to spend a day near nature or indulge in an adventurous horseback ride. The Insta-worthy background includes nineteenth-century houses, nature centers, bicycling greenways, and ornate trees. A baseball field attracts athletes and fans to Prospect Park every season. Nature, food, and fun at Prospect Park during Daylight Saving Time is one of the top activities you should expect from March onwards in New York City. Riding in a Carmel Limo to Prospect Park can relax your day. 

Alfresco Style Brunching and Dining

New Yorkers are no strangers to open-air dining. New York has some of the most famous Alfresco eateries in the world. Here are our top picks for Daylight Saving Timers.

The Fulton

Thriving on Pier 17 at the Fulton Fish Market, this outdoor seafood restaurant is all about oysters, fish, crab, lobsters, and more. Helmed by the world-famous Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, The Fulton is an ode to maritime wine and dining enthusiasts. The Fulton focuses on fresh sea ingredients and catches from the Atlantic while infusing Asian flavors. The light-colored interiors and the waterfront terrace along the Brooklyn Bridge add an element of awe to this magnificent seafood eatery.

The brunch menu features delicacies like Yellowfin Tuna, Shrimp Cocktail, Little Neck Clams, Sashimi with Spicy White Ponzu, Long Island Fluke, and Florida Red Snapper Ceviche. The Crispy Rock Shrimp Tacos and shrimp burger are highly recommended. 

The sundown menu includes East Coast Oysters, Kale and Arugula, Crispy Calamari Herb Salad, Lightly Fried Hopper Shrimp, Warm Octopus and Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Faroe Island Salmon, and Gruyère Cheeseburger au Jus. Head to The Fulton to catch up with your colleagues after work or old buddies at this spectacular gourmet restaurant in a Carmel Limousine NYC or take a fun limousine ride after an early dinner around the city for an hour during Daylight Saving Time. 

The Waverly Inn

Graydon Carter’s ivy-lined garden is transformed into a happening Alfresco dining restaurant in the West Village. Famous among celebrities in New York since 1920, the Waverly Inn is a common hot spot for Alfresco dining in the backdrop of Victorian murals offering fantastic classical American fare. Outdoor seating is available at the restaurant and front patio, giving diners a refreshing and breezy vibe. During the Daylight Saving Time, dining at the Waverly Inn is an elevating experience owing to its upscale quotient. The service is top-notch, while the food quality is among New York City’s best.

The restaurant serves core American cuisine with the chef’s signature twist, like braised short ribs, Hudson Valley chicken potpie, Waverly burger with truffle fries, tuna tartars, and more. The wine list is exquisite and extensive and includes French, Italian, and local concoctions. Getting reservations here can be tricky, and an advanced reservation is highly recommended. Booking a Carmel Limousine to the venue can add the glitz and glamor needed for a high-profile visit to this iconic eatery. Download our app to choose the best limo for a fun brunch or dinner at The Waverly Inn. 

French Louie

This French jewel in Brooklyn personifies elegance and high-class dining in a quaint neighborhood. The amazing cocktails and food menu are quintessentially French, including brunch specials like steak tartare, smoked trout scramble, lemon madeleines, chickpea flatbread and tuna, apple, beet, and carrot soup, anchovy frites, bavette steak, whole grilled dorado, and more. The sundown menu includes chicken liver pate, burger royale, Moules Normande, and the day’s oyster. 

The wine menu includes Bordeaux Blanc, Macon Village, Sancerre, Syrah, Cremant De Loire, and Beaujolais Village. 

French Louie offers indoor and outdoor seating with rustic furniture and white walls painted in black featuring basic and interesting art. The simple and comfortable design and the warm ambiance lets customers sink in the Alfresco charm of the eatery, especially post sundown. This is the perfect venue to go with friends and enjoy French concoctions on a relaxing weekend or even after work. Call for a Carmel Limo for a convenient ride to this iconic French restaurant.   

In Conclusion

New York offers enriching experiences regarding sports, recreation, and dining. With daylight saving, it’s important how New Yorkers spend their extra time after work or school. Whatever you choose to do in the Big Apple, Carmel Limos is always at your service for a quick and safe ride to the top destinations. 

Please make the most of the warm temperatures and brighter sunlight as the city transcends its winter slumber into warmer, more rewarding days.

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