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Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

By: Carmel
Posted on: August 18, 2022
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The pandemic introduced new educational system changes like remote and virtual learning. Traveling to school with friends was also hindered since many students shared rides or took school buses.

School transportation had been disrupted, shared commutes were banned until the impact of the pandemic faded, and a steady state was declared in New York City. Things have changed now, and parents, students, and teachers have gained renewed confidence in embracing schooling as they used to.

The schools in NYC are all set to welcome students this year after their summer vacation. While new mandates have been implemented, shared commutes have resumed across the city. In addition, shared rides from Carmel Limos are more affordable with competitive pricing. So, when your child goes to school in Carmel Limo, rest assured that they will be safe and taken care of in the best way possible. 

You can track the movement of our vehicles in real-time, and the app notifies you when the ride starts and ends. Any delays or challenges will be notified promptly while our customer support teams are available round-the-clock to answer your questions.

Our back-to-school program ensures carpooling across the major areas in and around New York City. Taking a school bus is still not very comforting to many parents as they can’t track the commute. However, our drivers are experts in handling students of all ages and still take social distancing measures during the service. 

We also offer regular booking of commutes for a more extended period when the same driver and vehicle will be sent every day. This ensures you don’t have to worry about sending your children to school with a new person each day.

We also offer special discounts for parents accompanying their children to school. Teachers can also benefit from our carpooling services where they can travel with colleagues and save on expensive commutes. We’re all geared up for school duty at Carmel Limos next month. This blog will let you know what we’re doing to make student transportation convenient, affordable, and reliable.

While you read further, please ensure you have installed the Carmel app on your mobile phone. This will be helpful if you’re a parent or a teacher.

What are we Introducing this Season?

Bigger Vehicles for Larger Groups

Now that public schools in NYC have opened doors for students full-time, parents are worried about how their children will reach school. So we’re geared to cater to as many students as possible with SUVs, minivans, and buses, depending on where you are in New York City. As many as three students can be accommodated in our sedan vehicles cabs and about five in our SUVs. Our minivans can take up to eight students while more than twenty students can travel comfortably in our private buses.

We will collaborate with schools to streamline the process and make it more comfortable for students, parents, and teachers. For more information, please connect with our customer experience team.

Here is a note of assurance for parents. Carmel Limos will take care of the safety of your children with fully-sanitized cars and professional drivers for whom the safety of your children comes first. Our Carmel Limos staff is trained for health and safety based on the government’s health and safety rules and regulations. After each ride, the vehicles are cleaned thoroughly, including the seats, doors, windows, and interiors. In addition, they stay a two-meter distance from your children and wear a mask at all times.

So, downloading the Carmel Limos app is highly recommended if parents are concerned about their children’s safety or can’t rely on school buses or public transportation to send them to school.

Same Direction Travelers will be linked to a Ride.

Students and teachers who opt for our shared rides and move in the same direction will be automatically pooled together on the Carmel Limos app. The app detects if passengers travel in the same direction using advanced Geolocation capabilities and schedules school rides. In addition, automatic notifications are sent to parents on the scheduled Carmel Limo rides and any changes. Scheduled rides can also be canceled up to five minutes before the ride.

This service is faster and can cater to multiple passengers without delays caused when waiting for a dedicated ride. In addition, the ride cost is distributed among co-passengers, making going to school more affordable for students and teachers.

Food Delivery to Students at Affordable Prices

With a successful run of food delivery services during the pandemic, Carmel Limos is one of the leading food delivery service providers in New York City. For our “Back to school” campaign, we’re helping parents deliver lunch and other essentials to their children at school. 

What will Remain the Same?

With Carmel Limos, the following factors will remain even after the pandemic:

  • Minimum to zero-contact driving will be followed by our drivers who are fully aware and trained on the latest Covid-19 guidelines. They will maintain a safe distance from students and teachers throughout the ride while wearing N-95 masks and gloves. There will be minimal to zero interaction between the riders and drivers. 
  • The Carmel Limos NYC vehicles are thoroughly sanitized after each visit to the school. So even if you’re traveling with your child, the drivers will help you with hand sanitizers and gloves when needed.
  • We also recommend instructing students not to touch the cab surface or sanitize their hands regularly. We expect each passenger to follow Covid-19 guidelines and safety measures. 

Vehicle and Driver Safety Measures 

Our drivers are fully vaccinated and regularly tested for COVID-19. In addition, they always carry extra masks and hand sanitizers when they get behind the wheels (and even while driving). As a result, they ensure that your children are driven to school responsibly and safely.

Our vehicles are sanitized, well-maintained, and well-ventilated with regular air conditioning maintenance. So whether you book a four-seater, a minibus, or a sedan through our app, each vehicle is well-equipped to handle students carefully and ensure they’re comfortable. We also send the complete profile of the driver, including their personal information, vehicle details, and license number, to parents before a ride begins.

Questions on social distancing are still there, and We’re happy to answer them!

The questions on social distancing and overall safety are still doing the rounds. Parents are deeply concerned about sending their kids to school even today. In addition, most schools in NYC have disorganized travel arrangements, given the overwhelming transportation requests.

A Safer and Reliable Alternative for Public Transportation

Collaborating with transportation aggregators is one solution the schools have devised. With public transportation becoming less reliable, parents and teachers find dedicated cab services more reliable and affordable. The services assured are delivered, and proper monitoring and tracking can be done on the Carmel Limo app. The need for safe transportation pushes the public to opt for private services, especially for kids.

Working parents can sigh of relief since Carmel Limos takes the responsibility of getting their kids to school on time. In addition, they can have food delivered to their children at school through our app. We ensure that the packages are handled safely and in a contactless manner.

NYC Student Transportation Modernization Plan

The modernized student transportation plan was introduced in New York City to guide and keep parents informed on student transportation. Carmel Limo follows the guidelines laid out by this plan to serve the following objectives:

  • New channels of communication between parents, students, and teachers.
  • Greater transparency in the student movement and seamless business operations.
  • Affordable transportation options for parents and teachers.

The five focus areas of this plan include:

  • Routing: The focus is to leverage technology to upgrade routing patterns and cater to dynamic navigation based on real-time traffic analytics. The transportation management systems will be made more efficient with technologies like IoT and Data Analytics.
  • Fleet: The fleet of vehicles will be regularly updated, while vehicle tracking and management systems will be modernized with advanced features.
  • Automatic vehicle location (AVL): Carmel Limos will always have accurate location data on our vehicles when they drop and pick up children in static and moving statuses.
  • Ridership: Our drivers will verify when and where a student boards and exits the cab using their mobile devices, and the app will send instant notifications to families and the school. Details of co-passengers shall also be shared via email (proposed feature).
  • Real-time communication: We inform our drivers about students who will be taking the school transportation services in advance, so they’re prepared. They’re also trained to communicate seamlessly with families and schools in emergencies.
  • Replacement cab bookings: If regular transportation is unavailable on a particular day, alternative routes to a Carmel Limo vehicle are done automatically. The Carmel Limo mobile app automatically alerts parents about the same.

Updating the Drivers’ App and Building Technology Awareness for Better Service Delivery

Carmel Limos is focused on training our drivers on advanced technologies like GPS tracking and updating the ride status on the app. The drivers will be trained to log in on the app, track their past and new rides, adhere to assigned routes, update the vehicle maintenance status, and handle escalations in case of emergencies or disruptions. Drivers can also view feedback from parents on the app and take appropriate action. 

For more transparency, drivers can submit their availability daily and indicate when they start and end the ride. In addition, chat options allow drivers to communicate with their colleagues and the Carmel customer service team. 

Personal Care Training

Our drivers will disinfect and clean their vehicles each night using CDC-recommended protocols. In addition, child lock systems will be checked before the vehicle moves, and good ventilation will be ensured by keeping the windows open for a brief time.

Wrapping Up

Returning to school shouldn’t be stressful for children, parents, and teachers. With Carmel Limos, a safe commute is always the top priority. Please download our app to book regular school pick-ups and drops. Our customer care team will gladly give you more information on our services.

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